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Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta, Karan reach Sherlin’s house

Kundali Bhagya 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sarla says that she is very angry, Shristhri says that she told her the truth and now she is not angry with her, Sarla say that this is not the case and she will be punished and she will have to do all the household work tomorrow as their maid is not going to come for work. She sits on her bed thinking where she got into because of Preeta, she wanted to become a model but instead became a designer.
Prithvi is talking with his mother who is very afraid, she asks him if he is in trouble, he says that he is not, she asks then why did that Goon came to their house, he says that he is his friend, she says that he cannot be his friend as he is not a good person. She asks if he is in Sherlin’s house and then starts to talk a lot of Rubbish regarding Sherlin saying that she is not a good person and

has no manners, Prithvi quickly cancels the phone and says that he has to go and attend a meeting. Sherlin is looking at him angrily, he asks, what the matter is, she says that his mother doesn’t like her and she is really furious with her, he says that even her mother doesnot like him and sys that he must keep away from her daughter.
Preeta and Karan reach Sherlin’s house and they once again revise the plan, Preeta says that he told her the plans so many times that she cannot forget it, she rings the bell, Sherlin wonders as top who is it, Prithvi picks the knife and says that he will kill the person and he knows that it is Neil’s brother, he angrily walks towards the door, he opens it but quickly slams it shut after seeing Preeta and Karan fighting.
Preeta and Karan get curious and wonder if someone opened the door but think that it was just their assumption as the door is closed, Prithvi turns back and hands the Knife back to her, asking her to clit his throat as it is Karan and Preeta and they will not let go and always stay at their backs, she asks him to hide, saying that they will get curious and he must hide so she can open the door.
Sherlin opens the door and pretends to like them both but they are not fooled, Ptreeta says that she is not k=like her and knows that she is not the mother of Rishab’s child. Karan also says that he has a very Formal relation with her and was never indulged in anything that can make her pregnant. Preeta starts to get into a fight with her as they planned, she then starts to cough at the top of her voice, Karan asks Sherlin to bring water but she refuses saying that Preeta is just acting, he says that this might get serious and then Sherlin will get into trouble, Sherlin eventually goes to bring water.
Preeta and Karan get into a fight as she feels that he is touching her, Karan asks her to start coughing again and he will go and check Sherlin’s room, Karan says that he will first get fresh, he rejects the thought thinking that Preeta will get mad and starts looking for the file. Prithvi who is hiding underneath the bed thinks that if he finds the file then all of their planning will go to waste, he also fears that if he sees him then he will not look for anything else as he is their biggest proof.
Prithvi’s phone slips form his hand and why he is about to pick it up, Karan step on is hand, Prithvi quickly hides and then Karan again starts his search for the file.
Sherlin n brings the water for Preeta saying that she must drink it otherwise her lungs will come out, She then asks about Karan , Preeta say that he went to use her washroom , Sherlin gets tensed hearing this

She says that Preeta is saying nonsense and she only said this because Karan does not come to her house and what if he did not find the was room, Preeta again stars to cough forcing Sherlin to give her water, Sherlin makes her sit and then when she is about to go Preeta drops the glass in an attempt to stop her but she does not listen. Preeta wonders what she will do, she gets a call from the doctor who is saying that Doctor Semma is conscious, Preeta says it very loudly and Sherlin gets shocked.

Precap: Prithvi phones Neil’s brother and says that he has to kill Doctor Seema, he gets there ahead of both Preeta and Karan and starts to chock her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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