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after wedding everyone went to their places, and they all were so tired simply went and sleep took over them.:

Otherside malika and Kabir reached to the hotel they went in their honeymoon suit which gift from their friends and siblings.?

They see the room condition and smile. Kabir locks the door juster than room service come they open the door and see a man standing with cake he left their and went. They see Mr and Mrs Taneja was written on cake they both cut the cake together and feed each other’s.

Kabir: finally we are husband and wife.

Malika:yes Kabir.

Kabir: wait I have something for you.
Kabir take out one box from his pocket and Malika get confused he open and show. This for you,

Malika: why for what.

Kabir:Arey MAA told me I have to gift you something like in muh dikhai but here no my dulhan in front of me not behind veil. Kabir make her wear it was a nice bracelet.
Kabir helping her to remove her jewellery. Than both share romantic eye lock. Kabir switch off the lights they both get busy in their love world and made love.

Next day. A beautiful Morning no one wake up at Taneja mansion as well in Sarna Mansion. Kabir and Malika condition was too same.after sometimes Leela call Kabir when they are leaving from hotel. Kabir tell her in half an hour.
Leela call to Sapna Malika mom.And tell her about this. She said okay. She call to kunj but he didn’t receive her call so she left message for him to pick up malika. from Taneja mansion fro her pag phera
Leela wake up twinkle and Mahi.

Leela: wake up you both sister your Bhai and bhabhi is coming now..

Twinkle:hmm so soon.They didn’t sleep still. Anyhow leela wake up them and they both went in washrooms and get freshen up soon.. they all went downstairs just waiting for Malika and kabir. They reached to Taneja mansion Malika wearing beautiful saree looking stunning her newly bride glow making her more. They both went inside everyone see them. They all went to door entrance leela did their aarti than twinkle keep rice kalash.

Leela: Malika puttar ab iss kalash ko apne paro se girado..

Malika: haa MAA. She falls down the rice kalash and than Mahi bring red color aarta plate..

Bebe: now put your both foot in this and leave your print.. she dip the foot in aarta and than leave her foot prints.After this rituals.They did ring ritual Malika win.. Kabir and Malika take elders blessings.
than they all sit together.

Twinkle:finally our bhabhi is come.. looking good.

Malika:thanks. After they sit and have something for them. It’s their breakfast at lunch time.

Sarna [email protected]

All elders wake up expect that kids Usha try to wake up them but all sleeping together. They all try to wake up them but no response coming at last Tej went to them.

Tej: kunjjj.. as soon as kunj heard tej voice he immediately wake up and get up sits there only even his eyes were still closed.

Kunj: yes pa..

Tej: wake up..

Kunj: yeah.. he run to his room like this they all wake up kunj see the Sapna message he get freshen up soon and get ready they all get ready still sleepy head.

Lata: kunj you should go and pick up malika and drop her house it’s ritual she don’t have brother now you have to do this.

Kunj: yes dadi I know.. her mother message me already I’ll go and pickup her.. om and rudra sitting taking yawn.
Kunj quickly have something and left for Taneja mansion. While twinkle and Mahi talking to malika and asking her what happened last night she all red..

Malika: you both very much interested in our first night why not you both should go and asked to your brother he’ll tell you both in details..

Twinkle: no.. what Bhai give you. Malika show them bracelet.

Mahi: beautiful bhabhi.. soon kunj reached Taneja Mansion. He feel sleepy he went inside Leela see him. Kunj take their blessing.

Kunj:where is malika..

Kabir:here only. Mahi and twinkle along with malika they are coming from upstairs.

Malika:hi kunj finally you come…


Kabir:seem like he just wake up..

Kunj:yes.. take yawn.. now mrs Taneja lets go.

Kabir: why so hurry sit with us..

Kunj: no he check the time in watch. I can’t I have important meeting today because of your wedding I didn’t attend cancelled it so I have to today anyhow.

Kabir:you are very busy man..

Kunj:no Kabir I find peace when I work it. I know how I spend this 4 days..

Leela:Arey baba..

Malika:okay lets go.. MAA.

Leela:yes puttar.leela send all gift with servant keep in kunj car. Kabir face drop down. Malika give him flying kiss.

Kunj:did this afterwards now you are going to stay here only for your lifetime madam. Twinkle and Mahi laugh out.

