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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Bitterness Towards Her Son-In-Law

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya explains her wedding theme to senior Surana. Surana likes her idea and asks servant to call whole family. Family walks in. He introduces would bride Sarika, his elder son Daya Shankar, bahu Rama, grandson Samar, and others. Jaya explains her theme looking at plain papers in file nervously. Samar helps her continue and repeats her words. Family likes her idea. Surana asks her to give them sometime to think. She says she will wait outside and nervously waits in corridor. Samar walks to her. She thanks him for helping him. He says number. She asks what and yells she knows his kind of guys, they help a bit and try to take advantage. He says he recorded her presentation and thought of forwarding it to her if she forgets. She apologize him for misunderstanding and tells

her number. Servant informs family accepted her proposal and gives 1 lakh cheque. Samar gives it to her. She gets very happy. Samar says dadaji gave her shagun as signing amount. She happily leaves home.

Satya helps bathe her grandson Kabeer and asks him to get ready for ice cream. He says he needs toys. She says she will get him toy and gets him clothes from cupboard. He peeps via window and smiles. She sees he is smiling at his father who is standing under sun with toy. She walks to him and says if he had not done a mistake, he would have been at home playing with Kabeer. Son-in-law/SIL says she is responsible for his condition, else he would have been happily living with his family in his house, anyways he does not want to argue with her, court has permitted him to meet his son 2 days in a month. She says she will decide whether it is same day or once in 15 days or a week. He says she cannot do this to her. She says she can. Jaya walks in and yells he cannot misbehave with her mamma, else she will forget he is her jiju. Satya walks in. SIL says he is standing under sun since 2 hours, but nobody is letting him speak to his son. Jaya points at Kabeer and says she is not pity on him as he stood under sun or mom scolded him, she cannot see Kabeer sad. SIL happily meets his son.

Jaya returns home. Naani asks Satya why didn’t she call damadji in. Satya asks her to concentrate on her tea and asks Jaya how was her presentation. Jaya says it was marvelous and she got 1 lakh signing amount. Family rejoices. Jaya then notes down what she promised and listens to Samar’s recording, but finds it blank. She fumes that he fooled her. Samar is busy with his family when Jaya calls him and blasts how can he do this, she thought he is a good man. He asks if she vent out her anger or still its left. She disconnects call. Samar plays Jaya’s video in front of his family and broom’s family and asks if they like Jaya’s presentation, wedding will be according to old traditional style. Groom’s father says voice looks of a young girl. Sr. Surana says she is a cute girl. Groom’s father says he does not want wedding planning via an inexperienced small girl.

Jaya insists Naani to show her Satya’s wedding dress and takes its pics. Naani asks to keep it back before Satya sees it as Satya will break down seeing her wedding dress, she shows herself as strong, but she is week emotionally. Satya walks in, Jaya stands in front of dress and speaks. Satya leaves. Jaya happily informs Naani that maa did not see her wedding dress.

Next morning, Jaya ready to leave for Surana house when servant calls her and says her order is canceled as groom’s family did not like traditional theme and want modern theme. She says she already started her work and what about 1 lakh. He asks to enjoy and disconnects call. Samar hears that and scolds servants to behave with people. He walks out of house. Jaya angrily walks in and keeping 1 lakh cheque on his hand yells she does not need free money. Samar says it is groom’s family’s decision and not dadaji’s. She yells she will speak to Dadaji and not him and walks in while Samar tries to stop her saying Groom’s family is also in. Family is busy hearing another wedding planner’s presentation.

Precap: Satya suggests a man if he is marrying a girl for food, he should not then. Rama says marriage is not a game to end when they like. She suggests Satya’s elder daughter if she can give her marriage another chance for the sake of her son. Satya walks in and says her daughter does not rejoin broken pieces. SIL says this woman broke her own daughter’s marriages and hopes Rama does not meet Satya woman again. Jaya and Samar’s love story starts.

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