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Choti Sardarni 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kulwant attacks Vikram

Choti Sardarni 12th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kulwant walks after Vikram with a knife. The manager calls on Sarab’s number. Meher picks. The manager says sir, please cancel the press conference. You won’t be able to edit so many documents in this time.

Vikram comes to his house. Kulwant hides behind his curtain. Ginni says I don’t wanna eat this daal. Is this a hospital? Jeeto says eat or stay hungry. Ginni says I will order. Jeeto says mummy ji doesn’t like this. Rana says she can eat what she likes. Bitu says Ginni can’t misbehave with Jeeto. Rana says then she shouldn’t misbehave with Ginni either.

Kulwant sees Vikram’s photos. He is exercising. Kulwant stabs him in the chest.

Scene 2
Meher plays with Karan. Sarab and Param are asleep.
Karan takes the knife from Kulwant’s hand.
Jeeto and Rana dance and eat the pizza to tease Bitu and Jeeto.
Kulwant says I will kill you. Vikram grabs her and twists her wrist.

Ginni and Rana say eat the pizza to Jeeto. They all eat together.

Vikram says I am sure you never stabbed someone before. You don’t know how it’s done. You come silently.
Amrita looks for Kulwant in the hospital everywhere. She asks the nurse how can you be so careless. She calls home. Rana and Bitu are drunk and asleep. They don’t pick. Jeeto picks the phone. She says why is no one picking. Did mummy ji come home? Jeeto says no. What happened? She was at the hospital.

Scene 3
Sarab’s phone rings. Meher picks the phone. Amrita says mummy ji is missing. Please come to the hospital. Meher says where could she go?
Vikram says who are you and why did you attack me? This is a CBI officer’s house. Kulwant says he’s acting like he doesn’t know me. Kulwant says you forgot? It was raining the same way that day as well. Vikram says I remember everything. That rainy, stormy night. I remember everything. Every detail and then.. meow. Kulwant steps back. He says the cat and ramu kaka saying jagtay raho (stay up). He says I watch horror films as well. He laughs. Vikram says who are you and why did you attack me? Kulwant says in the heart either he’s not Manav or he’s doing a drama. But no one can do a better drama than me. She laughs and acts like she’s crazy. Kulwant says my dad riding the horse in rain. She says give me my horse and sword.

Meher says I think we should inform the police. Kulwant says I am dropati. I am Rani. Inspector comes to Vikram’s house. Vikram says to investigate if she’s crazy or acting like it.

Amrita cries and says I shouldn’t have slept. They file a report with the police. Inspector brings Kulwant inside. Kulwant says I didn’t do anything. Inspector says she attacked CBI officer Vikram Deewan. She tried killing him. Vikram calls the inspector and says I am coming there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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