Kabir:bro this happened I’ll see when your time will come you miss my sister and your twinkle wifey kunj and twinkle look at each other’s..

Kunj:you all just same.. malika and kunj went outside while Kabir and twinkle or Mahi went behind them outside. Kabir open car door for malika.

Twinkle:bas Bhai..

Kunj: should I call aunty and cancel this rasam.

Malika:shut up kunj.. bye baby I’ll come soon.

Kunj: yeah just take one round and come back 😂😂😂.. they both left.. they reached to malika house malika run and see her parents she just hugged her mom and dad..

Sapna: finally my doll come she look at her daughter fully. Looking so beautiful.kunj come.

Kunj: aunty you were crying for her but she didn’t to come and leave her husband.

Sapna: acha. They went inside talk about this and that after kunj left for office.. Malika spend time with her parents.. other side at Taneja they were planning about malika muh dikhai rasam. At evening Kabir went to malika house to bring her back. He messaged her she tell her mom,,

That Kabir will come to pick up her.Till than sapna arranges everything. Soon Kabir come he entered in hall see Sapna he takes her blessing..

Sapna:god bless you my son.they all sit. Have tea my both kids looking so beautiful .

Kabir:yes mom.. they talk for sometimes than they take leave.. Sapna hug her daughter than they both left for Sarna Mansion..

Twinkle and Mahi busy in muh dekhi arrangement.At Sarna Mansion om and Rudra along with Aayat just sleeping.

Kabir and Malika reaches Taneja mansion.

They went inside Leela tell malika go and get ready soon all ladies will come too see her first,, she immediately went to her room Kabir behind her.. malika went near dressing table to remove her jewellery
Kabir come and give her back hug tightly rest his chin on her shoulder..

Malika:What happened husband ji..

Kabir:nothing you know I miss you so much in this few hours when night will come so I can spend time with you properly.

Malika: have some shame.he started placing kisses on her neck and shoulder just than twinkle and Mahi entered in room without knock they see them and closed their eyes.both together hum ne kuch nahi dekha hai.they both composed themselves.

Kabir:acha Good He kiss on her cheeks twinkle and Mahi laugh while malika slap him playfully..

Malika:shameless man see your bother twinkle and Mahi..

Twinkle: yeah we can see our naughty Bhai.They all started laughing. Bhabhi please get ready everyone will be come at anytime so please go and get ready.,

Malika:yeah I’ll..

Mahi: Bhai you go now..

Kabir: yeah.. he went while twinkle and Mahi bring malika dress soon malika get ready looking beautiful she covered her face with veil. They went downstairs all ladies come till now.. they see malika coming with her both sister in laws. Twinkle and Mahi take malika towards couch she sits one by one all ladies see malika and giving her their blessing and gifts all praise malika beauty giving compliments to Leela that she is really lucky to got such a beautiful bahu..

Lady:Leela really your bahu is really beautiful. Kabir was standing in side and smiling itself when he listen those words about his wifey.,after this rasam also over.

Kunj complete his work while Rt handle over him to see tonight wedding reception arrangements like a responsible man he went and see all things.Is ready or not hopefully the way Kabir and Malika wanted each and everything is like that only.

At Sarna Mansion.

Lata:where is kunj now..

Om:busy in work like always dadi..

Avantika:you all get ready on time we are going in malika and Kabir wedding reception tonight so.

Rudra:hoo..’ time is very less they all went in their rooms and get busy to get ready..

Malika and Kabir get ready looking beautiful. Even others as well only twinkle not.

Hansh: we should leave twinkle will come all guest must be waiting for us..

Rt:yeah Papa..Leela went and tell twinkle they all are going she can come Itself. They all left for wedding reception venue.

Soon they reached they see the arrangement malika and Kabir get happy like anything they went inside and greet all guests.

Sarna’s waiting for kunj tej was angry at Kunj.

Tej: where is this boy.. Taneja’s waiting for us..

Prithviraj:tej relax just than Kunj entered there. Tej see him Itself kunj looking down he knows his father anger level.

Tej: where are you.

Kunj: woh stuck in someone work..

Tej:you know what kunj in your wedding day also you stuck in work Anjali and rudra giggles.But Kunj didn’t say uff just listen what his father saying him.This all loved about him.

