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ISHQBAAZ FF-Our Angel, Ishana – Chapter 14





Ishana is pacing at the living room worrying about Shivaay’s whereabouts.

Ishu: (to herself) Where this Shivaay has went?? It’s already night now but still he is missing. I hope he is fine. God, please don’t let anything happen to him.

Shravani just came from the kitchen after preparing for the dinner and arranges the food on the table. She goes and calls ArMan for dinner. ArMan came and take their seats at dining table. She started to serve them.

Arjun: Shravani, where is the devil?? She needs a special invitation or what??

Shrav: Arjun, don’t call her like that. She is here only. I’ll go and bring her.

Manish: No need, Shravani. She will eat if she feels hungry. You don’t have to call her. Already you are tired because of your work and you cook these food all alone. She never helped you too. So, why do you want to call her to have her dinner??

Arjun: Correct, papa. Shravani has pampered her too much till she becomes lazy. She doesn’t even do any work here.

Shrav: Arjun, please. Don’t say like that about her. I can’t take it. So what if she didn’t do any work here?? I’m capable of doing the works alone and I don’t need anyone’s help. And Ishu loves to have food made by me.

Manish: Shravani beta, you are pampering her a lot. She is not a kid anymore.

Shrav: But I’m seeing her as my kid only, bauji. Moreover, she is not going to be with us for long time. She will leave one day. We won’t value something when it is near us, we only know the value after it left us. That statement is not only for things but for humans too. (ArMan look at her confusingly.)

Arjun: What are you saying, Shravani??

Shrav: I mean she is going to get married one day and will leave us. That is what I’m saying. So, till then let her stay here as her wish.

Manish: Fine. We are telling like that to reduce your work. If you don’t have any problem, then it’s up to you.

Shrav: (smiles) I will go and call her.

Arjun: (pointing towards Ishana) Look at the madam. We are fighting because of her but she is lost in her own world. (Shravani glares at him.) Ok, ACP madam. Don’t stare at me. You go and invite the Queen for dinner. (Shravani leaves while ArMan continue having their dinner.) Papa, I think Shravani is disturbed with something but she is hiding it.

Manish: I too can feel that, Arjun. Maybe it’s regarding her case.

Arjun: No, papa. She won’t involve her career and personal life together. She is disturbed because of something else. Don’t know what is that.

Manish: Try to talk with her. Maybe she will tell you. (Arjun nods.)


Shravani goes towards Ishana and touches her shoulder. Ishana turns towards her.

Shravs: What happened to you?? I’m watching you for long time, you are pacing here and there since an hour. Anything disturbing you??

Ishu: (fakes her smile) Woh… Nothing, Shravs. Actually, I felt bored. That’s why I was walking here and there.

Shravs: Really?? I was fighting with both of them for you but you are saying that you are bored.

Ishu: (surprised) Fight?? You fought with whom??

Shravs: With your brother and papa.

Ishu: Why??

Shravs: Because of you. (Ishana looks at her in surprise.) They are saying that I’m pampering you very much and making you lazy. (She says while pinching Ishana’s cute nose.) Whom I’m going to pamper if not you?? I’m having all the rights to pamper my darling sister in law. (Ishana smiles.) Come, let’s have dinner. (Ishana nods and leaves to the dining following Shravani.)



ShivIka Villa


Shivaay is surprised to see the person who is chasing Annika.

Shivaay: How is this possible?? (He looks at his brothers and sister in law who are laughing looking at the scene.)

Annika: You can’t catch me, Shivaay. (Annika continue to run while Shivaay continues chasing her.)

Shivaay: I will catch you, Annika. (He managed to catch her and twists her hands. Annika tries to escape but Shivaay tightens his hold on her.)

Annika: Leave me, Shivaay.

Shivaay: No way. I’m not going to leave you.

Gauri: What happened, bade bhaiya?? Why are you doing like this to bhojai??

Shivaay: She has mixed a lot of sugar in my Americano. I can’t even take a sip of it.

Annika: Don’t lie, Shivaay. I only put 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 spoons of sugar. (All cup their mouth in shock.)

Shivaay: Why did you stop?? The balance sugar has finished??

Annika: If I put all, then you will get diabetes. (All chuckle listening to her while Shivaay looks at her in disbelief.)

Rudra: Bhabhi, he can get diabetes with 5 spoons of sugar too. (All laugh again.)

Om: Bhabhi, why did you do like that?? You know right, Shivaay doesn’t like to mix sugar in his black coffee.

Annika: I know that. But how long he will drink the bitter coffee?? (Makes a disgusting face) That’s why I thought to add some sugar in the coffee, some sweetness in his life.

Soumya: Annika di, sweetness already there in his life. What is the need to add more?? (All look at her confusingly.) I mean to say you only, Annika di. You are the sweetest sweet in his life. (Annika smiles shyly while Shivaay smirks.)

