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Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 8

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Episode starts….

Viyom : Good Morning Mon cherry!!!

Ridhima : Morning

Viyom : What happened ? Why your morning is not good?

Ridhima : Viyom I need a job to earn my living and how many days you will take me like this…..I feel like I am burden on you…

Viyom : I think you don’t know the meaning of Friendship if you think so.You are not at all burden on me.Even I like to share my living with you.If you need a job then I will provide you…earlier I also promised you for the same…..

Now I am going to have a talk for your job….and when every thing get fixed then I will call you there..

Ridhima : Thank you!!

Vansh : viyom why you have called here.

Viyom : Vansh we are friend can’t we meet. And I want know about Bhabhi

On hearing this Vansh’s facial expressions changed and sadness cover his face.Viyom understood that yet he didn’t found her.so he thought to divert the topic and fresh his buddy’s mood.

Viyom : By the way ,you were right .I want a favor from you..

Vansh replied “which favor.And I forget to ask about you Mon cherry.How is she now”

Viyom: she is super.I can’t describe in words….she is….she is.. (thinking about her)..she is so adorable….she is so cute…Her cute big eyes…..and her soft pink lips….and I want to….

Vansh slapped him to bring him to normal state from his dreamland and said ” I was asking about her health.Yesterday she was in hospital nah….I am not talking about her beauty….”

Viyom : ooohhh!!! You were asking about her health.she is alright.But why you slapped me that to hard….

Vansh : to bring you out from your dream land.

Viyom : but I never want to come out……you know Vansh she is…
interrupted by Vansh “she is super.you can’t describe in word…she is so adorable….she is so cute…Her cute big eyes…..and her soft pink lips….”” She can be beautiful but she can’t beautiful more than my Ridhima….”

Viyom : No my Mon cherry is more beautiful than your Ridhima…

Vansh : No my Ridhima is most beautiful in the world . vansh added more with sarcasm that”earlier also I have seen your beautiful girl friends.”

Viyom : she is different from those cheessy girls who always run behind my money.They use to stay with me just for fun and money.But she is not like them.

Vansh : oohh!!!!! I think you staterd falling for her.

Viyom : I also think so….you want to meet her.but before this I need your help.,

Vansh : Hmm!!!! Tell me.

Viyom : she want to do job for her living….

Vansh with shock “what “. viyom clearing his doubt ” she did not want to be burden on me and didn’t want want my money too.”” Your company is good for her with handsome income and security too”

Viyom added further ” I can arrange any other job for her but there must be either security problem or less salary ” ” so can you arrange any job for her”

Vansh : OK !! I will talk to Angre and then inform you….

Viyom : Thank you !!! Should I her call her now and inform her for the same.

Vansh : yaa!! Sure .

Viyom make a call to ridhima and ask her to come in cafe.she agried for waiting for some time to get job.

Vansh and viyom were waiting for Ridhima.They heard noise from out side the cafe .it seems like people were fighting with argument so they get irrigated and went to see.

both were shocked to see Kabeer who was forcefully holding Ridhima’s hand.

Without wasting a second Vansh moved forward to punch Kabeer before he could Viyom did.Viyom hugged Ridhima and she also reciprocated, Vansh was more surprised than earlier because he knew about kabeer but viyom.Every thing was not digestible to Vansh but more was Ridhima’s equal participation in hug.

Viyom breaking the hug and again slapped Kabeer.” What you think of yourself.you can do anything to her.she is not alone.I am with her.You ba***d cheated her.Now what you want from her.I think Your needs were better fulfilled by Siya.”

Kabeer : she is my fiancee and who the hell are you to come between us…
Kabeer looked at Ridhima who was hiding behind Viyom.

Viyom : she was you Fiancee.Have you thought about her when you were going to sleep with her so called sister.

Kabeer : it is non of your business so stay out of it.

Viyom : I is my business because She is my girlfriend Mon cherry.And who are you to talk to her like this because she broke all the ties with only that.you don’t know me dude what i am and what i can do .I can do anything for her….I will rip you in parts for her….its better for you to leave from here.

More than Kabeer it was more shocking to Vansh.He was searching her like mad and see she was with his friend who is calling her his girlfriend.Vansh gets gimps of Viyom’s praising for her.

Kabeer : You are saying I cheated her and what is she doing.she also has an affair with you.And I have no regret for my doing.

Ridhima was crying and unable to bear more drama so she asked viyom to go from there…

Viyom turned toward Ridhima, wiped her tears and took her inside the cafe.Vansh also followed them.

Viyom : why you are wasting your precious tears for that Kabeer.He don’t deserve you Ridhima.Soon He will regret for losing. Ok…leave this meet my Buddy Vansh.

