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If Not Sayi then Someone Else – Episode 6 – Meet Ishita From Canada

Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing well. Let’s move to the episode

The episode starts…

Can’t we make it a life-long partnership?

Haal-e-dil ko sukoon chahiye
Poori ik aarzoo chahiye
Jaise pehle kabhi
Kuch bhi chaaha nahi
Waise hi kyun chahiye

Dil ko teri mojoodgi ka
Ehsaas yun chahiye
Tu chahiye, tu chahiye
Shaam-o-subah tu chahiye
Tu chahiye..tu chahiye..
Har martabaa tu chahiye

Sayi looks at him.

“What is happening to me? My heart is yelling me to say yes? But how can I? Did I forgot that this all is because of a promise. Promise which was made to my Aaba by Virat Sir. Virat Sir told me that he loves me, but somewhere my mind says it’s just a sympathy for an orphan.

Seene mein agar tu dard hai
Na koi dawaa chahiye
Tu lahu ki tarah
Ragon mein rawaan chahiyeAnjaam jo chaahe mera
Wo..aagaaz yun chahiye

Tu chahiye, tu chahiye
Shaam-o-subah tu chahiye
Tu chahiye..tu chahiye..
Har martabaa tu chahiye

Virat jerks Sayi and she comes back to her senses.

Virat : Where are you lost, Sayi? I asked you something. I want answer, Sayi

Sayi : Virat Sir, Pakhi didi….

Virat keeps finger on her lips signing her to not say anything.

Virat : Shhh… Why everytime Pakhi interferes in our talk? Sometimes Regarding Pakhi or sometimes Pakhi herself?

Sayi : It’s because of your promise, Virat Sir, which you gave her. The promise which made my life miserable. The promise which made Samrat dada’s life miserable. Don’t you think your brother is not in home because of your’s and Pakhi didi’s relationship?

Virat : Can you please say me how your life became miserable when you don’t even love me?

Sayi : We’re not talking about love, Virat Sir. We are talking about some rituals, customs, the rights. It’s just a matter of some days ago, don’t you remember how Pakhi didi use to come in our room without knocking? Can’t you see, Virat Sir, how she, everytime used to interfere between us? When you hadn’t loved me also, in our initial married days, everytime she used to interfere, but you haven’t even told her to be in her limits! Do you know Virat Sir, when she got the rights to interfere between us?

Virat : Well, when?

Sayi : The day when your career was dropping. At that time, we were talking, but Pakhi didi came between us. It doesn’t matter whether you scolded me or not, as I can understand, your career was at risk. You were in tension. But The fact is that you scolded me infront of her. At that time, she decided to use our fight as a source to gain you.

Virat was not at all angry at Sayi. Instead he was happy that Sayi is now wanting her rights as wife. Sayi is getting possessive about him. What else he wanted from Sayi!

Virat : (in a calm way) Sayi…

He was about to explain het when a peon comes and calls Sayi for dinner

Sayi : I need to go Virat Sir, for dinner As there is no one Pakhi didi here who will bring food like waitress as she used to brought for you.

Saying this she left the room. Virat goes and he was angry not because Sayi scolded him but because of Pakhi his Sayi suffered

Virat was driving his car when suddenly another car stopped infront of him. He was in anger thus started cursing the driver

Driver : Ma’am this man is crazy, I think.

“Wait, let me see”

She says and get out from her car. Western clothes describe her NRI nature. She gets out and Virat too get out. She sees Virat and say,

“Omg! Viraaat…

Virat : Excuse me, How do you know me?

“Well, you forgot me, I think?

Virat : (in somewhat anger) Can you please say who are you?

“I am your best friend, yaar…

He was literally too irritated that he could have even took someone’s life.

Virat : Best friend… best friend. I am irritated with the word best friend. If I get that person who created this word, I will surely kill him.

She notice the tension in his voice and says;

“Virat, are you okay? Is there any big problem?

Virat : (almost shouts) Arey, who are you?

Suddenly, the driver….

“Ishita ma’am, your phone is ringing”

Ishita goes from there to receive her call and Virat recognises her.

Arey, she’s Ishu, Virat. Your childhood best friend. But she was coming tomorrow, then how is she here now? Wait, but how rudely I had talked to her! Shit!

Virat comes back to reality by the snapping made by Ishita.

Ishita : Mr. Virat Chavan, what happened to you? Sometimes you become angry and sometimes you are lost in thoughts?

Virat : Ishu, you….

Ishita : Now you identified me, buddhu..

Virat : Hey! Don’t call me from that name now. I am not a buddhu anymore.

