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My Desi Girl (RagSan) Episode-11

My Desi Girl (RagSan) Episode-10

Sanskar:bolo na ragini ,u too loves me right..
Ragini looks at him blank..
Ragini pushed him nd runs..
Sanskar:ragini ruko..
Ragini runs to her home..
Sanskar stood puzzled..
Ragini held her thumping heart closing her eyes..tum se pyar hogaya ragini ,i love u..sanskar words echoing in her ear…
Ragini opened her eyes nd says nay..sanskar jii aur mein..nay..ise kaise ho sakate..nay..what if dadisa knws ,she would definitely scold sanskar jii..ab mein kya karu..she biting her nails being tense..

@Next day
Ramukaka gets coffee for sanskar..
Sanakar:vo..ramu kaka where is ragini
Ramu:she is in kitchen..kyun baba do u need anything..
Ramukaka leaves..
Sanskar comes to kitchen where ragini nd ramu are there..ragini looks at sanskar then looks away biting her nails..
Sanskar:vo..ramu kaka ,garden mein kuch kaam tha ,dadi askd u to do that..
Ramu kaka noddes nd supposed to go..
Ragini:kaka..chaliya i will help u..
Before sanskar could speak ,ragini held ramu kaka hand nd goes with him..
Sanskar feels bad..
Sanskar comes to dadi’s room where ragini is there..
Dadi:sanskar come
Sanskar:vo..ragini ,can u get coffee for me…
Ragini(without looking at him):vo..vo..ramu kaka is there in kitchen..
Sanskar:im asking to u
Dadi:kya hua sanskar..ask ramu kaka naa.
Sanskar:vo..i gt habitual to her coffee..
Dadi(smiles):ok..ragini go
Ragini nodded helpless..
Sanskar:get into my room..
Ragini goes..
Sanskar:dadi i will meet u later..
Dadi nodded..
Sanskar was in his room ,waiting for ragini..he sees ragini who just coming into his room with coffee..at the same time rohan came into sanskar room..sanskar looks annoyed..
Rohan:did u see ajay
Ragini kept coffee there nd about to go..
Sanskar:ragini ruko
Ragini:vo..vo..i need to go
Sanskar:i said stop..
Rohan:kya hua sanskar..
Sanskar:kuch nay..vo..rohan ,ajay must be in swara room go nd check..
Rohan:thats ok.let him stay there..i stay with u(he teased sanskar)
Sanskar:vo..u go i will come there..
Sanakar:ajay must be waiting for u..go..i will come soon..
Rohan nodded nd goes smiling..
Sanskar looks at ragini ,her heart beats fast ..sanskar closed the door..ragini looks here nd there nervously,clutching her dupatta..
Sanskar pulls her nd pins her to wall..
Ragini widened her eyes..
Sanskar:y are u ignoring me..
Sanskar:kya vo..vo..im trying to talk with u since mng but u r escaping from me..
Ragini starts bite her nails..
Sanskar:stop doing that.
Ragini stops nd looks at him with pout..
Ragini:k..kya ji
Sanskar:kya???what i told yesterday
Ragini:i love u.
Sanskar:i love u too
Ragini:nay ji..im telling ,what u said yesterday..
Sanskar:but u too loves me naa..
Ragini:nay jii
Ragini:hum aapse pyar nahi karati..mein aap keliye sahi nahi hain sanskar ji..aap ko achhi ladaki milegi aap k tarah..
Sanskar:that girl u only ragini..
Ragini:nay jii..aaaap pyar mat kajiye mujhe se
Sanskar:mein karatha huu
Ragini:sanskar jii please
Sanskar:chup kar..i love u..u have to love me..kyun ki i cant live without u..got it??
Ragini:vo..suniye jii
Sanskar:take howmuch time u want..but u should love me..no..think how to love me..
Ragini looks at him with puppy face..
Sanskar:now go..nd get me another coffee..
Ragini nodded innocently nd goes..
Sanskar smiles..
Dadi was in hall..ragini was in dadi’s room arranging dadi’s clothes in her cupboard..she turns hearing door shutting sound..
Sanskar:haan..mein hu
Ragini:w..why did u cme here.
Sanskar smiles nd comes towards her..
Ragini looks here nd there..
Sanskar pulls her on him..
Ragini widened her eyes..
Sanskar:i need to talk
Ragini(words are not coming from her mouth by his closeness):vo..
Ragini:ch..cho..chodiyena sanskar jii
Ragini:plz leave me

Sanskar:ok..i will leave u ,give me my 100rs..u said naa..give
Ragini:vo..vo ..ab mere paas nahi hain..
Sanskar:i dont knw, i want now only
Ragini:ok leave me.i will go nd get..
Sanskar:no..i want now only..abi ke abi..
Ragini:par,i dont hav money now..how can i give
Sanskar:thats ok..u said na..u would give what ever i want instead of 100rs..
Sanskar:so. give me a kiss
Ragini eyes popped out..
Sanskar:give fast
Ragini nodded as no
Sanskar:fine i will take it
Ragini:n..na..nay ji
Sanskar moves towards her..
Ragini:san..sanskar ji
Ragini:nay jii
Sanskar:yes jii
Saying he moves even more close to her..ragini breaths heavily..
Sanskar gently kissed on her cheek..ragini closed her eyes tight..
Sanskar supposed to kiss another cheek..
Ramu(knocks d door):ragini beti
Ragini opened her eyes nd looks at sanskar who is smiling..
Ramu:ragini beta
Ragini:j..ji kaka
Ramu:dadi is calling u
Ramu leaves..
Sanskar looks at ragini ,she looks down nervously..
Sanskar:i will continue later..chalo dadi must be waiting for u..
Saying he goes smiling..
Ragini face became red..she
took a deep breath nd composed herself..
All sat in hall nd chit chatting..
Ragini gives coffee to all…
Sanskar winks at ragini who handovers coffee to him..ragini looks down..
Sanskar:haan rohan
Rohan:its been so long u sang..sing something naa…
Dadi:haan sanskar ,rohan told u sings very well..i want to hear..
Sanskar:fine dadi..

