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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Daddu Insults Devraj

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Suman and Shravan promise to be best friends forever like their fathers. Daddu shouts at Devraj to stop his drama, how dare he is to call his son Vijay home and get him insulted by Rajender. Devraj says he is sorry for that and apologized even Vijay personally. Daddu yells that he knows his selfish intention for befriending Vijay as he still has connection in army. Devraj says he is thinking wrong. Daddu continues yelling at Devraj and says he is unfit to be Vijay’s friend and warns him to stay away from Vijay. Devraj walks away sadly. Beena hears their conversation via window. Vijay asks Damroo to go and call Devraj. Damroo walks to Daddu and asks where is Devraj, says everyone are waiting for them for lunch. Daddu says he is speaking to his son. Damroo leaves. Daddu looking at his dead son Major Vinod’s photo and asks if he thinks he does wrong by hating civilians and remembers his wife fighting with him for agreeing to send Vinod to army, he with teary eyes pours out his heart revealing how his wife was selfish and used to think only about herself and left him alone when Vinod sacrificed his life for the country. He continues that he knows that Devraj’s family is also selfish and thinks of only themselves and Devraj’s selfish motto of befriending Vijay, etc.

Daddu then walks down and asks everyone to start luch. He sees cake piece missing and angrily asks who did it. Suman says she was feeling tempted, so she ate a piece. Daddu says its okay. Damroo says Devraj is nowhere. Shravan calls Devraj who gulping alcohol says he got some important work, so he came home, they can finish lunch. Daddu says they cannot stop celebration for Devraj and asks Beena to pack food for Devraj and and send it. Beena nods yes and thinks even after getting so much angry on Devraj, how can Daddu act so calm. Vijay thinks Daddu is holding his emotions for family. Daddu smiriks. Shravan smiles looking at Suman laughing. Sachiyan mohabbatan.. song plays in the background. Vijay thinks Devraj should have respected Daddu’s feelings. After lunch, Vijay’s family waves bye to Shravan’s family. Shravan images Suman smiling at him and waving bye. He turns and falls on Suman. Suman says no. He walks towards her. Song continues playing in the background. Suman walks till gate. Shravan continues walking towards her and tries to kiss, hits gate and realizes he was imagining.

Precap: Suman tells Kanchan that she and Shravan promised to be best friends like their fathers. Shravan informs same to Bunty. Beena informs Anjali about Daddu’s insulting Devraj. Anjali says she has to keep quiet for the family’s unity. Shravan falls in dirt. Suman wahes him with water. Devraj and Vijay notice that. Kanchan thinks Shravan likes Suman more than a friend.

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