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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Review: A sweet tale depicting 1990’s era

Sony’s new show Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai has replaced Pehredaar Piya Ki at the 10.30 pm slot. Fresh faces will be seen in the show. The love story is unique, as its dedicated to the era of 1990s. The story of Naina and Sameer’s love starts in their school. They become class mates and then good friends, finally turning to lovers. Ashi Singh and Randeep Rai play the leads, and are given the ’90s looks.

Main Characters:

Sameer is good looking, decent and good hearted guy. He is very stylish. Everyone finds him super cool. He stands out from the crowd. Many girls have crush on him. Sameer is a famous name in school. He maintains a heroic look. He has many friends. He likes spending time with friends. He happens to meet Naina. Naina becomes Sameer’s friend. Sameer soon falls in love with Naina.
Sameer is shattered by his mum’s second marriage. He doesn’t like getting alone and cornered. He stays sorrowful at home.

Naina is a sweet, innocent and simple girl. She is much loved by her family. She lives in a joint family. She is good in studies. She likes Sameer. Naina loses concentration in studies, after falling in love with Sameer. Naina is not so bold. She is much shy. She stays silent between elders. She respects everyone. Naina is not allowed to live with full liberty. She learns the household work in free time. Naina loves getting scolded and beaten up by elders at home, as she finds their affection and care in their anger.


Ashi Singh as Naina
Randeep Rai as Sameer
Kiran Kumar as Sameer’s Nanu
Vaishnavi Macdonald as Sameer’s mum
Abha Parmar
Sanjay Batra
Sachin Khurana
Chandresh Singh

Story So Far:

Naina meets her friends in school. She is scared of her family and refuses to have a new haircut. Naina and the entire class study Maths by a beautiful teacher Shanti. All the boys like the teacher and have interest in Maths subject. Naina sees elders and chants bhajan. Aunt wants to visit the neighbors to see what dowry they are giving to the groom’s family. Naina asks aunt not to worry for dowry, which is a bad custom. She asks her to better see their marks in studies. Naina tells that she has passed with full marks, while her sister Preeti scores low.

Sameer saves his friends from principal’s anger. He doesn’t tell the name of his friends and tops in friendship’s test. Principal complains about Sameer to his step-dad. Sameer’s mum gets angry on him when Sameer got his dad insulted by his behavior. She asks him not to misbehave and think once for his dad’s respect. She tells about the principal’s complaint. She gives him a lecture on keeping his dad’s name good. Sameer tells her that he doesn’t care of his dad, as his surname is different.

Naina and Preeti argue and get saved from beating by blaming each other. Aunt gets angry on Preeti for having a haircut. She gets caught. Naina saves Preeti. The elders get angry on them. Aunt beats them. Naina feels getting beating is their birth right. Aunt asks them to do household work. Sameer packs his bag. His mum cares for his future. Sameer likes his Nanu’s company more. Sameer’s mum asks Nanu to talk to Sameer once and explain him to accept his dad. Nanu asks her to talk to Sameer with love. Sameer becomes famous in school by his looks and English talking skills. He catches everyone’s attention. Nanu doesn’t let Sameer miss his mum and dad. Nanu loves Sameer a lot. Sameer stays with his Nanu. Naina doesn’t show interest in Sameer, who joins the school.

Our Take:

The show brings a relatable and interesting story. The promising show holds simplicity and realistic approach. The viewers will get back to the old era after watching this show. The romance, love and style of ’90s were much different. The show gets enjoyable authentic nuances, real journeys, sincere love and dreamy world of that era. Actual youth and their passion will be seen. The best things with romance, action and family drama are packed in this show.

Actors Randeep Rai and Ashi Singh are natural in their portrayals. Supporting cast is perfect for their roles. Kiran Kumar makes a good comeback as Sameer’s Nanu. The bonding between children and grandparent is shown nicely. The essence of joint family, petty kitchen fights, children’s comparison and limitation duties are seen. Naina’s family is joint, while Sameer’s family is nuclear. Both the families are sketched keeping the ’90s era in mind. Script goes ahead on a slow pace. Narrations in every episode wasn’t needed much.


A simple and clean family entertainer show. Can be given a try and enjoyed in leisure. It surely reminds the 1990’s times. Viewers will easily relate with the leads and other characters. A good and different attempt by Sony.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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