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Shot 3
@ragsan room
Rag:sanskar u have to help me
Rag:actually Im going to do OT duty for a month, plz convince uncle for it
San:but Ragini y r u doing OT duty suddenly?
Rag:its needed,

@next day @ragini’s office
rag phone rings
Rag:tell sanskar
San:when will you cum?
Rag:8 pm
San:k wait in ur office itself. I will pick you
Rag:but (he cuts the call before she replies)

Laksh who saw her confused face
Lak:wat ragini
Rag:(tells everything)
Lak:i already told, it will start lik this (teases)
Rag:idiot it’s not like that, I think there is some problem because he very well know I won’t use his belongings (lik car)
Rag gets into thinking. …..

As soon as she came from office main door, saw sanskar standing over there ,rag goes towards him
San:i know u don’t like to cum in car but I didn’t tell anything to Papa,
San:u know na he won’t accept it, that’s y I told him that v r going to outing.. So v will tel some fake reasons for this month..
Rag:so u didn’t go to home till yet
San:nods I was in my frd’s home
Rag:sry because of me
San:(cuts her) I like to do it for my good friend
Both smiles.. . .

One fine Day
San feels bad by seeing her ,who is trying to do household works even though he told him not to do it
San in mind y r u doing this much work Ragini??? Y r u stressing UrSelf?

Leap of one month
Rag:sanskar ur money (she handovers money which she borrowed from him)
San:(feels bad) for this only u have gone to ot duty
Rag nods
San:(little bit angrily) ragini seriously I can’t bare it.. Y r u like this? Is it that much important Now.. U return it today after stressing urself for the past 1 month.i won’t take this money
Rag:sanskar plz listen, if u give 1 yr time also, I can’t pay back ur money unless I do OT DUTY.. more over I won’t want this money to b barrier in our friendship
San:turns opposite side
Rag:pouts and goes infornt of him.. Plzzz
San:(melts) K I’m taking it
Rag nods happily

Lak:y r v here?
Rag:actually tmrw is sanskar B-Day?
Lak:ohhh something something
Rag:(glares him) he is my FRIEND lik U
Lak:wat it means? So I and sanskar is equal to u? (annoyingly)
Rag:smiles definitely not.. Sanskar is a little step below than u… Happy
Lak :happy
both smiles

@next day night @ragsan room
San:saw Ragini who is sleeping over the sofa….
Rag:looks at him
San:when r u going to give my gift, which u bought it for me
Rag:jerks and stands… Sry sanskar I didn’t buy
San:(cuts her) I respect you alot,, so don’t lie
Rag:nervously goes towards her cupboard and took the parcel, before she give sanskar snatches from her
San:this shirt is awesome.. I love it alot.. Thank you Ragini (happily)
Rag:(excitingly) really do u like it?
San:nods ..(after a Pause)now tell y u didn’t give this before itself
Rag:actually morning ur frds and uncle gave u a gift.. And compare to it my gift is simple one.. So I thought u won’t like it
San:smiles do u really think like that? I can c ur affection through this gift.. No other things Ragini

Days r going on….. Sanskar’s respect towards her increasing day by day by her nature and Ram and Ragini has become like papa /daughter…..

@one fine day
Rag :invits sanskar and Ram to Arjun college..for the inauguration
Rag:happily cries by seeing medal around Arjun neck by hugging her mom
San /ram :proudly saw her
After few minutes
@ragsan room
Sanskar :(happily) forwards a court order…
Rag:looks on.
San:v r legally divorced… No more worries
Rag nods smilingly

San:today is my treat
Rag:nods(both smiles)
San:shall I ask you something ?do u really didn’t have any expectation in this marriage?
Rag:actually no sanskar.. My aim is to make my brother as a doctor, nothing else
San:k now he became na.. Now Wat abt ur life???
Rag:i have started running a lot sanskar since my father passed away.. Now I have to take rest for a while.. And want to spend more time with mumma and Arjun…because they are my life
San:u have to marry a good person
Rag:nods ..lets c whether my rajakumar (king) is coming to me or not (both smiles)
Rag:shall I tell you something as a friend
San looks on
Rag:i know whatever your mom did is? But for that how u start hating all ladies (she starts in stammering voice)
San:stops her.. Don’t worry I will marry again.. I changed my thought on girls after seeing u
Rag smiles widely

@next day
Rag:bye sanskar.. I’m not saying anything to uncle Now… Plz convince him
San:nods me when ever you are free
Rag nods… And starts to leave after few steps again she came back
Rag:removes her mangalsutra and gave it to him and bid bye to him
San:(heart pained) by her sudden act.. His eyes became teary by seeing mangalsuta in his hand and by seeing her disappearing figure (in mind Wat happened to me)

Hope you like it /hope it is longer one
Tmrw I will update cousin loves

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