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Love Begins with Friendship (IMMJ)- Episode 3

As Riddhima fell into the pit, Vansh hurriedly took a rope and asked Riddhima to hold it. Riddhima held the rope very tightly. Vansh with great force pulled Riddhima out of the pit. Meanwhile, Kabir opened his blindfold and saw Vansh rescuing Riddhima out from the pit. He asked Riddhima how she fell into the pit. Riddhima says that she had come to wish him happy birthday, when she suddenly fell in the pit. Oh ! I see, says Kabir, looking at Vansh. Riddhima thanks Vansh for his help.


Well come with me, I have a surprise for you, says Riddhima to Kabir. She takes Kabir to decorated class room and switches on the lights, and sings Happy birthday song for him.  Then she asked him to cut the cake. Kabir gets surprised. He cuts the cake with Riddhima. Vansh also attends Kabir’s birthday party and tells Riddhima and Kabir that it is his birthday tomorrow. He gets very excited and thinks that Riddhima will give him more grand party than she gave to Kabir, but sadly Riddhima had used all her pocket money on Kabir’s birthday party arrangements, so she couldn’t do any arrangements for Vansh’s birthday. She wished him Happy Birthday and said sorry, I am short of money, I can’t give you a gift. Hearing this, Vansh was very upset.


In the night, both Vansh and Kabir watched the late-night movie in their respective homes. So both got up late and was in a hurry to go to school. After sitting on their bench, they realized that they have forgotten their lunch boxes. Soon it was time for the lunch break, both were very hungry and told their teacher about it. The teacher asked other students to share their lunch with Vansh and Kabir. Nobody was willing to share their lunch with them, seeing this Riddhima came forward to share her lunch box with them. But she only had two small sandwiches in her lunch box and was confused with whom to share with?


Question of the day, with whom Riddhima will share her lunch?

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