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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma shares with Beni that she is going to die

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Happu and Beni drinking. Beni says if you drink then will enjoy. Happu tells that he is worried. Beni says it is visible. Happu says there is a cold war between Rajjo and Amma. He tells that Amma is not doing anything intentionally and Rajjo is getting upset. The latter is asking me to give time to her, but the same time Amma makes me busy. He says I couldn’t give time to Rajjo. Beni says you are like monkey types and says you will not tell anything to chachi. Happu says Amma is emotional, I am her only son. He says Rajjo is not understanding Amma. Beni asks Happu to take the wine and enjoy with Rajesh and leave me. Happu asks did I force you to drink wine with me. Beni asks him to go and enjoy with her, make her drink some wine for the romantic mood. Happu asks him to make Amma understand to give some space to us. He asks him to make Amma understand in such a way that she doesn’t feel bad. Beni says I will go tomorrow morning and will talk to her. Happu says ok and comes to room. He tries to talk to Rajjo. Rajjo tells that she is upset with him. Happu says I will set you. Rajjo asks him not to change and tells that his Amma sprinkled salt on her wounds, and tells that she has distributed jewellery to everyone. Happu says they are your children. He shows the whisky and tells that he wants to drink it with her. Rajjo gets upset. Happu cheers her. Rajjo laughs and says I will drink today. Happu gets happy. He gets a call.

Kamlesh tells Malaika that he doesn’t know what is he studying. He says MBBS is better than Engineer, but his body is not ready. Kat says how you will study if your father doesn’t pay your fees. Malaika asks what you are saying? Kamlesh says his father wants him to be a doctor, but he wants to be an engineer. Malaika says one shall have intelligent to become a doctor. Kat tells that when someone gets unwell, doctor only treats patients and make them fine. Kamlesh says if a patient goes to hospital then they go using flyover, it is made by an engineer. Kat says who does delivery? Kamlesh says doctor. Kat says doctor’s job is the best job. Kamlesh gets confused. Kat shows bangles to Kamlesh. Kamlesh says it is beautiful. He asks who made these bangles? Kamlesh says engineer. Kat says then engineer’s job is the best. Malaika tells that doctor is needed to treat the tired and unwell person. Kamlesh hits his head and gets confused.

Amma hears the sad song…zindagi maut na banjaye….Happu comes there and asks what happened? Amma says today son and mother will drink together. Happu says you called me for this. He tells that he has taken policy for kids. Amma says today my son will drink with me. Amma shows whisky and thinks may be this drink is my last drink with my son. She says I will make large drink for you. Happu says you shall not drink large drink and says you might collapsed. Amma slaps him and cries. Happu asks her to drink. Amma says cheers. Happu asks if Pita ji is near? Amma says don’t know. Happu says he doesn’t drink infront of him. Amma tells that he knows that you drink and says he is a soul. Happu doesn’t want to drink, but Amma asks him to drink. They drink.

Rajjo thinks once this bottle finishes, she will plant money plant in it. Her friend Bindu calls her and tells that her husband brought costly scotch for her. Rajjo pretends not to hear and ends the call. Happu comes there. Rajjo says I was waiting for you. Happu lies down on the bed. Rajjo asks her to make drink. Happu asks her to sleep. Rajjo gets angry at him and asks if he is shameless to keep her waiting. Happu says I will drink with you tomorrow and sleeps. Rajjo wakes him up and asks him to go out, sleep in Amma’s lap. She throws him out and locks the door. Happu looks at her through the window and says she is like Avdesh.

Next day, Beni comes to Amma. Amma asks if he came to buy vegetable. Beni says he wants just chilli and tells that Happu’s condition is like a lamb, getting sandwiched between the two women. Amma asks what do you mean? Beni asks her to give some time to Happu so that he can spend with his wife. Amma says I don’t have time and takes him to side, tells that she is spending her last days of her life.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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