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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: kansa catches vasudev and kanha’s baby form.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kansa going towards the Yamuna river to catch vasudev with kanha. Kansa runs quickly towards Yamuna as it rains. Jarasant sees and says kansa be quick, vasudev will get out of your hands.
There rishi gargacharya tells kanha that if you don’t go in the past, then kansa will kill you as your baby form and you will cease to exist, kansa will win and he will continue his iniquity over the world. Kanha says we cannot let that happen gurudev, I have to go back in the past and try to save my life. Kanha sits on a rock and he starts praying, he tries to create a cosmic portal through which he can reach back in time and save himself. Kanha sits and then he uses his prayers as a way to make the portal, he says om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namaha! Kanha then prays and

he creates a portal, he lands in Mathura. Kanha runs towards the Yamuna river but by that time kansa reaches Yamuna. Before reaching Yamuna, kansa goes to pralapt and janur in that past and tells them to come with him. They both go with kansa to the Yamuna river. As vasudev is about to jump in the river, kansa, pralapt and janur come and kansa holds the hands of vasudev, pralapt and janur hold vasudev. Vasudev screams in anger and he tries to jump in Yamuna river but kansa, pralapt and janur stop him. Kansa snatches kanha’s younger self from vasudev’s hand and pralapt and janur drag vasudev back to the palace in Mathura.
There kanha sees kansa take him. Kanha meets lord Vishnu who tells him to not worry and go back to the present, there he would meet a child and a mother, that child would be the key to saving his life. Kanha listens and he goes back to the present through prayers.
There kansa reaches back to the palace and says yes I finally got vishnu’s avatar and devki’s 8th son! All soldiers come and everyone gather. Kansa says oh wait, where is the mother? I always wanted her to see the death of her last son. Kansa goes to the prison cell where devki is fainted, kansa uses his power and wakes devki. Devki says my son! Where is my son? Kansa says oh my dear sister, I forgot, I always wanted to give you a very good gift for raksha bandhan! This time I have waited too long, I will give you the death of your last son. Kansa laughs. Jarasant says from the present, kansa it is no time to give raksha bandhan gifts, go and kill that avatar of Vishnu. Kansa smiles and he pulls devki and takes her to the court of his palace.
There kanha opens his eyes and he sees a mother in white clothes arranging the funeral pyre of her son, her son lays on the wooden logs to be burned. Kanha thinks this child is dying and his mother is so sad, I have to save the life of this boy. Kanha sits and prays to transfer the life from his body to the boy’s body.
There kansa keeps kanha on a table and brings his sword. Vasudev struggles and says no kansa, I will kill you, don’t kill my son, kansa don’t! devki says kansa please don’t do this, please! Kansa laughs and then he gets serious and swings his sword, suddenly vasudev comes in between and the sword hits vasudev’s back. There kanha transfers the life into the boy and he wakes up as his mother cries, boy says mother! Mother is happy and she says how did you come back alive? The mother and son then see kanha on the ground as he lies there dead. Mother comes and says he saved your life, mother comes and keeps her thumb on kanha’s head, the boy smiles and his life transfers from mother’s hand to kanha’s body. Kanha wakes up as the boy goes inside kanha. Mother smiles and says I am grateful and my son too to live inside you.

Precap: kanha uses his prayers to save his life in the past. Lord Vishnu appears.Jarasant reaches in the past.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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