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Nimki Vidhayak 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki forgives Parag

Nimki Vidhayak 12th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganga says nothing is above law. Sweeti says it was annaro’s mistake too. Nimki forgive him. Shankar says she came in front of her. Ganga says to sweeti you are annaro’s daughter? Stay blessed. Abhi says let it go. Nimki says Omkar would make a fuss. It’s okay. Let it not go out. And Parag drive carefully. Think about your mom. And Ganga you forgive him too. Abhi says yes. Nimki says all good. We will hanlde the treatment. Ganga says you’re really nice. I hope you’re blessed. Nimki says with a good husband. Ganga laughs. She leaves.

Pintu’s friend says Nimki forgave him? she is so great. Two guys come there and say we are your friends. Pintu says we don’t know you. He says this is ugent listen please. This is Ashish. He is my cousin.

He is in love. The girl would run. Please help us. Pintu says I would come.

Scene 2
Nimki practices. she says Mono as an interview. Ramla pretends to be the principal. Nimki says this is my brother. your school is lucky to have him. Mono tells his scores. Nimki says speak in English. Nimki says we only speak english in the house. Abhi and Sweeti laugh.
The guy says the girl is MLA Mishra’s daughter. Pintu says he would kill us. He says I love Radhika. Please help me. She would kill herself. Mintu says if she bails out, he would kill you. He says please.. mintu says okay I will help you.

Nimki says look at how we are practicing. Abhi says no one keeps this stick anymore. Nimki says so they don’t hit kids. sweeti says no. Mono says I called them for practice. Sweeti says I will tell you everything. or abhi can go with you. Nimki says he would get all he credit. I am responsible.

Scene 3
Ganga says we will talk about food budget from tomorrow. she asks Mishra to arrange all the MLAs. she says we have their people in our party. Take list from Shankar. They all leave. Ganga asks Mishra to stay. she says have dinner with us. Is everything okay? He says yes. Ganga says how is your wife and sister? He says fine. Ganga says something happened to Radhika? He says she has fallen for a guy from low class. Ganga says it doesn’t matter today. He says it matters to me. radhika was my power and now she is my weakness now like Parag to you.

Sweeti gives money to Nimki. She says for Annaro’s treatment. Nimki says Abhi sends money from your name. sweeti says he never told me. Nimki says you would be mad. Nimki says she needs your love. Sweeti says I cant do that. I can’t have a heart like you.
Abhi says Nimki come, we have to take your test. He asks Nimki are you MLA? Nimki says yes I am with my voters. But I give Mono time too. Abhi says say that you give full attention. Nimki says Ramla is with Mono. Abhi asks how would you make him study? Nimki says if he doesn’t study I would send him to fields. sweeti says don’t say that. Nimki’s phone rings. It is Ganga. Nimk says hello.. I have taken the FIR back. Ganga says no no.. Nimki says don’t say thank you. Ganga says you became MLA for people right? Nimki says yes. Ganga says we will talk about food budget tomorrow. Who are you with? Government or justice?

Precap-Tune and Mauha come are in mono’s school. Nimki says what are you doing in my brother’s school. Mauha says you can’t tolerate that my brother loves me.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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