Lata:Leave this tej Kunj go and get ready,

Kunj went in his room and take his clothes and get ready immediately he wears black tuxedo suits.Looking handsome hunk. He run downstairs other’s see him while Lata caress his face.

Lata:mera pota lakho me ek hai.. tej you scold him less when we scold your daughter Aayat how you feel bad like same you me too when you scold my pota’s.

Tej:acha MAA.. just because of you all my angel get ill om kara lifting her in his arms.

Now let’s go.they all went outside sits in their cars and left.. they all reached and went inside as soon as Rt eyes went on tej they all went towards them and greet with them.

Avantika: malika and Kabir you both looking extremely beautiful.

Malika: thanks aunty while Lata eyes were finding her daughter in law..

Lata: where is twinkle..

Bebe: aap bhi na aaj toh apni hone wali bahu ko chodiye and see our bahu.. all giggles.


Kabir:like always your bahu is late dadi ji still busy in her makeup.Kunj roll his eyes twinkle never improves.

Rt:come.They all went and take their seats.Yuvi and rudra along with Yuvi friends gang enjoying it.While om and Kunj handing Aayat who suffering in fever still wanted to play with her new friend.

Otherside twinkle getting ready she wears black crop top along with black zardozi work skirt. She did her last touch up and look at herself in mirror and give compliments to herself.

Twinkle:how can you always looks beautiful twinkle this isn’t fair 😂. Just than twinkle phone beep it’s Yuvi call.. twinkle pick up his call.. hello Yuvi..

Yuvi: hey baby where are you reception end hone ke baad aane ka irada hai kya..

Leave the mirror twinkle now..

Twinkle:shut up donkey I’m coming.. bye..
they ends the calls and twinkle immediately left for reception venue..

While Kunj eyes were finding twinkle everywhere. Just than there abeer and Mehar along with their baby boy naksh they come.. abeer is Rt sister son who passed away.

Naksh: Aayat come let’s play.. while Aayat didn’t say anything just resting her head on om shoulder..

Kunj:Aayat isn’t fine..

Naksh: hoo..

Abeer:hey kunj.they introduce with each other’s and started talking.. twinkle come she entered everyone looking at her.. Kunj eyes land on twinkle see her and freeze in her beauty she look hell beautiful.. Kunj see others men’s as well seeing twinkle he turns his eyes little bit jealous.. twinkle went towards her family Lata come..

Lata:haye kitni soni lag rahi hai Meri bahu keshi ki nazar na lage tujhe. She kissed on her forehead.

Avantika:yes looking beautiful..


Manohar: Rt ji arrangement was really awesome..

Rt: after all done by my son in law kunj. All like what..

Usha: kunjj..

Rt: yes..

Malika:aww kunj where he is. Why this om and Kunj sitting alone.. tej tell Priyanka to call them she went..

Priyanka:Bhaiya aap dono ko pa bula rahe Hai after listening tej name they both immediately went..

Malika:thanks kunj for this beautiful reception arrangement.

Kunj:it’s okay.

Prithviraj:we don’t know my kunj perfect in these things as well.Twinkle and Kunj share eye contact.rudra come and hugged twinkle..

Rudra:wow bhabhi looking awesome..
Pa please do Bhaiya shadi fast please..
Yuvi and rudra along with other’s Kabir and Anjali om malika they all started teasing Kunj and twinkle. While Kunj escape from there and went towards businessman all laughs,

Leela: bichara.. after all couples dancing romantically kunj and twinkle standing seeing others this seen by Lata. She went near them..

Lata: kunj and twinkle do and joint them.

Kunj: no dadi..

Twinkle: yeah dadi.

Lata: no you both go.. for me.. forcefully she send them on dance floor kunj forward his hand twinkle give her in his hand while Kunj with another hand hold her waist twinkle feels some new feeling.

Twinkle one hand resting on kunj shoulder.

On the beats they too dancing.

Twinkle: what happened why are you so silent..

Kunj:nothing I’m like this only..

Twinkle:yeah I forgot you are sadu,,

Kunj:what’s the need to take 3 hours in makeup today isn’t your reception.

Twinkle:acha my wish.

Kunj: sometime let other look good you take all limelights’s.. Kunj spin her.

Twinkle:what can I do in this I m beautiful I didn’t take limelight’s Itself come on me. Don’t you see when I entered how all looking at me kunj remember that men’s face.

