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ATBA: A different type of story (KiVi and RanVeer) – Epi 9

Hi all, thank you for always supporting me and my writings. I really hope you continue to enjoy it and will try to do it more frequently, been quite busy watching the episodes too and supporting the show. Anyways, here’s the chapter

Epi starts..

Rani and Veer was walking on the road when it started to rain. Veer went to take cover near a tree pulling Rani’s hand with him but she let herself go and went to enjoy the rain.

Rani: Dactor sahab, why are you hiding there? Idhar aaye na

Veer: Rani you will get ill. Aa jao ander yahan

Rani: Kuch nahi hoga..the rain is soooo beautiful and lovely

Veer: Arey Rani aa jao na, if not I have to treat you again

Rani: Bohot boring ho aap

Veer: Boring and me? Nahh

Rani: Then come here na

Veer sighs and then shaked his head. He went up to her and pulled her close

Rani: Yeh kya kar rahi hai dactor sahab

Veer: You said to come to you

Rani: Haan and enjoy the rain

Veer: Ab I boring?

Rani blushed

Veer: Ab chup kyu gaye?

Rani: Leave it na, nahi you are not boring.

She hugs him

Veer: Ab chalo, let’s go find somewhere to get shelter. If we stay here any longer sab bimaar ho jayega

Rani nods and goes with him.

Back to Rajawat house..

Ranvijay sees Rajeshwari and walks up to her.

Ranvijay: Hello wifey. Remember me?

Rajeshwari was shocked and looked at him

RaniSa: What the hell? I am not your wife. You never married me and walked out on our wedding day

Ranvijay: Ahhh see that’s where you are wrong. It was me in the mandap on your wedding day. I told Digvijay to cover the whole after marriage sequence so that you can still be mine with all this money

RaniSa was shocked listening to his confession

RaniSa: No..this can’t be possible

Ranvijay: It is and you better believe it.

He walks away inside the house leaving RaniSa shocked. She didn’t know how to react.

RaniSa (thinking): Oh no how did this happen. I need to see a lawyer on this case.

She walks away

Kiara and Vikram’s room

Kiara: Vikrammm!!

Vikram came running in and saw Kiara standing on the bed.

Vikram: Kya hua Kiara? Why are you up there?

Kiara: Vikramm, please help

Vikram: Bolo na

Kiara pointed to the floor and Vikram followed her gaze and saw a cockroach on the floor. He burst out laughing while Kiara was loooking at him all confused.

Kiara: Itna bhi kya hai?

Vikram stopped laughing and wiped the tears off his eyes. He walked to around the side of the bed and held him hand up to her.

Kiara: Phele dekh le that cockroach

Vikram: Don’t worry he won’t hurt you. Aa jao

Kiara took his hand as he guided her back onto the floor

The cockroach ran pass them and Kiara screamed and jumped into his arms. They shared an eyelock.

Kiara broke the contact after a while as he put her back onto the floor

Vikram: Chale gaye hai

Kiara: Why didn’t you kill it?

Vikram: It has the right to live too. And why are you scared? You are 10x bigger than the cockroach

Kiara hits him playfully on the chest and hugged him

Back to RanVeer..

Rani and Veer came to an empty hut in the middle of a street they were walking past

Rani: Where are we?

Veer: Near Jaipur city centre.

Rani: Why is this house empty then?

Veer: Its not empty Rani, there’s someone who lives here but he is out of town for a while so we are able to stay here.

Rani: Does he know we are coming?

Veer: Of course not, we will just leave everything as it was when we arrived

Rani: But yeh sahi nahi hai na

Veer: Don’t worry Rani, kuch nahi hoga. Ab we should make a fire. How does this work?

He picked up a stick and played around with it while Rani giggled looking at him.

Veer; Ab will you only stand there or are you going to help me too?

She laughed and walked up to him

Precap: Romantic night 😉 and also RaniSa talks to Vikram about Ranvijay

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