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Papa By Chance 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan cooks up a story

Papa By Chance 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with kids hiding from Amrit. Yuvaan sees the kids hiding in balcony. Amrit asks Yuvaan about the girls bag and doll. Gungun signs sorry. Yuvaan says its all mine. Amrit calls him cheap. She says girls are not allowed here and asks about hair band. He says its my tashan and wears hair band. He asks Amrit to go now. Amrit says I have hears snoring sound. Bela says you maybe tired, come and rest. They go. Yuvaan thanks the kids for hiding on time. Gungun says we used our mind to stay here. Ullu takes the hair band. Yuvaan and Ullu argue.

Bela and Mohini start arguing. Mohini says you have ruined my life, you will know my heart pain when Yuvaan leaves Amrit and goes, what you are thinking will never happen. Bela worries. Its morning, Bela starts singing bhajan. Mohini plays

music and dances. Bela sees her. Dhoni sees them and laughs. Bela and Mohini try to outdo each other. Dhoni shuts his ears. Bela and Mohini insult each other. Bela sees Dhoni laughing. Gungun takes Dhoni away. Bela says who was laughing there. Gungun asks where is Ullu. They see Ullu applying toothpaste on Yuvaan’s face.

They rush. Bela comes there. Yuvaan wakes up. She says I got tea. She sees his face and asks what’s this. He checks and sees kids. He says its face pack. Bela asks what’s that, it looks like toothpaste. Yuvaan says yes, my complexion got fair because of toothpaste. She says make this for me also, I got sun tan when I go out. He says okay. Amrit comes and jokes on Yuvaan. Kids look on and laugh. Bela asks why did you sleep here. He says I have no cooler. Amrit says he can buy cooler, don’t give him cooler. Bela stops Amrit. Yuvaan says its my house, I won’t go. Amrit asks for rent. Yuvaan says I m not running away. Amrit takes the tea. Bela goes to make tea for him. Amrit says I will take money for toothpaste as well. He goes. She says I want to make him out of here. Yuvaan asks kids who has done this. Yuvaan and Ullu argue. Gungun stops Yuvaan.

Yuvaan gets backache. He goes out. Ullu says he was insulting me. Gungun says we have to tolerate this, he can make us reach our parents’ murderer, don’t know why is he hiding it. Ullu says I have an idea, listen, we will ask him and he will give us answers. Dhoni calls them. They see Mohini dancing and laugh. Bela hears kids laughing and says maybe my ears are ringing. She asks Yuvaan about sound. Yuvaan says it means I have to tell you truth. He lies about children’s spirit and asks her not to get scared. Bela says but we are living here since many years. Yuvaan says you are not his enemy, they have enmity with me, they know I m this house’s owner. She gets scared. He asks for coffee maker. Rohan comes and meets them. Yuvaan asks can you tolerate Amrit, she is mad. Rohan hugs Amrit. Amrit scolds Yuvaan. They argue. Bela says they look so lovely while fighting. Rohan asks what do you mean. Amrit asks him not to care. She goes with Rohan. Bela reminds Yuvaan his childhood days. They laugh. Suchi thinks of Yuvaan. Yuvaan thinks of Harman and thinks mom couldn’t manage our relation, she has forgotten me, I can’t forget her, I will make Harman out of our lives.

The kids ask Yuvaan about their parents’ accident, who was driving the car. He says it was me. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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