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Agnifera 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi’s Surprise Birthday Party Plan For Vishu

Agnifera 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shristi informs her plan of celebrating Vishu’s birthday and tells Anurag like his memory returned on his birthday, even Vishu’s memory will return. Anurag jokes his memory returned after Ragini scolded him. She asks when did she scold him. He says she does a lot. Shristi asks them to stop fighting and says each family member will do a task each, Revathi will cook Vishu’s favorite food, Dulari and Divya will dance, Daadi will rest, Brij will decorate house, Ragini will prepare birthday cook. Revathi asks what about her. She says she will see if everyone are doing their duty. After sometime, Dulari practices dance on Bhojpuri song and stops seeing Baiju. Baiju thinks if she has gone mad.

Ragini blows balloons in her room. Anurag stops her and says she cannot blow balloon

in pregnancy. She asks him to blow then. He blows and hurts his lip, acts and shouts in pain. She asks what happened, which medicine to apply. He asks to kiss his lips. Dulari passes by and seeing their romance walks in early waiting for their kiss. Ragini kisses Anurag’s cheek. Anurag sees Dulari and shouts. Ragini also shouts and asks what is Dulari doing here. Dulari asks them to continue, it is like English movie. They both shout at her to go. She runs away closing door.

Shristi returns to Baiju’s room with almonds and says she heard Vyjayanti amma telling he likes almonds before sleeping, she knows what he must be feeling, but she knows he is her best friend now and understands her situation.
He says he is happy she understands him. She says he is on one side and other side Vishu, she does not know what to do. He says he can understand her condition.

At 12 midnight, whole family wishes happy birthday to Vishu and give him gifts. Dulari says surprise gift…Shristi stops her. Revathi says let Vishu and Shristi stay together and take whole family out. Vishu asks Shristi that whole family gave her gift, what about her gift. He gets romantic, but she gets tense. He backs off and says he is joking and is waiting for his memory to return.

Anurag reads newspaper for Vikral. Vikral shakes his hand. Anurag holds it and smiles. Ragini enters and feeds juice to Vikral and thanks Anurag for taking care of Vikral. Anurag says it is also his duty. Ragini says she wrote a letter for him and each word is true, she truly loves him and wants to die in his arms. He says she will be with him forever. Their romance continues.

Baiju decorates house house with balloons. Shirsti walks down. He gets mesmerized with her beauty and imagines dancing with her on Pehla nasha…song. Shristi slips and he holds her….

Precap: Select informs Ragini that party worker was traitor. Ragini angrily scolds traitor and asks gun to shoot traitor. Traitor’s goons surround her and point gun on her.

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