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Qurbaan Hua 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Aalekh leaves for Delhi to find the truth about Vyas je

Qurbaan Hua 12th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Shlok questions what is written on the other board as he doesnot even know the language, Dua reveals that it is Urdu and mentions that it is the name of her clinic, Neel reveals their religion is humanity and since some part of it is Muslim and some Hindu, he has used both the languages, Chahat in excitement touches the board however her hands get imprinted as it is still wet, Neel calling her a mad questions what did she do as it ruined his painting, Shlok questions why did Neel call his mother as mad since she is really clever, Dua takes the side of Neel exclaiming one who can paint so well is also really clever, they both get into an argument over who is more clever, Shlok says since Chahat is a doctor she is more clever, he challenges Neel to memorize the page from one of Chahat’s book as only then would they accept he is more clever, Dua explains that he can memorize two pages so they both rejoice what he is capable of doing.

Aalekh is walking when Ghazala comes with a Naat playing, Aalekh explains that he doesnot even have so much sympathy to listen to the religious Naat, Ghazala exclaims if he is getting so furious then what would happen when she sends Shlok to recite it at the opening of Neel’s restaurant, Aalekh explains he would not be able to attend it as he has to leave for Delhi to find the truth about Vyas je, he reveals he has done a lot of effort to make Agam live in this house and if Vyas jee is indeed alive his entire plan would be ruined, Naveli suddenly comes from behind questioning what has happened to Vyas je, Aalekh immediately starts putting the entire blame of Ghazala explaining she had some new idea to ruin their lives, Ghazala acts with him and leaves, Naveli requests for some money to buy the gifts, Aalekh threatens her saying he doesnot have even a single penny for her with which she can buy gifts for Neel and Chahat.

Dua is massaging the feet of Neel explaining that they have to do all they can to win the competition, Neel questions why is she massaging his feet as he is not going for a fight, Dua reveals he would need it when Shlok says that it would be of no good as he would lose, Shlok then questions what is the name of the pain in the back, Neel and Dua after answering it, demand Shlok ask a more tricky question, he asks how many litres of blood is in a human body so after they get the answer then Shlok asks what is the medical name of headache, Neel and Dua are not able to answer at which Shlok starts making fun of them, Chahat makes Neel remember the name which she gave him, he then recalls and answers it, Dua calls Shlok with names. Neel questions why did she help him, Chahat replies that the first hero of a girl is her father, she could not let the hero of Shlok fail, Chahat gets sad when Godambari comes in forming that the flower vendor has arrived so they both should leave to finalize the arrangements, she advises Shlok and Dua to wear the clothes, Ghazala also comes asking what is those clothes as she has bought some clothes for them, she also asks Shlok to recite the song which they have learned, they both wonder what they should wear as if they wear the clothes brought by either of the Grandmother they might get angry, they both come up with a plan.

Vyas je is performing the Mantar but he is worried as he doesnot know the complete so wonders where has Aalekh went leaving him, Neel recognizes that Vyas je is not able to recite the Mantar so he comes questioning if he doesnot know the mantar, then reveals that it is all because of the medical problem and it would all be corrected soon, he starts performing the Hawan, Dua and Shlok come from behind wearing a multicolour dress, everyone is shocked to see them, Dua reveals how they both made the new clothes from the dress which Godambari and Ghazala gifted them, Neel is furious so questions if they were behind this idea but Chahat asks him to not be angry as it is time for the opening of the clinic.

The family performs the ribbon cutting ceremony and head inside, Godambari at once Blames Chahat for even putting her name on the restaurant, Neel explains it was his idea to open the clinic, Shlok and Dua are the ones who perform the coconut breaking ritual for the opening of the clinic, Alka presents Neel with a diary so he can write the new recipes, Godambari asks Naveli why did she not bring anything, Bopho at once says he has her gift as she might have left it at the house, he signals Naveli to take it and presents them both with the gifts, Neel is impressed that Naveli brought the chef’s hat for him and a doctors coat for Chahat, they both rejoice and even Neel exclaims this is best gift which rejoices Naveli who appreciates that he liked the gifts.

Neel questions Vyas jee about the restaurant so he says it is really beautiful, Neel asks Shlok if he has prepared a song, he replies he stayed up all night preparing for it, Ghazala thinks what would happen when on the opening of a Hindu fathers’ restaurant the son recites a Naat from their religion, it would cause a lot of drama.

Precap: Aalekh reaches the old age home and is suspicious that Vyas je is alive when Chahat has opened it on his name, Vyas je sees Aalekh talking with one of the ward boys and is really tesned.

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