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Pavitra Bhagya 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Jugnu dances with Pranati

Pavitra Bhagya 12th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Dadi asks Reyansh and Pranati to start the ritual. Pranati suggests Anisha and Vardhan’s name. Anisha says Vardhan is not well so he has gone to clinic. You guys can do it. Bishambhar seconds them. Dadi tells them to start the ritual. May no one cast an evil eye on them. Mallika’s fiancé jokes that Riya is the first bride who is eager to leave her home. Dadi says we want the same thing. Riya tells Reyansh and Pranati that she wanted them to apply haldi on her first. I wish our love will be just like yours. Reyansh agrees. We have promised to be with each other for the next 7 births so we must do this ritual together. Their hands touch as they dip their hands in the haldi bowl. They share an eye lock. Ishq hai plays. Their hands touch again as they try to apply haldi to Riya at the same time. Pranati lets Reyansh do it first. Reyansh watches Pranati ask she applies haldi to Riya. Reyansh applies haldi to his brother next. Riya wipes his nose clean for him. Armaan notices Pranati staring at him. Please apply haldi to me Prabhi. You were the happiest! Pranati applies haldi to him without a word. Riya says we will apply haldi to you guys very soon. She tells Dadi to make preps for Reyansh Bhai and Pranati Bhabhi now. Reyansh nods. I cannot stay away from her even after being so near her. Right, sweetheart? Pranati walks away. Reyansh calls her shy. Pranati notices Dadi looking at her as she tries to react. I cannot bear this anymore. I must tell the truth to everyone.

Jugnu walks up to Dadi just then. Dadi shows fake love to her. She sends Jugnu to have chutney with samosa. Jugnu leaves. Pranati’s eyes well up. Dadi warns her to think well before doing anything. Jugnu’s recording is with the lawyer. It is better that you remain quiet on this matter! Jugnu compliments the chutney. Dadi tells her to ask her anything. I will give you everything.

Bishambhar asks for the chunri which is to be used for next ritual. Where is it? Jugnu throws the red chunri high in the air which lands directly on Pranati and Reyansh. They share a long eye lock. Everyone else looks on. Mallika looks upset but the removes the chunri. Sorry but this chunri is for Armaan and Riya. Riya tells Mallika to give the chunri to Pranati only. They will do this ritual together. Dadi seconds her. Reyansh and Pranati hold the chunri from both ends and drape it over the Riya together. Pranati smiles for Riya’s sake. Reyansh walks away upset. Pranati goes to a corner and cries her heart out.

Pranati notices Dadi spoiling Jugnu with chocolate and cries harder. She is reminded of Navya as she looks at Armaan. I must tell Riya everything before the pheras or two lives will be ruined.

Reyansh is drinking. He is still haunted by Pranati’s words about his mother. Archit comes there just then in his car. Reyansh is irked because of the headlight. Archit steps out of the car holding a hockey stick in his hand. It is good that I found you here only! Reyansh warns him to leave if he wants to be alive. Archit retorts at him. He inches closer when Reyansh asks him if he has lost his mind after losing in love. Play this hockey league somewhere else. Archit says I am at the right place. Do you think the world runs because of rich, spoilt people like you? Reyansh takes pride in it. Archit says you snatched my life from me. You snatched my love from me but I wont forgive you guys for what you all have done to Navya. It wasn’t the right thing to do! He walks inside. This time Reyansh does not stop him.

Jugnu is dancing with Dadi. Pranati looks at her daughter sweetly. Riya asks Pranati to dance on her sangeet. Pranati agrees to join her asap.

Maan blocks Archit’s way but Archit hits him. Reyansh pushes him angrily. How dare you hit my brother? Maan is about to retort but Reyansh gestures him to stop.

Pranati holds Jugnu’s hands. Jugnu tells her to let her enjoy today atleast. Pranati says I am not stopping you. Nothing is more important to me than your happiness. You can dance anywhere you want. Jugnu says I will dance on your head. Pranati agrees. Jugnu repeats her words. Are you well? Pranati nods. Jugnu holds her hand. Dance with me then. Pranati gets emotional.

Reyansh tells Maan not to come between them. Archit asks him since when he became so daring. Wont you hide behind your Dadi now? Reyansh tells him not to speak about daring. Both Navya and Armaan were equally involved in whatever happened between them. Face the truth. Archit asks him not to lecture him on honesty. You are criminals who can threaten people because of your power and money. Reyansh agrees and challenges him. They deserved what we have done to them! Archit asks him if he is proud of his crimes. Reyansh nods. We are proud as we sin and do good deeds together as a family. We aren’t like you whom people leave! Maan is sure this matter is going to worsen. No one inside should know what’s happening here.

Pranati happily dances with her daughter. Dadi looks at them pointedly. Pranati hugs Jugnu.

Precap: Reyansh hits Archit who hits him back. Pranati comes outside and tells them to stop. Reyansh asks Archit to leave. He insists upon meeting Armaan. They continue their scuffle. Archit picks up a pot while Reyansh picks up the hockey stick. They are about to hit each other angrily when Pranati shouts at them. Stop right now if you have ever loved me honestly! Both of them stop in their tracks and look at Pranati.

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