Ishita : Oh! really, buddhu?

Virat : Hey you…Well when you had returned from Canada? I mean you were coming tomorrow, right?

Ishita : Leave it, some urgency in my work. By the way, I have to handle your vahini too, na. Well, why were you angry?

Virat : (he realises that he talked really rudely) Ishu, I am really sorry. Actually I was angry because of Pakhi only. I was frustrated and I vented all the frustration on you, only. I am sorry,

Ishita : It’s okay. I didn’t felt bad. Leave it.

Virat : Here you are and there is Pakhi vahini, who can’t even understand my sorrow, my tension. If sometimes, even I am in tension, she never leaves a chance to taunt me. Even, I don’t want to call her name or refer her as vahini! But what to do? She is an obsessed lover. She had crossed her limits. Just to remove Sayi from my life, she mixed chemical in my aayi’s medicines. Even she played a big conspiracy for Pulkit and Devi Tai. When Sayi told me all this, her value and my respect for her decreased in my eyes. I am even ashamed that someday I even loved her.

Ishita : OMG, Virat. She is damn an obsessed lover. She should mend her ways and intentions or else it will cause a big hurdle in your and Sayi’s relationship.

Virat nods.

Ishita : By the way, when am I going to meet Mrs. Virat Chavan?

Virat slightly blushes hearing this. And Ishita teases her. They both were sitting in car.

Virat : We’ll go now, only. As it is midnight, so it would be okay if you stay at Sayi’s room tonight.

Ishita : No problem.

They both reaches Sayi’s hostel. And reachs her room too. They knock and Sayi opens it.

Sayi : Virat Sir, you… who is she?

Virat : (Pointing at Ishita) Ishita, Ishita Burman.

Sayi : Oh! You are Ishita didi… (she was shocked as she had been informed of her arrival of next day)

Ishita : Don’t be formal, yaar… just call me Ishu

Sayi : Ishu?

Ishita : That’s good. By the way Sayi, will you not welcome me in?

Sayi : Aa, please come inside.

Ishita : (after coming inside) Sayi, I really feel sad that you have to live in this room inspite of having your own house.

Sayi looks at Virat.

Virat : Sayi, Ishu will stay here only, tonight.

Sayi : Wow! indeed a good thing. Ishita di…sorry, Ishu, I am glad that you will be staying here.

Ishita : Virat, you’re very lucky to have such beautiful and matured wife.

Sayi : Matured? (Shockes)

Ishita : Yes. Why are you asking me so shockingly?

Sayi : No, Ishu actually, Virat Sir’s family members always make me realise that Pakhi didi is mature and I am immature.

Ishita : Leave it, Sayi. Now I will teach that Pakhi such a lesson that she will not only stop loving another’s husband but even she will stop loving her husband too.

Virat (instantly): When did she even loved her husband?

Ishita : What? Don’t she even love Samrat?

Sayi : No, ishu. I feel really sad for Samrat Dada. Whenever Virat Sir talks about him, I feel such a nice person has to suffer so much.

Ishita : OMG! She is literally too much. But you both don’t worry. You two had planned a very good lesson for her. Let her learn that.

Sayi : Ishu, you’re helping Virat Sir. Thank you so much.

Ishita : Arey! I said na, don’t be formal. And I had to thank you that you had married this buddhu.

Sayi : Buddhu..?

Virat : Ishu…

Ishita : Sayi, you don’t know Virat’s school name was buddhu only.

Sayi and Ishita laughs and teases him. After sometime, Virat too leaves from there whereas Ishita and Sayi had bonded well.

In home;

Virat comes and sits on couch as he was really very tired. Soon, Pakhi comes with food.

Pakhi : Virat, have some food. You look tired.

Virat : Vahini, you are not servant who everytime brings food, juice, water or medicines for me.

Pakhi : Firstly, stop calling me vahini, atleast when no one is there. And secondly Yes… I became servant. You made me servant. A servant who is serving you in your love.

Virat : Okay, if you’re my servant, okay. Then let me give you your daily routine work.

‌Breakfast should be kept in my room till 8:30
‌My tiffin should be packed and kept on table by 9:00
‌My uniform should be ironed everyday when I come back from police station
‌My dinner should be ready till 8:00
‌Every day you should make my favourite food for me.
‌My room and bathroom should be cleaned by the time I come.

Pakhi shocked : Virat, this is my insult.

Virat : If you don’t follow these rules, then you will be fired. And one more thing, please don’t insult the word “insult” by using the word with you.

Virat goes from there whereas Pakhi is standing shedding her tears as usual.

Episode ends here.

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