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When our love story started to bloom — description and characters

Aliya is the eldest daughter of Rikara. Happily single and is currently studying acting. She isn’t fond of love kyunki of her ex boyfriend so love is backwass for her.
Aditya or Adi is a responsible boy who works hard as a businessman. He is fond of love but prefers to stay single till god chooses him the right girl.
One day because of their little siblings, Adi and Aliya cross each other’s paths. Will a love story start to bloom? Will two souls become one?


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Aliya Omkara Singh Oberoi a.k.a Alu, age: 20: finishing her studies soon. Loves acting and singing with all her heart. A sweet, bubbly and energetic girl who lives life to the fullest but takes studies very seriously. Loves her family and together with her sisters annoy her brother. She loves her parents’ love but hates the idea of getting her own soulmate.

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Viren Omkara Singh Oberoi, age: 17: son of Rikara. Always gets annoyed with his sisters. Studying hard to become a film director.

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Mishti Omkara Singh Oberoi a.k.a Misty, age: 14: daughter of Rikara. Very sweet and annoys Viren a lot. Has a funny type relationship with Pari. Hoping to be a singer.

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Munni Omkara Singh Oberoi a.k.a Pari, age: 5: the youngest child of Rikara. Loves annoying her brother and Misty. Master at blackmailing and is too cute to resist.


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Omkara Singh Oberoi a.k.a Om, age: 36: artist and photographer by profession. Happily married to Gauri and loves his kids a lot. A sweet dad.
Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi, age: 35: singer by profession. Happily married to Om and loves her kids a lot. Sweet and bubbly.
Note: rikara had a high school relationship which got a little crazy….

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Tej Singh Oberoi, age: 57: father of Rudy and Om. Loves his family a lot. Businessman by profession.
Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi, age: 56: a very sweet woman. Mother of Rudy and Om. Loves her family a lot. Businesswoman by profession.
Note the other Oberois live in India as Rikara and their family live in Singapore. Tejvi love each other

The Bhallas:

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Aditya Bhalla a.k.a Adi, age: 21: a businessman by profession. He is very dedicated to his work however makes time for his family. He loves the idea of love but prefers not to think of his soulmate yet because he wants god to choose the right person for him. He loves his parents a lot. Misses his mother Shagun but loves his step mother.

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Ruhi Bhalla, age: 18: daughter of Raman and Shagun. Loves her siblings a lot but gets annoyed by her brothers.

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Pihu Bhalla, age: 8: daughter of Ishra. Very sweet and is Ruhi’s partner in crime.

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Karan Bhalla, age: 5: son of Ishra. Blackmailing master. Loves his brother the most and annoys his sisters a lot. The youngest in the house.


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Raman Bhalla, age: 41: had two children with his decreased wife Shagun and two with his current wife Ishita. He is dedicated to business but loves his family.
Ishita Bhalla a.k.a Ishu a.k.a Ishimaa, age: 36: a sweet woman. Dentist by profession. Loves her family a lot. Hardworking.

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Ranvider Sharma, age: 24: Aliya’s ex boyfriend.

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