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Eternal love story # Our Riansh (Chapter-48)

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Flashback Continues:-

Year 2016:-

April 15:-

At Unknown place:-

At 12 am:-

Vansh and Riddhima reached to their designed place Vansh opened his side door and moved to open hers, as he opened she tried to open the blindfold but Vansh held her hand

Vansh- Wait Riddhima

He held her from back and slowly asked to follow him he led her to the open area garden firstly he was shocked to see the attracting decoration

He opened the blindfold and see was shocked to see the décor she turned and found him on his knees she moved a back and then he said

Vansh- Riddhima, I don’t know how to use those cheesy lines while proposing even I don’t know how to say those filmy dialogue So without saying those I would directly come to the point, When I first saw you I was lost in your hazel brown eyes when you firstly landed in my arms that was the most precious time of my life, the time when you cared for me or the time when we cared for each other were those time of my life which I never want to forget, You are the best thing that has ever happened to me You complete me. You are the crayons to my coloring book, I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up I’m crazy for you, or maybe just crazy! I love you I really love…. Will you always be with me?

Riddhima was emotional by his proposal she fell on her knees in front of him and instantly hugged him and started crying, Vansh was shocked by her reaction.

Vansh- Riddhima… What happened? Why are you crying?

Riddhima hugged him tight and Vansh took her tightly in his arms

Riddhima- Vansh I’m scared if we… we never stayed together

Vansh- You don’t love me…

Riddhima- No I love you…..but If we…

Vansh smiled on this and hugged her more tightly

Vansh- Don’t you trust me?

Riddhima- I do….I trust you the most

Vansh- Then what’s making you sacred…..

Riddhima slowly came out of his arms and Vansh took her hand and made he sat on the chair taking her on his lap

Riddhima- Vansh my dad is an IG Officer, he had many enemies once I in childhood I was kidnapped by one of the criminals and they were about to take me with them on cruise and were about to sell me there but in the nick of time Dad came on the cruise just before it was about to depart and the leader of the kidnapping gang took me in his hold and then threw me in the river but by those divers saved me. I’m scared if any of them anyhow harmed us and that’s the only reason why I’m scared

Vansh- Riddhima you trust me na….even my dad is a businessman he also had many enemies So being scared don’t we have the right to live our life the way we want and if ever any issue came on us na… we will be always together

Riddhima- If we don’t…..

Vansh- I wasn’t knowing you have these many negative thoughts with you…

Riddhima smacked his arm

Vansh- Sorry So dance

Riddhima- No food

Vansh- First give a proper proposal

Riddhima- I said

Vansh- I haven’t heard say again

Riddhima- Vansh

Vansh- Riddhima….Please

Riddhima (blush) – I love you

Vansh- I love you Riddhima

She hugged him while being on his arms

Riddhima- Now food?

Vansh- Food yup give

Riddhima was about to get up but Vansh held her more tightly

Riddhima- If you don’t let me go then how will we eat

Vansh just directed his fingers on her lips then moving it to his lips and Riddhima understanding it smacked his arms

Riddhima (shy) – Vansh

Vansh- Riddhima….

Riddhima- Shut up and have the food

She was again about to get up but Vansh once again held her tightly by her waist and just closed his eyes, Riddhima smiled at his gesture and then slowly moved closure to him and then finally their lips touched each other, her soft and pink lips were on his rough lips she just kept it on it and was about to move thinking it to be a peck but at that time as if understanding her move held her more tightly pulling her close to him shocking her and then taking her lower lips it his grip started sucking it while she was doing the same by his upper lips both sucked their lips for few moments accepting it just to be their first kiss, slowly Riddhima slid her hands on his hair taking it into her fist and pulling him close while he was caressing her back, after few minutes they broke their kiss just to inhale the oxygen.

After the kiss, Riddhima didn’t dared to look at him and then he smiled at her gesture and then took a spoonful of the morsel and forwarded it to her mouth she took it smilingly and they completed their date not before a dance

After 3 years:-

It had been 3 years since Riddhima and Vansh were in a relationship and in these time their bond had become stronger. In these time Kabir had proposed Sejal, Siya proposed Angre and after a lot of convince he had accepted the proposal and Aryan and Ishani was the first one to propose each other among three after Riansh. In these year Riddhima, Sejal, Siya and Ishani had many time visited to VR Mansion and all of them had stored there most precious memory in a room, in these year their gang had become more strong and Unbreakable as all had complete trust on each other and these year went calmly without any issue but they say na there is always the calm before the storm and who knows what are they going to face.

