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Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 7

Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 7

So I am here with the seventh chapter of the Intertwined love, I really hope you like this chapter and let me know about your views in the comments section. Thanks for the immense support you all have shown. I hope you all remember this story, it took me a while to write this but i’m here. 

Today is our Gauri’s birthday so dear Gauri a. k. a Gayatri😜 Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! Hoping that you get all that you’ve asked for and may God bless you with all the happiness and love. I’m really glad I came here where I met you and the rest and you became a very good friend of mine. This friendship will always remain special…after all we all are online friends!🥰🤗 Wishing for our bond to grow stronger, lot of love!

Chapter 7

Vansh: I’m sorry Riddhima! He had died as soon as I came here! (comforting her) (thinking) I’m sorry Riddhima, I can’t see you hurt and dejected however your father deserved this!

Riddhima: Dad!! (crying, shaking him) Why??!!!

Riddhima cried heavily which broke Vansh’s heart. He quickly wrapped his hands around her and pulled her into a hug. In no time his chest became wet because of her tears. Angre, Siya and Geeta fearing something wrong came back upstairs and found Riddhima in Vansh’s arms while Daksh on the floor lying dead.

They rushed and checked Daksh. They all cried for him but Vansh there was smirking in victory. He had no guilt after all he did it for his country. His country was in danger because of Daksh. They soon left the room, while Siya handled Riddhima and Angre handled Geeta. They decided to cremate him soon so they were doing all the preparations. Riddhima went to Vansh

Riddhima: Vansh did dad tell you anything?

Vansh: tell me what?

Riddhima: anything before he died.

Vansh: Not really. He just said to take care of you all.

Riddhima: Okay

Riddhima had informed Mahira about Daksh’s death and she flew over to Delhi in a few days time. They held his prayers after she arrived to Delhi, as they strongly felt that she had the right to at least attend it no matter if they had a divorce and they separated. Many high influential and high post people arrived in his prayers to give their condolences.

Later in the day Vansh was standing in the balcony of his room. He looked straight in the meadows, gaining peace that the nature offered. He felt movement within his room but he stood there intact. Soon the person came and stood beside him and he craned his neck to find Mahira. They both smirked at each other.

Mahira: Mission successful!

(so Mahira was the second agent)

Vansh: Half successful, we still haven’t gotten the codes. The codes are the most important for now. If we destroy them then there’s no chance for the group to attack India.

Mahira: Did you get any information from him?

Vansh: All he said “It’s inside something really close to me….you can’t even imagine!”

Mahira: Inside something that’s close to him! What was he talking about?

Vansh: We need to find it.

He looked once again in front, with a question lingering in his mind. He wanted to ask her but he didn’t want to hurt Mahira. He fiddled with his finger which was noticed by Mahira. She sensed he had something that he wanted to share so she tugged him a bit.

Mahira: What do you want to say?

Vansh: Ummm…nothing! (hesitant)

Mahira: Vansh, I know you since a year, since all this planning was done. I’ve been like a mother to you…haven’t i? (he nodded) then? Share it

Vansh: Don’t you feel hurt to see your husband dead? I mean you’re talking to the person who murdered your husband! (sad)

Mahira: (chuckled) I think it’s not as painful as it would have been if he wasn’t a betrayer. You know when I first got to know about his doings, I was shattered. How can someone betray his own country by giving the border codes for the satellites to the terrorists? And how could I stay with a person who had no bit of patriotism left in him (tears) My love for him came to an end the minute he agreed for the plan just for money! All I could see in front of me was a person who about to murder millions of people of our country and how can I let that man free!

Vansh: (comforting her) It takes a lot of courage for someone to do that especially if it’s your loved one. You bravely went and gave his name as one of the suspects.

Mahira: When Vishaka approached me, I was ready to fight against him for the country. I became one of the agent. Anyway Vansh now quickly find the codes…..they are really important.

Vansh: I will but I need to crack the code. Once I do it we will accomplish the mission.

Mahira: Hmmm

They stood there for a while, letting the warm breeze brush off their faces. The serenity around them brought a smile on their faces as they continued gazing into the horizon. Mahira had a thought in her mind; she had seen how Riddhima and Vansh were comfortable with each other. She was experienced seeing such comfort and friendship and knew deep inside her that this relationship definitely had a name; love.

Mahira: Vansh I’ll be straightforward. Do you feel for Riddhima?

Vansh: Feel for Riddhima! No I (confused) I don’t know.

