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Krishna Chali London 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna requests Radhe

Krishna Chali London 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua calling Prashant. She says he disconnected. Dubey says maybe he is busy. Saajan checks Prashant and says he is alive. Radhe says don’t scare me. Saajan scolds him and asks did you come here to apologize or beat me. Radhe says I came to say sorry, he was going to tell Krishna about her admission in London college, he also got posting there and said they will go together. Saajan says I won’t leave him. Radhe says wait, help me, you know I can’t leave without Krishna. Saajan says don’t worry. Radhe gets papers. Saajan checks. He says Krishna has to confirm admission in 5 days, else it will be cancelled. Radhe asks how will I hide this from her. Saajan says we need to do something.

Lali says I was planning to gift him ipad on marriage anniversary. Krishna

says you can go out. Lali says no, Shukla doesn’t like anniversary celebrations. Krishna says come with me, we will buy the gift. Triloki romances Bela. Shukla knocks the door. He comes in and says I thought to come and talk to you guys. Bela asks are you fine. Shukla says yes. He praises them. Shukla says life has no guarantee, I thought to give you two petrol pumps, Gajanan can’t manage all, and Radhe is busy with his wife. Triloki and Bela get happy. Shukla says don’t die by happiness, did you tell your dad that I m going to meet him. She says you can meet him anytime, I will come along. Shukla says I want to meet your younger sister, I want to help your dad in your sister’s marriage. He goes. Bela thinks why did he get interest in my family suddenly. Lali thanks Krishna. Krishna asks how did you and Gajanan meet. Lali says families arranged our marriage. Krishna asks did you go out. Lali says yes, Shirdi. Krishna says who goes there on honeymoon. Lali says we stayed back at Mumbai for few hours. Krishna asks did you see the city. She gets an idea. Bela says Shukla was saying about my sister’s marriage, maybe Shukla has a stepson. Triloki says he is my dad. She says he is upto something. Saajan and Radhe get Prashant to godown.

Saajan says no one will come here, we have no option. They tie up Prashant. Prashant gets conscious. Saajan says you will be here for five days. Radhe and Saajan leave. Radhe comes home and says Krishna shouldn’t know anything. He sees Krishna sad. He asks her not to be sad, he is happy even after failing thrice in 9th class. He asks her not to cry and not lose hope. He pacifies her. She thanks him. He says sorry for doubting on you and Prashant, tell me what to do to apologize. She says I don’t want anything, you just arrange a Mumbai trip for Gajanan and Lali for their anniversary, just you can convince Shukla for this. He worries. She asks what happened, you said you can do anything, if yo want my forgiveness, this is the only way. She goes. Prashant struggles to get free. Radhe thinks how can I go Mumbai, Krishna will get annoyed. Prashant cuts the ropes and hears some men. He gets angry and looks out. He sees Triloki and says he is Radhe’s brother, what shall I do.

Triloki asks men to put the sacks there. Triloki sees the rope and bottle. Prashant hides in the water drum. Triloki says someone was here. Saajan comes home. He tells Shuklain about his friend, who has become a rich man in Mumbai. He says I got his marriage invite, he has invited me and Radhe, with wife, I think Radhe and Krishna should go Mumbai. Krishna says I told you about Gajanan and Lali, Saajan is trying to send us. Radhe says wait, I m trying. Bela says its waste of money. Saajan says what are you saying, he is a rich man, he has sent flight tickets for us. Radhe signs Krishna to wait. Saajan says I couldn’t go, Radhe and Krishna should go. Triloki doesn’t check drum and scolds the man. He leaves. Prashant thinks to teach a lesson to Radhe.

Prashant sees Krishna and Radhe…. Krishna asks Radhe to hurry up. Prashant shouts to stop her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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