In Morning:-

March 24, 2019 (At 11 am):-

In Saint Teresa’s Institute, Darjeeling:-

Today was the last of all after farewell and all were about to return to Mumbai and for the last time Riddhima messaged Vansh to meet her in the place where they first meet

Vansh was waiting for Riddhima in the classroom and after 10 minutes she came

Vansh- Riddhima why you called me?

Riddhima- Just to spend some quality time with each other any problem Mr. VR?

Vansh- No but here in classroom

Riddhima- Who said?

Vansh- You

Riddhima- When?

Vansh- Then why you called me….

Riddhima- To ask you where shall we go?

Vansh (chuckling) – Come Let’s move to VR Mansion all had went for shopping

Riddhima (confused) – Shopping? Now? Don’t we have flight after 3 hours?

Vansh- They went to buy something don’t know and don’t worry all your things are there only Ishani and Aryan brought there you all will leave from there only

Vansh took her to VR Mansion

In VR Mansion:-   

He held her hand and brought her to kitchen

Riddhima- Why you brought me to kitchen?

Vansh- Tum mein sabar nhi hai (You don’t have patience)

Riddhima- Look who is saying

Vansh- Me, After all sabar bhaut hai mujhme (Afterall I’ve a lot of patience)

Vansh made her sit on the counter

Riddhima- Don’t joke Vansh

Vansh- Shut Up and I’m going to make something for you

Riddhima- I don’t trust you’re cooking.

Vansh- Shut Up just for you how I learnt cooking I only know

Riddhima sat their silently while admiring Vansh who was cooking and suddenly asked

Riddhima- Vansh will you forget me?

Vansh was gobsmacked by her sudden question and moved close to her and cupped her face

Vansh- Sweetheart, Will you forget me?

Riddhima shook her head in negative

Vansh- Then why you think that I will?

Riddhima- Promise won’t you

Vansh- Waise toh (By the way) it’s not needed but Promise

Riddhima gave him a wide smile and he again got busy in cooking and suddenly Riddhima again asked

Riddhima- Give me your phone

Vansh- Take it (forwarding it)

Riddhima- What’s the password?

Vansh- Check Riddhima there is no password

Riddhima- Good now I’m keeping it

Vansh- What’s the need?

Riddhima- There is…. (after keeping it) So the password is….

Vansh- Riddhima

Riddhima- No…

Vansh- Vansh and Riddhima

Riddhima- No…. Close a bit

Vansh- I don’t want to guess Khana jal jayega (food will burn)

Riddhima- Ok first say please say na Riddhima

Vansh- Why will I?

Riddhima- Vanshhh…..

Vansh- Ok fine Riddhima say na please

Riddhima- Riansh

Vansh- Wooh…. How your mind thing these things so easily

Riddhima- After all I’m

Vansh- Idiot

Riddhima- Vanshhhh……..

Vansh- I know my name

Riddhima- I’m not going to leave you how dare you call me an idiot?

Vansh- Ok fine yr… Sorry

Voice- Sorry sorry sorry…….. From last three years we are just saying sorry and they are torturing us….

Both look behind to see Aryan with 5-6 bags

Riddhima- Why you guys went for shopping now?

Aryan- Ishani

Riddhima- Ok understood no need to say further

Aryan- Very smart di….

Riddhima- Thank you Aryan after all you are the only one who care for me and for rest I’m an idiot

She eyed Vansh while Aryan chuckled and left as Ishani called him and Vansh moved too close to Riddhima

Vansh- Don’t I care for you?

Riddhima- I don’t think so

Vansh- Want to see

Riddhima (shied) – No….

Vansh moved close to her and she moved back while sitting on the counter and he again moved until she was laid on the counter and he was about to kiss her but it was broken by a fake cough and they looked to see Kabir, as they saw him standing there and smiling they moved back and

Riddhima- I…I’ll be right back

Kabir- Yaa…Even I’ll leave soon

Blood rose to their cheeks making them blush and Riddhima left from there

Kabir- So Vansh after all you proved one of your dialogue as wrong

Vansh- Which one?

Kabir (mimicking) – Sabar bhaut hai mujhme (I’ve a lot of patience)… I saw that

Vansh- Really?

