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Shakti 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Jasleen act to get married for Raavi

Shakti 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Harman thinking about Jeet’s condition. Jasleen recalling freeing Harman at the Mandap and asking him to go to Soumya. She thinks about what to do. Harman thinks about why everyone is against his love for Soumya. Sameer, his mum, and Soumya come out of Dhaba. Sameer asks if she liked the dhaba. Just then someone comes and says he wants to talk about toys. Sameer says everyone is talking about toys now. Customer says he needs 1000 toys and asks him for a discount. Sameer calls his mum to talk to the customer. Saya and Chameli take Soumya to the side and asks why are you doing? Soumya says I don’t want to return with you. Sameer asks his mum where is Soumya? She says she was here? Sameer comes hiding his face and pushes Saya. He takes Soumya with him. Saya tells Chameli that it is

good that they came back to Ludhiana and says who was that man who took Soumya with him, and says they will inform Harman.

Sameer brings Soumya home with his mother. Jasleen comes to Harman and asks him to get ready. She takes his bag and shares her plan. She asks him to keep some money. In the morning, Preeto asks Jeet to do whatever he want to. Jeet tells Raavi that he is helpless to do something which he don’t want to do. Harman comes and says no need to go anywhere. They come in wedding attire. Raavi gets happy. Harak Singh gets happy and says you have proved that you are my blood. Jeet asks do you think I am the fool and says if you had to marry then you would have married in front of everyone. Jasleen says we got married because of your stubbornness and not with our happiness. She asks him to show the papers. Harman asks Jasleen to tell that this is marriage certificate which is made in court. Jeet says you got fake certificate made. Jasleen says you have to agree just as we have agreed to Raavi’s pregnancy report. She asks if he don’t trust his own sister and asks why she will wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor in her maang without marriage. Chintu comes and asks Harman and Jasleen, why did they marry? He says you had said that you will bring Mami. Jeet asks Raavi to take Chintu inside.

Preeto asks Harman to answer Chintu. Harman says we have no other way out. Preeto says I didn’t care about home and respect, just for Soumya and you got married. Harman says I got married for Raavi and says I couldn’t let my sister suffer. He says maybe this is written in my destiny and tells that Soumya might be happy without me. Sameer comes there. Jeet asks him to come inside and says I am surprised that Harman didn’t call you for his marriage. Sameer asks Harman what is this? He asks what about Soumya? Harman is silent. Just then Saya and Chameli come there. Harak Singh says my son got married. Jeet offers them nek. Harman tells Saya that this is reality. Saya says I want to tell you that yesterday we saw Soumya and caught her, but a man came and took Soumya from there. Sameer says even I came to know that she is in Ludhiana. Jeet says nobody wants to know where is Soumya? Preeto says I want to know. Saya tells her that Soumya was with a woman and two men. She leaves. Sameer takes Harman and jasleen’s pic in wedding attire, and says he will go. He hears Jeet telling that he will take Balwinder’s sign on divorce papers and will marry Raavi, and then will go to Canada with her. He tells that Harman and Jasleen will come with them, and says he wants guarantee of his sister’s happiness. Harman tells Jasleen that he will not agree to his many conditions. Jasleen says we got married and will go to Canada. Jeet gets happy. Harman agrees. Sameer gets happy. Saya tells preeto that they will leave now.
Harak Singh that he just wants Harman’s happiness and says his happiness is away from that Canada. Sameer shows Harman and Jasleen’s pic in wedding attire and tells that Jasleen’s brother got them remarried them, and now they are going to Canada. Soumya gets sad and runs to the room. Sameer tells his mum that he will stay with Soumya in India and cancels his dream to go to foreign. Sameer’s mum tells him loudly so that Soumya could hear. She tells him that Soumya has kept fast for Harman and loves him a lot, but he is going away from her.

Harman asks Jasleen what they will do now, and tells that Preeto is thinking them wrong. Preeto comes there. Jasleen opens the door.

Soumya thinks why Harman is leaving the city and going far from her. when he was here, she was at peace thinking he is in the nearby city and cries.

Balwinder and his goon kidnap Jeet and take him outside. Soumya is standing out and sees them. Balwinder aims a gun at Jeet. Soumya comes in front and takes the bullet on herself saving Jeet. Balwinder, Raavi, Jeet and Kishan Lal get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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