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Krishna Chali London 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela and Triloki get permission

Krishna Chali London 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla throwing the curry at his wife. He shouts and asks why don’t you all understand, I earn for you all and this is what you serve me to eat, I will not explain you every day. Krishna says mummy ji…. Shuklain asks her to stay away. She asks what’s your intentions, he has pushed me that day and today he threw the food at me, did you see that, he didn’t finish the food, how much do you want to insult us. Krishna asks what’s my mistake in this. Shuklain says you will understand it when you go to room and sleep hungry. Radhe keeps a paratha in his pocket. Shuklain asks Krishna to just leave. She sits and eats food.

Lali serves her. Krishna goes to her room and cries. Radhe comes. She says Its impossible to understand your family, Bua left, but Bela

told them, what was the need, Shukla got angry, he should have scolded me, why did he throw the food at mummy ji, why did mummy ji got angry on me, what’s the problem, I m hungry, but I m not allowed to eat today. He says I won’t let you sleep empty stomach, I got a roti for you, eat it with pickles. She says you are robbing food from your house, sorry, why am I angry on you. He says I got two pickles for you, mango and lemon. She smiles and eats the food. He smiles seeing her. She asks what are you looking at, let me eat. He says I will get water for you, you look very nice when you smile, smile suits your face.

She says ask mummy ji if she had her dinner. He goes. She says I will bring your smile back by winning competition. Bela throws water on Triloki’s face. She asks him to take Shukla’s permission. Matuk sits upset. Shuklain gets tea for him and says you are hosting the competition. He says no one is participating from our family, I want them to take this honor back from me. Shukla comes and asks for breakfast. She says Matuk is upset, he is hosting the competition, you told Radhe and Krishna not to participate, what if Bela and Triloki participate, I m just suggesting. Shukla says fine, I will keep your honor, just Bela and Triloki will participate. Krishna looks on. Matuk welcomes everyone and hosts the function. Bela says we will win this competition. Triloki says we shall first fill the forms. Shuklain asks Krishna to wash the utensils and make them shine.

Radhe comes and asks her to hurry up. She says you go to Saajan’s house and get ready, I will come. He says come soon, I will leave. Bua makes Radhe ready. Krishna washes utensils. She says they all are shining. Shuklain says so soon, did you clean well, let me see. She checks. Bua says if Krishna doesn’t come, you go and fill form. Radhe says no, husband and wife have to be there to fill the form. Bua calls Krishna. Shuklain says how does she know to irritate me, I forgot about it, you go and clean the store room. Krishna calls Bua and says I don’t think I can come, mummy ji gave me much work. Matuk says just 10 mins are left to fill forms. Bela says Radhe and Krishna didn’t come, I doubted on Krishna and Bua, but the field is clear. Krishna gets dizzy. Lali holds her and says Krishna is unwell, I will clean the store room. She asks Krishna to take some rest. Shuklain permits. Krishna smiles recalling Bua’s words and goes to her room.

Shuklain says go and call Krishna, minister has come. Lali says if mummy ji knows Krishna is not at home, it will be a big issue. Krishna and Radhe come to participate.

Update Credit to: Amena

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