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Shakti 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Normalcy in Harak Singh’s house due to Nani’s arrival

Shakti 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh asking Veeran to wipe the partition line and tells that his saas and preeto’s mum is coming. Preeto thinks maa shall not come here. He tells that she shall not know about the happenings of the house. Harman asks how will you hide the partition of the heart. Preeto says line will not be cleared and tells that let Maa come and see the happenings of the house. Harak singh says she is at the bus stand. Preeto thinks to take her mum somewhere else. Soumya sits down to clean the line. Harman stops her. Soumya says what Nani will feel seeing the line, and asks him to let her clean the line. Preeto asks her not to worry and says she will stay with her somewhere else.

Soumya asks Preeto to let Nani come here and asks her to think about her sentiments and love. Harman tells

Harak Singh that he will not know when Soumya makes place in his heart. Harak Singh says Nani shall not know anything. Harman and Soumya try to wipe the line. He gets up and goes to Preeto. Preeto asks if he is thinking her wrong. Harman asks her not to worry. Neighbors come to Maninder’s house and say that it is not good to treat son in law like that. She says your daughter went to work after sending her husband to jail. Surbhi comes and asks them why they came to discuss their problems and tells that she shall not forgive him or all of them for supporting her. Preeto asks Soumya to clean Nani’s room. Harak Singh brings his mum in law. Nani hides her face and says she want to see Harman’s wife first.

Preeto makes Soumya stand. Nani touches her face and says she is beautiful. She gives chain to Harman for Soumya. Harman asks her to make Soumya wear. Nani makes Soumya wears it. Preeto asks Nani to meet her. Nani says she will meet her later. Shanno touches her feet. Nani says she didn’t learn to cover her head still. Raavi and Jeet touch her feet. Nani asks who is he? Preeto says she will tell her.

chintu asks for his much dikhayi. Nani says he is cute. Saya and other kinnars come there. Master ji tells that Harman and Soumya will come late. Saya says lets go and sell some toys. Master ji says ok. Harak Singh’s informer thinks to inform him. Preeto tells Nani that Soumya made all the dishes, except Salad which is made by Shanno. Nani likes the dishes. Harman tells her that he brought good bahu for her. Shanno thinks once she comes to know about her kinnar truth then she will cut her hands. Nani tells Harman that when she made food for his Nana, he had kissed on her hand 51 times and got gold ring made also. Harman tells Nani that he is romantic like his Nani. Nani says he is handsome like his Nana. Harman says Harak Singh is jealous of him as Preeto loves him. Preeto is happy and hopes Nani loves Soumya even after knowing her truth.

Precap: Harman comes to soumya and kisses 51 times on her hand and says he will get ring for her when he gets money. Soumya says his love is enough for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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