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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima gives a new outlook to his fellow villagers

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhimbai has brought a few people of her community. A constable catches up with her. She assures him she wasn’t running away. I was getting witnesses to prove that Bhima’s Baba isn’t wrong. Bhima tells Army personal to let go of his family members. I will come with you. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh tell Army personal not to fall in his trap. Bhima tells him to understand but Army personal refuses. Bhimbai says you must understand the truth. I dint run away. I cannot leave my kids and family alone! I went to call these guys. Other villagers vouch for Ram ji’s innocence. They narrate different instances hinting at the fact that Ram ji has gone to another town to earn more money. He always encourages us to work for your army. We have always fought for you. Dhansukhlal tells him to be quiet. They are in this together. Don’t trust them. Dhruv says I am not from their community. I am Dhansukhlal’s son. I asked Ram ji once if revolutionaries are right. He denied saying that people who rebel cannot be right. How can he do something wrong then? Dhansukhlal says he is my son but Bhima has brainwashed him. Dhruv counters him. Bhima says I was telling you that my Aayi never lies. These people are the proof of my Baba’s innocence. Army personal points at the letter in Bhima’s hand. Bhima asks him if he writes a letter mentioning Dhansukhlal and Mangesh as revolutionaries then will you believe him. Dhansukhlal fumbles. Bhima says we are well educated. Aayi would have asked any one of us to write it instead. Jija ji had a problem with us so he can write anything. You can cross-check this info from anyone here. These villagers will say the same thing in the court so Aayi brought them here directly. You can decide now. Army personal says I don’t have a valid reason to arrest you right now but you will have to pay a hefty price in case I find out that you guys are hiding something. Everyone leaves.

Bhimbai sits on the cot and starts crying. Bhima asks her why she is crying. Police captain has believed us. Tell me why you are crying? Bhimbai replies that she was lying. She admits the truth in front of her kids. Bhima asks Meera if Aayi is telling the truth. Meera closes her eyes sadly. Bhima questions Ganga as well and she remains silent too. He asks the villagers next. Did you lie to the Army personal too? They stand there quietly with their heads bowed down.

Dhruv is playing instrument with the music group. A few villagers see him there and fume. Seth ji must come to decision or this will give a bad message to our society! One day, even our kids will try to follow him. They decide to abduct Dhruv. The group tries to protest but the villagers threaten them. They take Dhruv with them.

Bhima turns to his Aayi. You lied to us and even created false witnesses to support you in your lies. She agrees that she hid the truth from them. I thought you will worry for him. Bhima denies. I would have been proud of Baba if I had known the truth. Lying is a sin. Ganga blames her husband for it. This wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t given that letter to the Army personal. Please forgive me for what he did. Bhima tells her not to apologize. Jija ji did it willingly. Don’t apologize from his side but I am hurt because of what Aayi has done. Bhimbai tells him to understand but he says I can only understand one thing after hearing you. We should be locked in jail right now! Villagers reason that it will put Ram ji’s life in risk. He will be eventually punished for no reason. He can willingly die for your sake. Do you want that for him? The kids are stunned. Bhimbai says we are lying for a reason – your Baba’s safety. Your Baba is helping revolutionaries which in turn is deemed as rebellion! Revolution is done against the governing body. English Army isn’t just to everyone. So many people have lost their lives because of it. Such revolutions will continue till the time we get justice. Someone or the other must keep disappearing on and off till then and we must lie to protect them. It is very important for these men to live. Remember that this lie isn’t to hurt someone but to protect someone. Lies become more precious than truth in such circumstances. Meera adds that the truth which is said to hurt someone has worst consequences than lies.

Bhima wonders why Baba went to fight for the Englishmen. They are the ones who have set the rules for our community differently than the rest. Baba should first fight these people from higher communities. They have snatched all our rights from us! Villagers second him. All these people have abused us. People from higher communities are worse than Englishmen. They consider us animals. We must kill them. Bhima denies. We should oppose the thoughts, abuses and not a person! Everyone’s life is precious. They hate us but we must vow to love people from all communities. We have seen enough hatred. We only want love now. Our fight against them and love towards them should go hand in hand. History shouldn’t show us in a bad light and we should get love in return. Villagers are confused. Isn’t it difficult to feel both the emotions at once? Bhima says it is difficult but not impossible. I left the house when Manjula Didi’s marriage was fixed. Aayi opposed me yet asked for me every single day. This is love only. Bala says we were thrown out of the class once. We were angry. Baba told us to keep our anger to ourselves and not let it harm us. It is a negative element but we must turn it positively within us to fight bravely. Anand adds that Bhima lied down at the door of the classroom next day. We were allowed into the class afterwards. Villagers tell Bhima they will come to meet him every day to learn good things from him. Bhima says you are elder than me. Your support will prepare me for tomorrow!

A guy asks Bhima to come asap. There is a problem.

Precap: Dhansukhlal breaks his ties with Dhruv in front of the village. Bhima tells him against it. Dhruv wont change this way. Mangesh says he is the main culprit. We should kill him to finish this matter once and for all! Villagers pick up stick to hit him but Ram ji steps in between.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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