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RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 26 . Riddhima finds Vaaz


Hey guys,  hello . Thanks for the support you have shown . So your comments have inspired me to write next episode. I wish you will  all enjoy.

Episode  25– https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/riaansh-love-and-betrayal-episode-25-kabir-gets-a-shock/

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Episode 26 :

Riddhima finds Vaaz

The episode starts

Scene – 1

Riddhima went to her room .

Riddhima  : Kabir didn’t told me anything about 2 days secret , but i have to find Vansh and 2 days mystery.

Riddhima gets a call .

Riddhima  : Who are you 😡?

Caller : Your friend vaaz is under my captive.  I kidnapped him…if you want to save him then come to my send location.

Riddhima  : hello..who are you  ?

Call 📞ended .

Riddhima  : Who was that person who captured vaaz and is he related to the person who saved Kabir and is he connected with 2 days mystery  .

Riddhima plays the call recording of that vaaz kidnapper .

Riddhima  : I will come to know about that vaaz kidnapper by using his call recordings.  📞 I could use the voice of that kidnapper that i got through call recordings and use it to find his identity.  As every person have “different fingerprint” similarly every person has different “voice print ” . And a voice print could find the identity of that vaaz kidnapper.

Riddhima went to Ajay’s lab/office to find the identity of that kidnapper.

Kabir calls someone.

Kabir  : she went now to find about vaaz , beware.

Caller : Interesting..very interesting. Let her come .

Scene  – 2 .

Riddhima reaches Ajay’s office/lab .

Riddhima puts the call recordings of the vaaz kidnapper in Ajay’s laptop 💻 . She gets the voice print of that kidnapper.

Riddhima  : Using this voice print i will find about the kidnapper.

Riddhima matches the voice print of that kidnapper with other voice print.  She gets the result.  But Riddhima gets shocked.

Riddhima  : The voice print of Vaaz’s kidnapper matches with the voiceprint of “Vansh ” . So could this mean that Vansh kidnapped vaaz . No this can’t happen…. kabir said that he killed Vansh  . So could it means that kabir didn’t killed Vansh.  And he is lying me … now i have three theories.

1) Its Kabir and Vansh plan. And kabir lied me .

2) Vansh outsmarted kabir and fooled him .

3) That kidnapper is someone else but used voice modulator in Vansh’s voice to confuse me .

The mystery of 2days is getting tough . Riddhima receives the location of vaaz kidnapped location  .

Riddhima  : i am coming vaaz .

Scene – 3

Riddhima reaches vaaz kidnapped location.

Riddhima enters the basement where vaaz was 🔒🔐 .

Riddhima sees vaaz tied to wropes and see someone.  Riddhima can’t see the kidnapper face because that kidnapper was standing in shadow.

Riddhima untied vaaz .

Riddhima  : Are you ok vaaz…?

Vaaz : yes .riddhima.  Thanks for helping me .

That kidnapper went away .

Riddhima and Vaaz came outside  .

Precap – Someone threw a bomb . Vaaz and riddhima were surrounded by fire . 

Vaaz kidnapper  : this fire will remember you of your past incident  . Riddhima gets scared .

The end .

How did you like todays episode.

1) How a fire is connected with riddhima past ?

2) who is that person whom kabir called  ?

3) who was vaaz kidnapper  ?

4) How did you like riddhima idea to use voice print to know about the identity of vaaz kidnapper

So 2days mystery game has started….5 day game of revealition .

Thanks,  bye , take.

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