Shivaay: Soumya is right. You are the sweetest sweet. Let make it more sweet. (He lifts her in his arms and leaves from there while others smile watching at them.)


Shivaay who is watching the scene is totally confused.

Shivaay: Where I have reached?? I am watching the scene which has already happened before this. But why?? (He walks towards the calendar which is hanging on the wall.) This date is a day before my accident happened. But why I came to this day?? How I want to go back to my present?? (He walks towards outside in confused.) I need to tell Ishana about this. How I’m going to meet her?? (He hears a sound and turns searching for it.) What sound is that?? (He sees someone coming out from below a car.) Who is that?? What he was doing under my car?? This is the car that I drove that day when I met accident. That means someone has done something with the car. I need to know who is this person.


The person leaves from there while Shivaay follows from behind. The person goes and meets someone. Shivaay can’t see who is the another person as this person is blocking his view.

Person: I did as you said. I have cut the brake wire. (Shivaay is shocked.) Tomorrow, Shivaay will drive this car and he will definitely meet with accident and will die. So, your plan to destroy the Oberois will be very easy. And I will get Annika for myself. (Shivaay hears someone is laughing.)

Shivaay: Why I felt like I have heard this voice before?? How I will go and see them?? (Thinks something) I’m a soul, right?? They can’t see me. So, I can go near them and know who are them. (He walks towards them and he is surprised to see the person.) Swetlana!!!

Swet: This is what I want. Oberois destruction!!! Shivaay’s death is enough to destroy the family completely. After so many years, my dream going to become true. I have done a lot of things to break them but all went in vein. I tried to break them by becoming Tej Singh Oberoi’s mistress but failed. I tried to marry Omkara and again it failed. Again I entered their family by marrying that Abhay who wanted to avenge the Oberois but he doesn’t want to include me in his plan after learning about me. That’s why I came to you. (The person removes the robe which is covering his head. The person smiles at Swetlana while Shivaay is shocked seeing the person.)

Person: I already told you Veer Prathap Chauhan won’t fail in his work. In another few hours, you will receive the good news. Leave first before anyone see us. (Swetlana nods and leaves while he just smiles there.)

Shivaay: Veer!!!?? He is Swetlana’s man!! How much I and Annika trusted him but he betrayed us!! What you will get by doing like this?? (Shouts at Veer.)

Veer: Annika!! You will be mine soon!! (Shivaay looks at him confusingly.) I am obsessed with you since the first time Swetlana shows your picture to me. But this Shivaay has become the hurdle for me. Swetlana’s aim to destroy the Oberois but my aim to have you. For that, I need to separate Shivaay from you. I tried many ways to separate both of you but all went in vein. So, I don’t have any other option than killing him. Then, I will make you mine. (Shivaay becomes angry listening to him.)

Shivaay: How dare you!!?? How dare you to have this type of thought on my wife?? We trusted you very much but you are having cheap thought in your mind. I’m not going to spare you!! (He hits Veer but his hands penetrates his body. Veer leaves from there while Shivaay screams feeling devastated.)



Next Day




Ishana is getting ready in her room.

Ishu: God!! Where this Shivaay has went?? It’s been one day but he hasn’t come yet. Where I want to go and search for him?? I can’t go to his house. Already, Gauri’s husband scolded me for causing Gauri’s injury. What should I do now?? (Thinks for a while and sighs) It’s ok. I will go and check if he is there or not. I have to do it for Shivaay. (She rushes out from her room and collides with Shravani who is on the way to her room. Shravani holds Ishana.)

Shrav: Ishu, where are you rushing like this??

Ishu: No where. Actually, I’m feeling very hungry now. That’s why.

Shrav: Of course you will be hungry. Last night, you ate very less. Come, let’s go. (Leaves to dining room.)

Ishu: You are ready this early??

Shrav: Bauji and Arjun are having important meeting today. So, they left early to their office. And, I too have a meeting with the commissioner. I need to go to his office first before going to my office. (Serves breakfast for Ishana.)

Ishu: Regarding Shivaay’s case?? (Shravani nods.) Have you find anything??

Shrav: Still trying, Ishu. We need to know if that is really an accident or murder attempt. (Feeds Ishana.)

Ishu: Maybe it’s a murder attempt but they made it look like an accident.

Shrav: Maybe. But we need some evidence to prove it as a murder attempt. (Continues feeding Ishana till she finishes the food.) Ok, Ishu. I leave first. You take care of yourself. And don’t forget to take your medicines. (Ishana nods. Shravani kisses her forehead and leaves to office.)


Ishana remembers something and runs back to her room. She returns after a while and opens the main door to leave but shocks seeing the person at the entrance.

Ishu: You!!!



To be continued…….



Precap: Who is the person?? Will Shivaay meet Ishana??


*I hope you all are not confused with Shivaay’s scene. If you are still confused, you can ask me.


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