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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina figures out her agenda topics

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

All friends complain for not going in English school. Sameer and Naina quietly sneak out. They sit down on a bench. Sameer wishes elections had also postponed. They came back together after so long and they are not able to spend much time together due to elections. She says he can tell her what he wants to tell. He says he only wants to say one thing and gets on knees and says I love you to Naina. They both miss their school days. Sameer sees a game drawn on road there. They play that game like they used to in their school days. They fall down while playing it and laugh.

Swati informs Sunaina’s gang that she was not able to find out Naina’s plans for tomorrow. They were in cafe and Sameer and Naina left quietly. Sunaina tells Swati that she must find Naina, Sameer.

It’s very important for them to know what Naina is going to speak tomorrow.

Mamaji and his family return seeing Bittoo’s daughter. Mamaji feels so good becoming grand dad. Mami says Bittoo’s mother in law ate her head asking when she’s going to become dadi. She tells her son and daughter-in-law it’s been 2 years, they should have child soon now. Bhabhi feels shy and goes inside.

Sameer tells Naina they will talk a lot on phone tonight. Naina says yes, enough of songs. He says there is still one more song which he wants her to listen. It’s an English song. Naina says she doesn’t understand English songs and wishes she went to English school. Sameer gets an agenda idea for tomorrow. He tells Naina to tell students that she will arrange a special class in Hindi and also have their exam papers in Hindi. Naina loves the idea and thanks Sameer. Sameer asks only thank you? She asks what else he wants. He forwards his cheek asking her to kiss. She asks him to close eyes and slowly slaps him and runs. He chases her. She says she got 2 more agendas in her mind. Their college has never won drama competition, so she will say she will try her best to get gold medal in drama competition and other agenda about starting some fest. He loves those agendas. Swati comes and tells Naina she has been searching for her since so long and asks what’s plan for tomorrow. Sameer recalls seeing Swati with Sunaina. He doesn’t let Naina share her agendas and takes her somewhere.

Arjun meets his friend and tells him about Rakesh selling car. His friend suggests him to steal money to avoid starting his cricket career. He can make some shop and earn a lot and return that money to Rakesh.

Naina asks Preeti to help her writing speech on her 3 agendas. Preeti says she needs help from someone who has more college experience than them. Naina thinks of a guy.

Arjun sneaks in Rakesh’s room to steal money. Rakesh is sleeping keeping money bag under his pillow. He almost succeeds, but Naina comes there on last moment. Arjun says he was in Rakesh’s room to get his ID card. Naina takes him in living room to talk about something. She says she missed him a lot, but why she feels he’s hiding something from her? He says he is not hiding anything. He asks her what help she needed. She says she needed help in writing speech on agenda topics. After they finish, he forgets to take his wallet. She returns it to him and it falls down. Shefali’s picture comes out of it. Both look at each other. He leaves.

Female narrator says sometimes things happen in front of you, but you can’t figure out what’s going on. She wishes she had understood what was going on in Swati’s mind and Arjun’s heart.

Precap: Naina is called to share her agendas with everyone. She looks very nervous.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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