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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kirti is pregnant

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira seeing Rajshri at the door. Rajshri asks does anyone come home so early in the morning, I can see Naira has kept Teej fast, how will you explain everyone. Naira says I will keep fast any how. Rajshri asks Kartik to leave fast, everyone just woke up. Naira says we have decided to tell them. Rajshri says its your decision, just be careful, the path is full of thorns, it will happen as Lord’s wish. She goes. Kartik says we have to tell them today after puja, we shall see whatever happens. Naira says don’t know what will happen. Naksh clicks Kirti’s pic. Naira comes downstairs and says I have been in room all day, I wish this time passes, I have to tell everyone about our relation. She says don’t worry for me, I m fine, I can be part of

puja. Kirti asks when did you get this dress. Devyaani says yes, you look so beautiful.

Naira recalls Kartik’s gift. Kirti asks when did you buy this from boutique. Rajshri says I got this for her, I thought she can celebrate Teej with us. Everyone agrees. Devyaani asks her to have food. Naitik says come, I have made your fav dish, have it. Naira worries. Lav and Kush come with shagun and wish happy Teej. Kirti hugs them. Naira hugs Kirti and says I m sorry, because of me… Kirti says I will get puja plate to do tika to Lav and Kush. Lav gets Surekha’s call and says Kirti is going to do tika. Surekha says fine, come home soon. Devyaani says its good that they have sent kids this time. Naksh says I have explained Kartik well. Kirti gets dizzy and falls down. Everyone shouts Kirti and rush to her. Kartik and everyone hear them shouting on call. Kartik runs. Manish says wait, we will come home. They drive to Singhania house.

Kirti cries and hugs Kartik. He asks what happened. Manish and Dadi ask what happened, why is Kirti crying. Kirti says I m pregnant. Everyone smiles. Kartik asks are you saying the truth. Everyone hugs Kirti. Devyaani says congrats. Dadi says to you as well. Surekha asks are you fine Kirti. Rajshri says we called doctor and she told us that Kirti is pregnant. Kirti says yes, its just a scratch. Devyaani says I have checked her and gave medicine.

Lav and Kush say we will become uncle, we will celebrate together, why are they so angry, they can be happy some times. Kartik wishes they agree. Naira thinks for Kirti’s sake. Kirti says let it be, everyone cares for their anger, you both don’t trouble them, don’t force them to hurt their ego for me and my child’s sake. She cries and goes. Kartik and Naira see each other. Naitik and Manish agree to do puja together. Everyone nods. Kirti hugs Akhilesh and Suwarna. Naira thinks I got a new hope, is this a new sign. Kartik thinks yes, we should tell everyone, this Teej night… She thinks it will become festival night in real sense. Naira goes to Kartik. They see each other through curtain. He says congrats. She says same to you. He says we were so scared. She says yes. He says everyone is happy now. They hold hands via curtain. She says there is a small distance between our happiness.

He says yes, we will tell them the truth. She says we got a good news, everyone is together, we can tell them. He says we can do Teej puja also. Suwarna makes a call and asks servant to give some packet to courier guy. She turns and doesn’t see them. She says I thought we won’t meet this time, even then we came here, I feel restless like something is going to happen. Manish and Naitik ask Kirti to take care. Devyaani thanks Dadi for staying back for puja. Dadi says we also care for Kirti’s happiness, I was thinking to take her along. Devyaani says no way. Dadi says I didn’t ask, but said it. Devyaani says I was refusing as this phase came in Naksh and Kirti’s life after difficulty, they will try to live this phase together, you always find us wrong. Dadi says I misunderstood. She goes. Devyaani says we always have some argument. Dadi says we will see what to do later. Suwarna says yes, we came here just for Kirti.

Naira says I should have got ready well, I didn’t know Kartik will come, what shall I do, hairstyle. Rajshri comes. She says I will help you, I m asking you to be careful, I didn’t ask you not to go ahead. She hugs Naira. Naira thanks her. Rajshri makes her decked up. Kartik comes to Naksh and says congrats. Naksh says to you too, thanks. Kartik says sorry, I had to come today. Naksh says its okay, you are becoming uncle, I thought to do something special for Kirti. Kartik says sure, why not. They play dhol. Yeh rishta…plays… Naira comes. Dadi and everyone look on. Rajshri says she looks good right, I have decked her up. Dadi says its not necessary that everyone looks bright, its your wish. Suwarna says she is not related to us now. Kartik and Naira see each other. They smile.

Naira sings Sach hone wala hai ek sapna…. Everyone dances. Kartik sees Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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