Mahira: Share it with me (smiling)

Vansh: (looked at her) I don’t know, whenever she comes close to me my heart beats faster. I get lost in her completely. Her presence pleases me and calms me down. Her words and gestures are a medicine to my wounds. I like it when she talks to me and I hate it when she sheds tears, as if someone’s piercing and breaking my heart into millions of pieces. It feels as if I just want to keep her close to me and my heart forever and never let her go. Whenever I hear her name, I get a beautiful picture of hers in my mind. It feels as if I just want to hold her with me, just as close to me as like my rifles.

Mahira: (smiling) Vansh are you still sure you don’t feel for her even after saying all that?

Vansh: (looked at her) I just went with the flow

Mahira: Your feelings flowed out. You love her

Vansh: What! No it’s not love (denying)

Mahira: Are you sure it’s not! If you want to keep her close to yourself, you like everything about her, you feel calm when she’s near you…..isn’t that love?

Mahira left from there placing Vansh in confusion. He kept thinking about it and he went and sat over his bed. He lied down and shut his eyes, blocking all the light, wandering in his dark world where he could see only one image; Riddhima’s. It brought a smile on to his face and he jerked opening his eyes. He quickly moved to sit upright and engulfed his hands in his hair.

Vansh: Am I in love? I’m really in love with Riddhima?

Angre: (entering the room, listened) You’re in love with Riddhu? (shock)

Vansh: (jerking) What!

Angre: Are you in love with Riddhu?

Vansh: Yes (subconsciously)

Angre: Really!! (happy) I’m so happy!!

Vansh: For what?

Angre: (face palming) I had heard that love make someone go crazy but I hadn’t heard of that someone goes blind and deaf in love!

Vansh: Angre!

Angre: (sitting on the bed) Have you thought on how you’ll propose to her?

Vansh: No not yet!

Angre: Then what are you waiting for….Christmas?

Vansh: No!

Angre: Then plan, I’ll help you too! In fact everyone will!

Vansh: Fine! (excited)

On the other hand Riddhima was on her bed, lying on her stomach and gazing at the floor. Daksh’s demise had really affected her. She had felt that sudden pang of pain in her heart once again after her brother’s death. She had been really close to her brother; Aryaman who was martyred while protecting the border. As she rubbed off the lone tear that made way to her cheeks she heard a voice from behind her. She recognized it to be her mother’s. She shifted her gaze towards the mirror where she could see her reflection.

Mahira: Riddhima I know you’re not feeling fine especially after Daksh’s demise but

Riddhima: (cutting her) I’m fine ma.

Mahira: (nodding) I want to talk about Vansh

Riddhima listening his name got up in a sudden move. She sat on the bed facing her mom. She was curious to know what her mother wanted to talk about him, she had butterflies in her stomach at the mention of his name. Mahira smiled at her act and took a deep breathe realizing that she did have something towards Vansh, just that it needed to be brought in her awareness.

Mahira: Do you like Vansh?

Riddhima: (shocked) Do I what ma?

Mahira: like him?

Riddhima: Yea I like him….he’s cute at times but arrogant at times (pouting) He’s a great companion and yea he saved me from the troubles. He’s a brave guy (smiling)

Mahira: See as soon as I mentioned him you became the real you, the bubbly and the talkative daughter of mine. His name and his presence wiped off your desolation.

Riddhima: What do you mean ma?

Mahira: I mean that he’s a good companion for you. Moreover you love him

Riddhima: When did I say I love him? (confused)

Mahira: You didn’t say it but I read from your face. It’s evident. You love him Riddhima. Okay wait let’s confirm. Do you like him being with you?

Riddhima: Yea!

Mahira: You get affected when he touches you? You feel something working up in you?

Riddhima: Yea I do

Mahira: Has he corrupted or taken over your thoughts?

Riddhima: Some times

Mahira: You feel protected and safe with him?

Riddhima: Hmm!

Mahira: You feel for him?

Riddhima: yea…meaning I do love him!

Mahira: You do love him!

Riddhima got up in excitement and hugger her ma tightly. She imagined how everything came to this point where she actually did fall in love with a guy whom she always fought earlier. She smiled reminiscing all their moments together, running through her mind like a film.

A parallel scene is shown where Vansh is standing in front of the mirror and so is Riddhima. Both their eyes closed and their right hands on their hearts with a smile they mouthed

Riansh: I Love you! (smiling)

A heart to heart connection they had formed in this period of time. If their love was true, and their connection strong then no odds would break it.


Love proposal

The codes found?

So this was the seventh chapter and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please do tell me on how you feel about it in the comments section, and please support by commenting.

I’m sorry if this was boring but I mainly just wanted it to focus on the revelation of the second agent and their love realization.


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