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Friendship is also an love – Part 1

Hello guys thanks for ur lovely response so let us start

It has been 2 months since bhaya’s death

OM Mumbai


shivay- Ani ani where r u???

Anika- what happened shiv why r u shouting like this

shivay – when did rudy came yesterday from party .

Anika- that is @ 12

shivay – don’t lie I know when he came and how he came

Anika – Shivay pls dont scold him .

Shivay – don’t support him like this that’s why he is taking advantage doesn’t listen to anyone. And became alcoholic doing the same again

Om – exactly Shivay pls Bhabhi dont support him

Gauri – but Om y don’t u guys understand losing ur loved ones is unbearable for a person who has a true love 4 them. He has lost his love & he is in the trauma

anika – I agree with Chutki

Om – But bhabhi why u guys don’t understand we just try to get out from this trauma by being little rude to him.

anika – but Om this is not right way

shivay – Om is right ani I don’t wanna talk about this anymore. Come Om.

om and Shivay leave from there .

Anika – I don’t no Chutki when the rudy will get normal . please God help us.

Gauri – don’t worry di God will make fine and he will send some Angel in to our life’s

they have a faint smile.

Electronic city , Banglore

Radio station

a girl coming running to the recording theatre

to be continued…





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