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RadhaKrishn 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Forgiving Nature-

RadhaKrishn 12th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayan apologizes Chitra after lifting her veil. Ugrapath slaps Ayan and warns how dare he is to insult a woman and harm her dignity even after being a brahmin’s son. Ayan says he didn’t mean that. Ugrapath continues slapping Ayan. Vrishbhan says enough now, Ayan crossed his limits by consuming bhang and now insulting a woman; he asks Chitra to decide Ayan’s punishment. Ugrapath pleads not to punish Ayan as he is his only son, he will rehabilitate Ayan. Chitra says she cannot see Mahapandit Ugrapath pleading, so she forgives Ayan. Ugrapath thanks Chitra and drags Ayan from there while Ayan continues saying he didn’t do anything wrong. Krishna thinks now he can continue describing story to Radha. He taunts Balram that he has spoken to Mayya/mother about Balram and Chitra’s wedding. Balram pleads not to joke more. Krishna says Chitra is his Golok friend and thanking her for her help says they will meet again soon. Chitra greets him and disappears. Krishna says he will go and continue his story to Radha.

Krishna meets Radha who says Ayan didn’t do right and because of his heinous act, Ugrapath baba is sad, she doesn’t know how to cheer him up. Krishna says she cheers him up whenever he sees her. Radha says yes. Krishna says there is not even a single day where he didn’t see her beautiful face, tomorrow he will continue his story. Radha asks if she can go now. Krishna says she can.

Ugrapath scolds Ayan for ruining his dignity and says he will punish him for that. Radha walks in and says treatment is more important that punishment, Ayan is a patient and needs treatment. Ayan shouts if he is a patient. Ugrapath warns him to stop his arrogance and just obey him. Ayan fumes, but Jatila stops him. Ugrapath says he will go and find a treatment for him and he should obey him. Jatila signals Ayan to nod yes. Ayan does. Ugrapath leaves and Ayan continues fuming.

Kans tells Akroor that Krishna cannot escape from Astavakra rishi who is one of more powerful rishi in the universe, he needs to get Astavakra rishi happy. Akroor asks if Astavakra rishi will boon him. Kans says this is not a time for boon, he needs to make Astavakra rishi happy first. He orders to call his best dancer. A physically disabled Astavakra rishi enters with his disciples. Kans greets him and says he is honored to serve him, says his best dancer will perform his aarti. Dancer walks in and laughs seeing Astavakra rishi’s disability. Astavakra rishi curses her that she is proud of her beauty, her beauty will vanish in seconds and she will become ugly. Dancer becomes ugly instantly and apologizing rishi requests to forgive her. Kans says rishi gave her right punishment and greets Astavakra rishi to take his seat. Astavakra rishi walks away saying he will not stay at a place where he is insulted and walks away. Kans laughs and says when Astavakra rishi can curse in anger, he can give boon in happiness, this is the best way to break Radha and Krishna’s jodi.

Radha gets ready looking herself in mirror. Shuka says she is looking beautiful. Radha says why shouldn’t she when Krishna will watch her, anyways as woman, she loves getting ready. Krishna standing at bridge smiles hearing her. Balram walks to him and asks if he looks beautiful in this dress and seeing Krishna smiling praises himself. Krishna says he was smiling for Radha and not him. Balram says though he loves Radha, he has a responsibility towards his brother. Krishna jokes that he is looking very handsome and nobody is handsome than him in this universe. Balram asks to stop now and tell what he needs. Krishna says Radha is unable to see Ugrapath in pain because of Ayan, so he feels it is unjust to let Ugrapath mourn more and should give Ayan a last chance to change. Balram says a dog’s tail will never straighten. Krishna says he should give a chance to Ayan for Radha’s sake. Balram asks how will he. Krishna says he will show it instead of explaining.

Ayan and Jatila meet Kans. Kans says though Kalvan is burnt, he still wants Krishna’s end. Ayan asks what he should do. Kans says Ayan should serve Astavakra rishi in his ashram and seek his boon. Jatila says Astavakra rishi can boon anything, what he wants them to do. Kans says Ayan should seek boon from Astavakra rishi and make Radha so ugly that Krishna stops loving her; when Krishna and Radha separate, it is easy to end Krishna.

Precap: Krishna describes story of Narayans’s third avatar. He tells Balram that Radha will get a boon with which she will realize that body does not have any connection to true love.

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