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You are my love (Riansh) part 58 by [email protected]

Happy birthday gauri di . May you get health , wealth and lots of happiness . I must say you have a great fortune as you are born in 12th July and this year in 12ty July we are having the greatest yatra among all . The “RATH YATRA” .

I am so so so happy , I can’t even tell . I am watching the live telecast in TV . It’s a great day . May God jagannath fulfill all your wishes all your wishes .

Today’s episode starts…

The next day
VR mansion
Siya was coming from stairs . Then suddenly , she screamed .
Siya – ahhhhhhh….ahhhhhhh

Everyone looked at her .
Vansh – siya..aa

She fell from stairs .
Everyone went to her .
Vansh – siya
Siya – ahh…Bhai..ahh…my leg
Ishani – Bhai I think we should take her to hospital .
Dadi – haan..

They take her to hospital .

At hospital
Everyone was waiting outside the room .
Then doctor came .
Vansh – doctor how is she ?
Doctor – relax Mr Rai singhania , she is fine . Now you can meet her but I want to tell something .
Vansh – yes
Doctor – Mr.Rai singhania . Actually Ms.siya needs a physiotherapy . I mean for her well being . I think she was in coma for many years ?
Vansh – yes doctor , she was in coma
Doctor – yes , so she needs physiotherapy . So I would prefer you to consult the famous physiotherapist . Let me take you to her .
Vansh – yes doctor

The doctor takes vansh to a physiotherapist’s cabin and she is none other than ridhima . They enter her cabin
Ridhima was checking some files .

Doctor – Ms ridhima
Ridhima looked at her . Then vansh saw her and was shocked to see her .
Ridhima was much shocked to see him .

Ridhima – tu…tum
Doctor – Ms. Ridhima
Ridhima – ye… yes doctor

Doctor – he is Mr. Vansh Rai singhania . Actually his sister Ms.siya fell from stairs . Now she is fine but I prefer that she should get proper physiotherapy .
Actually , she was in coma for few years too . So I preferred you as a best physiotherapist to Mr. Rai singhania .

Ridhima was shocked hearing about siya’s state . Then she looked vansh .

Doctor – Ms . Ridhima are you ready to give her physiotherapy ?
No response

Doctor – Ms . Ridhima are you ready ?
Ridhima – haan..ye..yes mam

Doctor – so you discuss the other things with Mr. Rai singhania . I am going

Doctor goes . Vansh and Ridhima were lost in each other . Then a tear slipped away from both’s eyes . They could notice it . Then ridhima turned to other side .

Ridhima – toh..vans..I mean Mr . Rai singhania . When I have to join ?
Vansh – ah…ah… tomorrow and pls call me vansh .
Ridhima – ahh..ohk..vansh
Vansh – Ridhima can you do her physiotherapy in VR mansion ? Pls
It would be comfortable for you and us.
Ridhima – ohkk..

Ridhima goes from there running .
Vansh stays there and then his gaze fall on the photo frame kept on her table .
He went near the frame . He was shocked but happy too to see his photo .

Vansh (in mind) – she still loves me . She kept my photo in cabin . I am very sorry ridhima . I hurted you but I have to . I am sorry .

He goes from there .

On the other hand

Ridhima in washroom was crying like hell. She blocked her mouth . She was crying and by mistakenly she slitted her hand . A cut was on her hand .

Ridhima – ahhh…ahh..

She cried and after free mins went from there.

To be continued…

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