Kunj:hmm I see. Nonsense people,,!

Twinkle:jealous abhi se..😝.

Kunj:jealous aur me never..

twinkle:aur kya.,

Kunj:kuch nahi..
all elders see twinkle and Kunj how much they both are happy together. Again kunj twirl twinkle now their partners get change kunj got malika While om Twinkle.

Malika: waha dance woh bhi kunj Sarna.

Kunj: bas bas madam after marriage you started speaking so much..

MAlika:this happened because of your to be wifey company.She pulled kunj cheeks.Dance end they take their food plates and sits together.

Rudra:malika didi how you meet with Kabir bro.

Malika:me Kabir and Malika laughs.

Now Aayat is feeling good so she sitting with naksh both playing games in phone..

Kabir:I went New York for my meeting there I saw..


Malika:by mistakenly our phones got exchanged.

Kabir: when I see understand I call her and tell her I have her cellphone even she too.

Malika:next day we meet in cAfe started normal conversation.Than exchange our numbers become good friends.

Rudra:But when you studying with Bhaiya and G you never try on them.

Malika:heheh you know Rahul and Kunj one is too much funny other one busy in study. I proposed both of them. Asked them.They all giggles Kabir making funny faces..

Rudra:Bhaiya you never tell us malika didi propose you.

Kunj:why what so important in this. She proposed us everyday.When she wanted chocolates.

Anjali: hehe good..

Kabir:kunj good you didn’t told yes what I’ll do.

Yuvi:still Malika bhabhi no one propose Kunj apart from you.

Malika:when you see kunj and his best friend Rahul you can understand.Their one aim is thAt come first and did top.Kunj is least interested in girls we always thought what Happened in the future.apart from me I’m only kunj friend in girls we three of them know each other’s since childhood.
Where we meet first time.. Malika thinking.

Kunj:Hyde park..

Malika:yes.. after this all Kabir propose me on phone I didn’t deny him.. than I come India and meet with him and his family.

Like a normal people our love story started.

Avantika: so beautiful..

Tej:now Rt ji you got your bahu what about us.

Rt:she is yours when you wanted take..

Prithviraj:In kidding way than next week. Kunj get shocked more than twinkle because twinkle knows they just time passing.Kunj look at avantika..

Lata:we just waiting for that day when my kunj wife come at our house.

Bebe;Arey kunj puttar are you not excited for your wedding our Kabir is very much.
Rudra and yuvi whisper.

Yuvi:we know for what he is excited 😜..

Rudra:my Bhaiya only excited for his business projects.You know Bebe your kunj puttar just love business and he understands business language,.
Bebe teasing Kunj he turn his face other side.

Bebe: bata kunj puttAr..

Kunj:kya I don’t know anything..

Kabir:weshe kunj after marriage your condition will be worse after all Twinkle is your wife. Half of the day she takes in makeup..😝

Abeer:other in eating..

Twinkle:hoo see Bebe..

Rudra:so what bhabhi do whatever you want to do Bhaiya just take 10mins to get ready..but he take so much to closed his buttons..


Usha:so what.. no one find boy like my kunj.

Anjali:even you people bhabhi like twinkle.
Aayat come there..


Tej:what happened to my princess are you okay.

Aayat:yes little bit pa. I’m going in garden with my friends.

Tej:okay but be careful.

Aayat: yes and can I asked one question.

Tej: yes..

Aayat:when we’ll go back to London. All look at Aayat only.,

Tej:soon baby..

Aayat:okay thanks she run from there.

Leela:she missing London.


Kabir: hoo. Just than Anjali phone beep,, she see the caller id get happy..

Anjali:slowly yes..

Rahul:jaan where is kunj..

Anjali:in front of me. She puts the call on speaker.. Kunj call.


Rahul:abey kunj where are you I was calling since long back.

Kunj:okay phone silent pe ta,,

Rahul: I send you project details tell to hitler (tej) kunj looking here and there..

Kunj:I’ll call you later.Anjali cut the call. While om and rudra giggling.

Rudra:Bhaiya who is hitler.Kunj show anger eyes to rudra.

Tej:what happened kunj.

Kunj:nothing pa..

Rudra: pa you know who is hitler it’s you G calling you hitler.. Kunj get scared..

