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Dil Hi Toh Hai 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithvik bursts his anger on Palak

Dil Hi Toh Hai 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishabh informing Dadi about Reva and Samar’s marriage cancelling. They all get upset. Rithvik gets teary eyes. Rishabh pacifies Rithvik, Vijay and others. Palak sees them sad. Manjeet asks what happened? Palak says we shall leave from here. Manjeet says I have to take my money. Palak says can’t you see what is happening, how can you think about payment. Manjeet says ok, she will take her bag. Ananya’s mother tells that they shall stay there. Ananya tells that they shall leave. Her mum says they shall stay and says what Rithvik might think about her. Ananya says rithvik is thinking about his sister now and not about us. They think to stay for some more time and leave. Reva is shattered. Rishabh’s wife tries to pacifies her. Ananya’s mother asks Palak about her. palak

says she works with Noon biotics.

Samar comes there. Rithvik asks him to leave. Reva says I want to talk to him and asks him to look at herself. Samar says I told you many times that I don’t love you and wants to marry someone else, but you didn’t hear me. Reva says she doesn’t know anything. Samar says you have stolen my phone and messaged Radhika to stay away from me. Vijay asks Reva to tell that he is lying. Reva says she didn’t know. Samar says I talked to Palak and she asked me to take a stand for my love. She says Radhika went for abortion and if anything had happened to her then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. Rithvik is shocked and thinks why Palak doesn’t tell me. Rishabh asks why you are not man enough to talk to us. Rithvik asks Reva why she hides this from them.

Reva says I knew about everything, but I love him. She says if you would have been my real brother, then you wouldn’t have said this. Mamta asks her to keep her mum shut and says Rithvik is my son and if you call him step brother then you are not my daughter. She asks Samar to leave. She scolds Reva for forcing Samar to marry her. she says it is good that marriage is cancelled. She says we all will be always together and tells that Rithvik will be the first person to wipe her tears. Rithvik leaves from there. They all hug Reva.

Dadi tells Aman’s mother that Vijay and Mamta had one child each when they got married. Then Reva, Shivam and Shanaya were born. She says it hurts when someone calls step relations. Rishabh reminisces about Vijay and Mamta’s marriage with Rithvik and says Mamta loves you more than me. He says Reva did wrong to call you step brother.

Rithvik comes to Palak’s house. She opens the door and asks him to come. She asks if he would like to have coffee. Rithvik says I didn’t come to have coffee and says how can you be so dramebaaz? She asks are you drunk? Rithvik says that Radhika was your mom’s assistant and says she must have asked you to trap Samar. She says you know about him. Palak says she thought to tell him, but Samar stopped her and said that it is his personal matter. Rithvik says I thought I got a good friend. Palak asks him to leave. Rithvik says you thought about that girl, Samar and didn’t think about my sister and our respect, he says his sister called him step brother today. He calls her liar and sick woman. Palak gets teary eyes.

Ananya tells Rithvik that Reva will be fine. Palak tells Manjeet that she will resign and will not go to convince Rithvik.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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