Kabir- Yaa…Sorry….. Btw get ready we have to leave within an hour

Vansh- Yaa….Just send Riddhima

Kabir- You really don’t have patience

Vansh- Kabirrrr…..

Kabir ran from there

And after a while All left from Darjeeling

After 5 hours:-  

All reached to Mumbai and when they entered their Mansions they got the biggest shock of their life

As Riddhima came into her Mansion she was shocked to see Veer their sitting with her parents while Vansh’s parents were sitting with her sister, Ruchi and Tara and all were tensed and both asked to get the biggest jolt of their lives

They got to know that Ruchi and Veer were in a relationship and Ruchi was pregnant with Veer’s child and firstly all were happy but when the matter went to Sooraj he firstly refused but then accepted it and now he again refused and the reason was unaware to all except Sooraj himself

And till then Vansh was unaware that Veer was Riddhima’s brother and same goes with Riddhima. And Vansh after that decided to meet Sooraj and Sandhya next morning

In Morning:-

Vansh reached to RV Mansion and he was shocked to see Riddhima there while Sooraj and Veer were well aware about him as they heard about him from his family, they took him to their study

In study, Vansh asked from Sooraj the reason to refuse for the alliance and Sooraj replied

“Vansh I don’t have any issue with this alliance but Society will never accept this alliance for two reasons and I guess even there is a solution of it” he took a deep breath and said again “ And both the decision are hard to take for Ruchi and Veer even for the family”

On which Vansh replied

Vansh- Sir what’s the issue?

Sooraj- Vansh if you don’t mind you very well know that your father had earlier done many illegal activity and he was in Mafia even if he isn’t now and an alliance between An IG Officer and An ex- Mafia may tarnish everyone’s image not only our and second reason is that their child is illegitimate and society won’t be able to accept it and the solution is abortion

Veer was shocked by his solution

Veer- Never ever dad it’s my first child

Vansh- Yes sir, how can you say that and as per your question if the child had both of his parents how will he be able to be called as illegitimate and we won’t ever let the society know this

Sooraj- Let’s forget about the issue but Vansh about your dad what will be the solution for it

Vansh- Sir, Dad had left Mafia world even he had no connection with it…. Then how will it be an issue?

Veer- Dad, see he solved your issue now there is no worry please accept it dad I love her please dad

Sooraj- Okay fine…. But Marriage

Vansh- Marriage date is of 5 days from now and it will be then only and there won’t be any issue sir…. Promise

Sooraj- Ok fine I accept

After hearing the news all took a sign of relief and got busy with the pre-wedding rituals

In these 2 days before the ritual Sooraj got to know that Riddhima and Vansh loved each other from the starting of the college he gladly accepted the alliance and their wedding was supposed to be held just after the day of Veer and Ruchi’s wedding

After 4 days:-

Veer and Ruchi’s marriage was done without any issue and next day was supposed to be the wedding of Riansh and for the last time Vansh and Riddhima decided to have a small talk on phone

And Vansh called Riddhima

Vansh- Missed me?

Riddhima- Nope not at all

Vansh- Then whom you missed?

Riddhima- Your talk

Vansh- I’m only talking

Riddhima- Your cute and cheesy talk

Riddhima then took a deep breath

Riddhima- Vansh Everything will be ok na tomorrow?

Vansh- Yaa Riddhima don’t worry nothing will happen wrong and yaa….go and sleep after tomorrow I won’t let you sleep

Riddhima- Really let’s see I will sleep peacefully

Vansh- Don’t be too innocent

Riddhima (realizing) – Vanshhhh…….

Vansh- Yaa….. Chaloo Byee Good night

Riddhima- Good Night Love you

But Vansh had already declined the call

Riddhima- First time he didn’t said

She shrugged it and went to bed but her phone again rang and without seeing the caller ID she picked it up

Voice- Love you Riddhima

Riddhima was shocked to hear Vansh but she smiled and said

Riddhima- Love you too Vansh….Bye….Good Night

Vansh- Good night

She hanged up the call and slept waiting for the storm

In Afternoon:-

Vansh came to Riddhima’s house with his procession and sat on the stage waiting for Riddhima and after a while he saw her coming covering her face in a long veil he went and held her hand to bring her to the stage for the garland exchange, he took the Garland and was about to make her wear and then he saw her face in the water which was between them and a name came from him

Vansh (shocked) – Ragini……

He threw away the garland and saw removed her veil to see Ragini

Episode ends

Precap: – Flashback ends

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