Tej:I know my son.All giggling slightly.I heard numbers of time they calling me by hitler. Hai na kunj.While Kunj breath get stuck don’t know what to say. see kunj face expression everyone enjoying it,,

Yuvi:kunj look at your face omg.,

Rudra:don’t worry Bhaiya aap ki job nahi jayegi.kunj gritting teeth on rudra..

Lata:bas bas.Stop mera kunj kuch bolta nahi hai..

Tej:MAA we are just kidding.

Kunj:excuse me he went from there..

Prithviraj:yeh ladka bhi na.

Lata:tej when you know him still.After this everyone busy with their friends. Kunj standing alone rudra and om Come there..

Rudra:What happened bade Bhaiya 😜. Kunj look at them..

Kunj:you are gone rudra Meri job nahi jaayegi definitely your teeth will be gone today. Kunj went near him and grab his collar. You speak so much in front of pa..

Rudra:I’m just joking Bhaiya please leave me.. O.

Om:I can’t do anything.. rudra run from there went to twinkle..

Twinkle:what happened rudra…

Rudra:bhabhi save me Bhaiya beating me.

Twinkle:what 😛😛.. Kunj and om come towards them..

Om: rudra you come here.;

Twinkle: ho kunj why you beat him..

Kunj:acha did you see me.and you rudra gone don’t think she’ll save you from me..

End of the day you come to me..

Twinkle: acha sadu..

Kabir: uff..

Kunj:waste of time to talk with you and him.Kunj went from there others laughs at him.

Mahi:jiju get angry..

Rudra:my Bhaiya never get angry with me.


Rudra:yes hum ke dusre ke zaruri hisse hai.In my dadi language.

Maya:still love the way kunj give respect to elders hardly I saw. In front of maamu he become all silent even his eyes too blow down.

Rudra:Bhaiya is like this only.. rudra and om went and take ice cream went near kunj rudra give back hug to kunj. Bhaiya sorry.He held his ears kunj look at his face and give smile pat on his cheeks..

Kunj:it’s okay don’t be sorry other’s see this.

Om:yeah Hum toh bhai hai.. they share group hug.

Rudra:Bhaiya ice cream.

Kunj: hmmm no.

Rudra:please he put in kunj mouth they feed ice cream each other’s all love to see them.

Anjali:best brothers..

Twinkle:in her heart sadu itna bhi sadu nahi hai.. one lady talking with Leela.

Lady: Leela ji where is your daughter twinkle.

Leela: here only ji I’ll call her Leela call twinkle. She come there meet with that lady she just look at twinkle face..

Lady:so beautiful.. Avantika and Usha and other ladies too there. Leela ji aap ki beti mujhe hi dedi jiye na mere bete ke liye all like shocked..

Avantika:sorry but she is my would be bahu, she engaged with my son kunj.

Lady:hoo.. aap ke bete se..

Leela: yes you didn’t see my son in law kunjjj..

Kunj: yes..

Leela:see he is my son in law kunj.

Lady: perfect Leela..

Leela:ab bas inn ki jaldi se shadi ho jaye twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s.

All boys and girls went to stage did photoshoots..

Rudra:Bhaiya you didn’t give compliment to Bhaiya today she looking killer..

Twinkle:rudra you asked this to wrong person.

Kunj:he gives you compliment what’s needs of my..

Rudra:kya hoga aapka bhabhi shadi ke baad..

Twinkle:I know maaa😭😭.. their photo session end than cake come cake was very big all stand in circle and Malika and Kabir cut the cake together and feed everyone.

they all going outside while twinkle can’t properly due to her heavy skirt. Kunj see her he come near her..

Kunj:what’s the need to wear this when you can’t walk properly in this. Twinkle give him look..

Twinkle:you can’t help me but give me taunt.Kunj give smile kunj forward his hand twinkle hold they walk together.

Kunj:you are looking good not bad..

Twinkle:huhu.. sadu can’t praise me properly.

Kunj:yes siyappa queen.. everyone standing near their cars..

Tej: kunj Aayat…

Kunj:yeah I’ll bring her Kunj went to garden and see Aayat sleep on bench while playing..Kunj lift her..

Tej:she is okay na..

Kunj:fever still there.

Tej:what take to doctor immediately.


Avantika: bye Leela ji..

Leela: yes bye all sits in their cars and left their homes while Kunj and om went to hospital…

Episode end

              To be continued..,,,,,,,


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