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‘Are two cat lovers likely to fall in love?’ By Nobara

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I love reading i go to the Library every sunday i enjoy the ambience i was going to the library and on my way i caught my eyes on this cat i pulled it closer and it easily allowed me to hold it my gaze caught its collar it was Huey blue and a rose gold tag stuck out and it read Gojo

I was playing with the cat ‘gojo gojo where are you’ i turned around to see tge owner of the cat giving me a warm smile i was lost in his hazel eyes ‘umm hey that’s my cat.’  he brushed off his wavy hair who’s tips where dyed electric blue.

‘oh ya ya gojo nice name’

i complimented trying to act candid.

‘are you a cat lover too’ he asked

‘yes i love cats but my parents don’t like pets.’

‘oh i see btw im vansh i just moved here and you are.”

i am riddhima so vansh where do you live.’

‘just down the lane house number 20 Westchester colony.’

My eyes beemed  with joy hot guy next to my house .

‘well you must be happy i live right next to yours house number 21.’

‘i guess i am very happy.’

I smiled the biggest smile is he flirting hell yea i like it.

We spoke for a looong time about our interests he shared a lot about his old place. We played with gojo

‘oh crap i hace to go its been an hour already i have to unpack’ he looked sad .

‘oh bummer its ok i live next to you we can talk whenever you like.’

I turned around to leave

‘hey riddhima’

I turned Back

‘im new to this place so maybe we can go out and roam around the city.’ aww finally.

‘yes sure it was nice meeting you vansh. Tell me when u get free we can go and grab some rocky road’s ice cream.  I winked .

The end.

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