Vansh was jealous to see viyom closeness to Ridhima.Vansh felt bad for his disorder and cursed his luck.This was the time when Ridhima saw Vansh and gets happy to fine.

Ridhima : How is you feeling now.

Vansh :Fine and what happened to you .I mean why were you in hospital yesterday.

Viyom : ohhh! She was hit by my car.

Vansh get worried and asked ” How is you now.Is any thing serious.And How his car hits you.”

Ridhima : Calm down Vansh ! I am fine.

Viyom : yes !!! She is fine….you are panicking like anything happened to your Ridhima….You both talk. I need to use watch after then I will order something for you Mon cherry.

Viyom goes from there.Vansh said ” why you didn’t inform  me that you met with an accident” Ridhima didn’t replied anything.

Vansh : you still angry for that night. Sorry it was needed to safe your life.please for give me.(teary eyes)

Ridhima : its ok

Vansh : you forgave me.

Ridhima : yes!!!

Vansh : when you will come VR mention.

Ridhima : Vansh ,thank you for helping me and tolerating me but now you are free.

Vansh : what do you mean by that.

Ridhima : I can’t live with you.

Vansh : you said nah you have forgiven me.so

Ridhima : these two different things Vansh.

Vansh : I don’t know anything. You are going with me .

Ridhima : you are not understanding me vansh.

Now anger started over powering vansh and his eyes became red.”What is problem in VR mention.”

Ridhima : Vansh!!

Vansh : you don’t want to live in VR mention because ….because….because you are going to miss Viyom.

Ridhima : yes…. I will messing him then what is your problem.

Vansh : if your mood is got spoiled then it doesn’t mean that you will spoil everyone’s mood.

This was the first time when Ridhima faced this version of him.Otherwise Earlier Vansh never talked like this.He was very nice to her.This made Ridhima little much scared from Vansh.Vansh stood from his chair.

Ridhima : where you going.

Vansh : I am feeling suffocating and I need fresh air.otherwise I will die because of your mood swings.

Ridhima : now my presence started making you suffocated.

Vansh ignored her moved out of the cafe.This hurt ridhima how can he ignore her like that.

Viyom : Vansh where were you.

Vansh : I was outside.

Viyom : ok!!! By the way thank you for you help but she is denying for job.

Vansh with shock ” what but why”.

Viyom : she don’t want to work in VR enterprise.

Vansh : But why she didn’t want work in my company.

Viyom : Leave nah….you sit here.

Ridhima : Viyom , I am going home .

Viyom : wait I am also coming. Bye Vansh I will zee later.

Vansh : Bye viyom and smiled at him ignoring Ridhima.

Ridhima looked at vansh who was totally ignoring her.
Viyom understood and said ” he is like that only. He didn’t pay attention to any girls and always busy in office work.”

Ridhima thought ” I am not any girl.I know why he is ignoring me and he will pay this.Get ready Vansh Raisinghania.”

Ridhima : Viyom ! I liked what you made yesterday…can again cook for me.

Vansh : viyom if you girlfriend is this much hungry then why you order here something for her.

Ridhima : Viyom I think your friend is deaf.I said I like your cooking.

Before vansh could answer viyom leaned to him and whispered ” why you are becoming villan of my love story.If she want to spend some quality time then why you are poking your nose”

Vansh never stayed in relationship so he was not aware about these things and girls tricks.He was straight forward he never beat around the bush.

Viyom : vansh you here .is everything ok.

Vansh : yaa…. I thought to have talk with you so I came at house.

Viyom : you sit here….I will bring coffee for you…

Vansh : bright Dark chocolate also.

Viyom with surprised asked : you also like this combination.

Vansh : yaa….

Viyom : You know my Mon cherry also like this combination.

Vansh to herself : ushi ne to mujhe bhi aadat lagayi hai but she is not here then where is she.

Vansh : By the way where is she now.

Viyom : she is out house.

Vansh : she didn’t live with you.

Viyom : I offered her but she refused to live with me.Earlier also I said to you…she is different.

Vansh : yes she is different from others.

Viyom : That is why I am falling for her…I think I am in love with her.

Vansh started coughing on this.Viyom offered water to him.

Vansh : I think it is just attraction.

Viyom : No Vansh !! I have feeling for her.

Vansh was jealous and said ” you should ask her if likes you or not.”

Viyom : bro you don’t know about girls….we confront them like this only.

Vansh to himself : but I know Ridhima very well.

Vansh : Then what will you do.

Viyom : I will give time to her and do each and every which conveys how important she is.It will take time but its ok…so bolte hai nah Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai just like that.

Now vansh was scared because he did just opposite to this.he ignored her for no reason.



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