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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Review: A decent romcom with interesting elements

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega started on Zee TV on 3rd September 2018. The story revolves around a young girl Guddan, who always messes up everything around her. She fails to keep people’s expectations. They lose all hopes on Guddan, but her life takes an unexpected turn when she gets married to Akshat Jindal. She gets a big task of managing her three daughters-in-law, who are older to her.

There are light elements of comedy and drama. The three daughters-in-law are distinct and want their father-in-law to relive life by finding love. They want Akshat to get occupied by his life’s new beginning, so that they also get freedom to live their own lives. Guddan gets challenges by her family and overcomes everything. She gets support from Dadi.

Main Characters:


Guddan is a 20-year old girl. She is simple, sweet, bold and confident girl. She likes being cheerful and colourful. She is someone who always does mistakes. She is always being told that she never does anything right. She can barely do anything well. She is much different. She doesn’t care for other’s opinion. She is sure that she is made for some big purpose. Even though people criticize her, Guddan stays happy. Everyone believes Guddan can’t handle anything, but she becomes the country’s youngest mother-in-law. She gets three daughter-in-laws when she marries Akshat.

Akshat Jindal:

He is a smart and stylish business tycoon, owning a chain a restaurants. He is a 45-year old widower. He doesn’t look old as his age. He is a chef by profession. He believes in perfection. He is a very disciplined person. He is a strict workaholic. He loved his wife a lot. He suppresses his pain so much that he appears emotionless to the world. He just talks to his wife’s picture. He has no interest in girls. He appears inhumane to everyone. His daughter-in-laws want to get him married, so that he finds love again in his life and focusses on his own life. He has much love in his heart, but doesn’t think that he may love someone else. He has become stone-hearted with time. He lives holding his wife’s memories. He finds love again in Guddan.


Kanika Mann as Guddan
Nishant Singh Malkani as Akshat Jindal/AJ
Shweta Mahadik as Durga Kishore Jindal
Sehrish Ali as Laxmi Vardaan Jindal
Rashmi Gupta as Saraswati Jindal
Mayank Verma as Vardaan Akshat Jindal
Anuj Kohli as Kishore Akshat Jindal
Garima Dixit as Rewati
Trishna Vivek as Kaushalya – Guddan’s step-mother
Bhushan Gupta as Guddan’s father
Daljeet Soundh as Akshat’s mother
Rehaan Roy as Inspector Parv Singh

Story So Far:

Akshat’s three daughters-in-law are introduced. They are very much commanding, mature and old enough to run a home successfully. They master their work. Akshat is away from home, while his three daughters-in-law Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga look after the house decorations, deliveries, payments and other follow ups. They handle everything efficiently. They realize how strict Akshat is. They don’t want to anger Akshat. The daughters-in-law don’t spare the servants easily when any work is left undone. They threaten of cutting down the payments. They have a desire to get a mother-in-law for them. Once the party begins, the guests wait for the super cool Akshat Jindal, who is famous for his perfectionist lifestyle.

Some women try to insult Akshat by mentioning some stupid taunts. His three daughters-in-law come ahead to defend him. They also express their wish to get a Saas for themselves. Durga finally reveals this wish to Akshat, which angers him. Guddan is introduced, who is seen helping a neighbor in catching a little dog. Everyone in the locality feel that Guddan won’t be able to complete the task of catching the puppy. Guddan creates a havoc in the locality while she runs here and there to catch the puppy. She finally catches the puppy and gives to its owner. Guddan feels confident, that no one can underestimate her.

Akshat finds a way to get saved from the marriage. He keeps such heartless conditions and tells his Bahus that his prospective wife must accept all the seven conditions. He wants the girl to accept the seven vows so that he can rest assured about the girl’s suitability. Akshat wants to see who passes his seven conditions and wins his wife’s status. He misunderstands Kaushalya when she gets willing to walk on glass pieces. He insults her to be a gold digger. He feels all the women are just after his money, which isn’t something to cheer about. Guddan manages to attend the party. She gets angered seeing Akshat’s misbehavior. She slips into an argument with him. She smashes the cake on his face. She faces Akshat’s angry side. Kaushalya gets upset with Guddan and takes her home. She accuses Guddan for her mother’s death and reprimands further.

Guddan feels sorrowful by the sudden blames. Durga feels they should really get a Saas. Durga vents out her frustration over Akshat’s strict ways. Saraswati and Lakshmi agree with Durga. The bahus meet with an accident. Guddan happens to pass by the cliff, where the bahus are hanging on to a tree branch. Gudan helps them and manages to pull them up. they get grateful for Guddan’s help. Guddan meets Akshat at the temple once again and irritates him a lot. Akshat can’t stand her for a moment. After few instances, Akshat gives his nod for remarriage.

Our Take:

The show brings a realistic character in the form of Guddan. Its quite relatable. It happens many times with carefree girls that people leave hopes on them and feel that they aren’t capable of anything. Such girls take the negative criticism in their stride and show up doing some extraordinary things. Guddan’s story is also motivating, that brings a smile along. Guddan’s take on life is light. She may inspire people to deal with tough situations in the easiest way possible. The story around Guddan and Akshat’s marriage can be called interesting, but not much practical. The show tries to balance between realistic and too fictional characters like Akshat and his Bahus. Nevertheless, such fiction is needed to pull the story ahead. Akshat looks the handsome and most eligible bachelor, even though he is well-aged and a widower.

The bahus’ characterizations are tried hard to keep different and dramatic. Overall, characterizations are okay as per the romantic comedy and family drama theme. The actors are well cast. Their efforts are seen in portrayals. Kanika Maan as Guddan is fresh and vibrant, fitting into the cheerful girl’s role perfectly. Nishant as Akshat is also very apt. He plays the character well by putting right amount of arrogance and charm. The cinematography is something to mention here. Nice camera frames, lights and realistic feel in most of the scenes. Costumes are according to levels of characterizations. The unusual pairing of Guddan and Akshat draws curiosity.


The show is a fair attempt in the romcom genre from the channel. It brings clean entertainment. Good actors are a plus. Comical situations remain its USP.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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