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Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Soorapadman’s son agnimukham arrives to fight against kartik in battlefield.

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The episode starts with kartik is using his powers again to change his form in different way which is blessed by all gods & goddesses & ganesh feels there might be some reason behind this of kartik taking such a form. Mahadev is also appreciating kartik’s form taken by him.
The unknown woman is searching some medicinal petal to treat devsena & she finds & makes powder of it & applies on devsena’s forehead to make her conscious. Ganesh is appreciating form of kartik.
Soorasahi is cursing her daughter in laws & punishing her while soorapadman arrives with his brother & bhanugopan so she changes her attitude towards her daughter in laws explaining them depressingly & also blaming them for they cursing her for deliberately sending their sons to battlefield to get killed & bhanugopan says I have won this war & have come so soorasahi gets happy while his mother gets delighted so both the daughter in laws are pleading soorasahi. They are planning with soorasahi how to tackle tomorrows battle as one more son, agnimukham of soorapadman arrives telling them I have the blessings of mahakali so I’ll go & fight with them tomorrow.
Kartik & ganesh are discussing about who will come to fight now as ganesh watches bhanugopan in mahendrapuri & also feels some big power is going to arrive I feel & agnimukham arrives as kartik understands & ganesh also says he has the blessings of mahakali.
Agnimukham comes & introduces himself saying now I’ll show you my ultimate powers to fight with you challenging kartik in battlefield.
All gods army are moving ahead with veerbhau & brothers too & bhanugopan is shocked how they are being saved again when I had sent them deep into sea to die as soorasahi is also shocked saying what kind of powers he has.
Kartik had taken help of mata paravati with his powerful weapon of mayastra to bring back veerbhau & all his brothers from the sea again on land as ganesh explains them how they are saved & they all are praising kartik for saving them while soorasahi gets wild shouting all must praise us & not him.
Soorasahi’s daughter in law are tortured again on top of bhawan to do the work while vishwarkarma & gajamukhi come to help them but they do not believe them saying you are not you look & pleading soorasahi but gajamukhi is trying to explain them but in vain & gajamukhi is telling them to atleast recognize your father as soorasahi is there watching war & they are watching soorasahi on other side & their father on their side emotionally & try to hug him but stop again saying no as this is trick & gajamukhi & vishwakarma become helpless.
Veerbahau & army are moving ahead to fight with agnimukham but he throws his powers of agni towards them harming them but kartik uses his power of weapon given to him by mahadev to stop his agni & agnimukham shouts saying nobody can stop my agni but it gets stopped by kartik’s powers.
Agnimukham challenges kartik & prays for mata mahaklai to come for helping in war & she arrives with her powers using to kill all the army whether it’s gods or asoors & mahakali is killing all of them & gulping them keeping on doing it while ganesh is shocked saying mahakali’s power is difficult to control & kartik too is saying I am feeling helpless my army is getting killed while bhanugopan is in confusion mata is killing all the people coming in her way so he tries to move back but soorasahi tells him to not to move back & face her as I am not concerned if at all you too are sacrificed but gods must lose.
The woman is searching more such flowers to treat devsena.
Kartik is shouting ganesh for help watching all getting killed by mata’s powers & ganesh is trying to calm her praying but she does not & as she comes near veerbhau & brothers to kill them but they shout & mata stops & suddenly how she stopped wonders veerbhau & mata is looking behind who is crying as ganesh itself starts crying & mata thinks saying did I do anything wrong against ganesh?

Precap : Mata mahakali tells kartik that I have promised agnimukham that I’ll come to help him for killing his enemies & tells kartik to fight against me but kartik bends down keeping his weapon down on her feet saying I can’t do this crime fighting against you & soorapadman is happy watching this & says gods have surrendered now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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