Sanskar gets his guitar..sanskar looks at ragini ,she looks down biting her nails..
He starts singing staring at ragini who stood beside dadi..(read lyrics)

“Pehli Nazar Mein, Kaise Jaado Kar Diya
Tera Ban Baita Hai Mera Jiya
Jaane Kya Hoga, Kya Hoga Kya Pata
Is Pal Ko Milke Aa Jee Le Zara
Main Hoon Yahaan… Tu Hai Yahaan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa, Aa Bhi Ja
O Jaan-E-Jaan, Dono Jahan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa, Bhool Ja Aa

[In a single sight (of Yours), what magic have You done
My heart has become Yours now
What is about to happen, no one knows
Let’s live this moment together
I am here… You are here
Come in my arms,
Oh my dear love, forget this world By coming in my arms]

Sanskar stood nd comes towards ragini ,ragini clutched her dupatta tight..

“Meri Bahon Mein Aa, Aa Bhi Ja
O Jaan-E-Jaan, Dono Jahan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa, Bhool Ja Aa”
[Come in my arms,
Oh my dear love, forget this world By coming in my arms]Sanskar moves around ragini while singing..

“Baby I Love You (x3)
Baby I Love You So…
Baby I Love You, Oh I Love You
I Love You, I Love You So…
Baby I Love You”

Ragini about to go..
Dadi:where are u going ragini
Ragini:vo..vo..kitchen mein thoda kaam hain
Dadi:ruko na..do later..
Ragini nodded..

Sanskar stood behind dadi(beside ragini)..

Har Dua Mein Shaamil Tera Pyaar Hai
Bin Tere Lamha Bhi Dushwar Hai
Dhadhkon Ko Tujhe Se Hi Darkaar Hai
Tujhse Hai Rahtein, Tujhse Hai Chahtein
Har Dua Mein Shaamil Tera Pyaar Hai
Bin Tere Lamha Bhi Dushwar Hai
Dhadhkon Ko Tujhe Se Hi Darkaar Hai
Tujhse Hai Rahtein, Tujhse Hai Chahtein
[In every prayer of mine, there is love for You
Without You every moment is difficult without You”

[My heart-beats want only You
Because of You there is peace (comfort), with You there is love
In every prayer of mine, there is love for You
Without You every moment is difficult without You
My heart-beats want only You
Because of You there is peace, with You there is love]

Ragini looks at sanskar who looks at her so much of love..Ragini knws his every word speaking ,his love towards her..sanskar looks into her eyes..

Baby I Love You (x3)
Baby I Love You So…
Baby I Love You, Oh I Love You
I Love You, I Love You So…
Baby I Love You

Ragini lost into his eyes..
Rohan ajay looks at eo nd smiles..
Swara fumes seeing this..
Rohan claps loud to get them sense..
Ragini composed herself..
Sanskar(whispered in ragini’s ear):i really love u ragini..
Ragini looks at him nd goes into kitchen..
Sanskar comes to dadi..dadi caressed his hair nd kissed his forehead..

All r their respective rooms..
Ragini cleans kitchen..swara stood infront of kitchen..
She says i hate u ragini..she took out oil bottle which she brought..she pours infront of kitchen nd hides somewhere smirking..
After a while ,Ragini comes out from kitchen nd sees sanskar who is coming towards kitchen..ragini looks here nd there nd thinks how to escape from sanskar.
Swara looks at sanskar nd says y he is here..hope he will not ruin my plan..
Sanskar comes towards ragini smiling,ragini steps back where oil is ,she slips nd fell down..
Swara smiles..
Sanskar( rushed to ragini):ragini tum teek tho hain naa
Ragini leg pains but she nodded as positive..
Sanskar (makes her stand):u should have been careful na..
Ragini:i have to go home
Sanskar:are u fine..
Saying she walks slowly hiding her leg pain..
Sanskar:ragini ruko.
Ragini:kya jii
Sanskar lifts her in his arms..
Swara frowns..
Ragini:san..san..sanskar ji..aap kya kar raha hu..
Ragini:chodiye na sanskar jii..
Sanskar:i drop u at ur home..until u keep quite
Ragini:nay ji..i can go myself..get me down
Sanskar doesn’t listen..
Ragini:koi dekhlega
Sanskar:so are u ok if no one sees..(he winks at her)
Ragini:nothing like that sanskar jii..
Ragini:chodiye naa.
Sanskar:keep quite
Ragini kept quite helpless..
He took her to her home nd made her sit on bed..
Sanskar:show ur leg
Ragini:my leg is fine..
Sanskar held her leg
Ragini:what are u doing sanskar..leave my leg..
Sanskar:see it became red..
Ragini:thats ok..
Saying he gently rubs her leg..
Ragini gets tense as what if her byayyu came nd see this..
Ragini:sanskar jii..ab mein teek hu..aap jayiye yaha se,bhayyu will come..
Sanskar:let him come
Ragini:plzz sanskar jii..
Sanskar:ok baba..tum tension mat lo..mein jaungi..
Sanskar:take care..good night
He kissed her forehead nd leaves.
Ragini takes sigh of relief..


Spare me for my hhhindi.

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