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Naksh was inisde his room working on his laptop were keerti is shown arranging bed..

Keerti : Naksh.. its too late i think we should sleep..

Naksh starts arranging his couch..

Keerti :You can sleep in the bed too.. you take the left side.. and i will take the right..

Naksh looks at keerti.. She makes a wall in between the bed with samll cusions..

Keerti : I read in a magazine that.. sleeoing in an unconforable state can cause back pain..

Soon they both gets into deep sleep


Next day..

Keeti wakesup and sees Naksh packing his bags up..

Keerti :Are you hoing somewhere..??

Naksh : Yeah.. i am having a meeting so i have to go hyderabad for a weak..

Keerti : Then what will i do here all alone..

Naksh :Don’t worry… i have booked your tickets… Your flight is in 3hrs from now..

Keerti looks at him..

Naksh :I thoughg its not good that you stay here alone.. and i have talked to Yash. He will come and pick you up.. from airport.

Keerti : Okay..

naksh : Okay… please keerti get ready a little fast..

Keerti : What are you trying to say… that i take time to get ready..

Naksh : I am sorry… i didn’t mean that..

Keerti takes her towel and walks to her room. She stands infront of the mirror..

Keerti’s Pov : I haven’t talked to anyone till now how our marriage life is … and i haven’t even get to know why he isn’t happy with me.. but today.. i will ask maa..

Naksh was arranging breakfast for them..

keerti comesout and gets surprised seeing this..

Naksh :Why are looking at me like this..

Keerti :Its been a month since we are married.. I haven’t seen you serving food till now…

Naksh : Have your food..

Keerti and Naksh eats together…

Keerti :Naksh aap ki flight kab hai..??

Naksh :Its at 4 in the evening..

They has food.. After a minutes the cab arrives..

Naksh :Your car has arrived..

They walks towards car

Naksh : I will help you with your lugagae

He helps her to put lugage in car …

Keerti sits in the car..

Naksh : Have a safe journey..

Keerti :Naksh.. can i say something to you..

Naksh :Yeah.. go on

Keerti :After you flight reaches.. please give me a missed call..

Naksh :I’ii try..



Yash meet keerti.. Yash takes keerti to his car.. and they sets the journey to Sighania Sadan..

Yash :Babhi… how is my bhai..

Keerti :Ji???

Yash : Naksh.. how is he… he is a caring one or a …

Keerti :He… (I don’t think they should get any idea how our relation is ) He is so caring Yash. I never thought that he is this much caring..

Yash :Um.. he is caring..

Keerti :Yash.. tum dono cousins hai.. at tge sametime bffs right…??

Yash :Yes..

Keerti :Then can i ask you something..

Yash nods..

Keerti(in one go) : Who is tara..??

Yash stops his car on a sudden brake..

Keeti : Is everything fine..

Yash :Who told you about Tara..

Keerti :What happened… did i say anything wrong… Actually a aunty next to our room told me about her… and

Yash :So you know.. who she is..

Keerti :No i don’t.. i thought to ask naksh.. but i couldn’t… then Maa was the only option.. but what if she feeld bad.. and you are his bestfriend…

Yash :I will tell you.. being his wife you should know this… When i went to Mumbai for the first time to meet Naksh.. She was in collegeue.. working with him in the company were he was an intern… and ofcourse.. he made me introduced to her … then as time passed they both became close.. Then they both decided to get married but… her family was so aganist it… and they took her to their village… Atlast they both decided to marry without the parents permission… as Mama and mami wanted the marriage with the elders blessing… The night when they planned to elop.. only naksh was there waiting for tara.. and tara never turned up… And for a months later.. that he kept .. searching for her.. and the last news we got was she got married and is setteled in London..

Keerti was emotional hearing Naksh’s love story… She asks yash to drive fast …

Soon they reach Singhania Sadan…

Keerti :Yash.. please don’t tell anyone about it.. not even to Naksh.. you have to promise me..

Yash :I promise.

She enters Sighania Sadan and sees all the members waiting for her…

She takes blessings from the elders and hugs her sister-in-laws…


Naksh was in flight… He setsup hearphone in his head and closes his eyes.. and keerti’s face appears in his mind..

Naksh opens his eyes suddenly..

Naksh’s Pov : What is happening to me… I have always loved Tara.. till now.. i was not able to forget her… then why am i thinking about Keerti now… i know i shouldnot let her persence affect me… I should stay away ftom her ..


Keerti was in her room.. she splashes water on her face..

Keerti’s Pov : I know Naksh.. why you were staying away from me… Till yesterday i thought that there was something imprefect in me due to which.. you stayed away from me.. but today i promise that soon you will be only mine… it will be only Keerti’s Naksh & Naksh’s keerti… You just come fast…


Naksh lands Heydrabad.. he thinks about keerti’s words…

He after a lot of effort texts keerti that he has reached safe…

keerti smiles seeing his message

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