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“Never mine!!… so it hearts” By Shyra chapter 2

Hii everyone!! I am back with another chapter! Do give it a try and let me know your reviews….loads of love! shyra!!

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Gauri was about to leave but just then someone held her hand and she got scared…., ” I am not stupid to leave you alone here!” anika came from behind.

Gauri : why are you here? just go otherwise you’ll miss the train…

Anika : that’s what i am saying we’ll get late, go get your bag soon as you are coming along with me.

Gauri : what?? you are gone mad…. just go…

Anika : Actually i have realized that you were wrong, your life hasn’t spoiled yet… even you deserve a chance to redrive everything so i have decided u are coming to Mumbai with me… far away from that cheap person and this place which never offered you a life!! go and get your stuff.

Anika happily said to her but gauri seems to have stuck in some dilemma and she got her hand out of Anika’s hold moving her head horizontal simply denying to what anika said.

Gauri : anika it’s not a joke…. why don’t you understand haan?? i have taken this huge risk for you…you are being foolish!

Anika : ohhh so even you did foolishness by thinking about me! see if you are not coming with me then even i won’t go.. life has given us a chance and how will it be meaningful if you remained Stucked with these heartless people… please for my sake come with me… we’ll be there together starting up our new lives with all freedom….. please gauri come naa!! ( anika insisted but gauri went inside. Anika looked down sadly)

Gauri : now don’t make faces, i am going to get my bag only!! 😊😊 gauri sneaked out and spoke.

Anika’s eyes glowed with happiness.


Soon both of them flee from the cage and landed at the railway station. They both had nervousness after witnessing the crowed view in front of there eyes.

Gauri: Take care of us god!

Anika : I haven’t traveled so far ever! i am feeling really scared….

somehow they both entered the train full of people and found there seats.

Anika: I hope this journey takes us to our destinations.

Gauri kept her hand on Anika’s shoulder and smiled.

The train started and aniri prayed for their new beginning.



Lady: hello! you both are traveling alone??

Anika : yes we are!

The lady noticed them from top to bottom and found them married.


At midnight

Gauri woke up after witnessing a nightmare. She looked for anika but found her sleeping so chose not to disturb her, due to suffocation,she went to have some air.


A well dressed man with a laptop bag was hell irritated not finding his seat.

Person: fhat the wuck!! i knew it that traveling in these low class trains gonna irritate me and if it wasn’t about om, shivay singh oberoi would never have seen this train even.


Soon shivay reached to Anika’s seat and found the opposite seat of her empty so he didn’t think much and

he found a girl sleeping on one seat covering herself with a duvet and the other one was empty so he made himself settle there.

Person: huh! finally got the seat.

He lied down turning and fell asleep.


The sunshine fell on Anika’s face and she woke up stretching her arms. Soon she heard the announcement of reaching Mumbai Station and looked out of the window with excitement of finally reaching her destination. She immediately got up to share this news with gauri but didn’t find her.

Anika : Where is she now?? she didn’t inform me even before going…

Anika left in search of gauri.


Shivay came back to the seat. He kept the phone in his pocket and turned to take his bag when suddenly someone bumped on his back….

Anika : I am sorry! listen have you seen a girl here?? she was in yellow suit…. ( anika asked ) she is my sister… i remember last night she was here only…. please tell me if you know where is she? ( shivay felt her really tensed)

Shivay : sorry but i didn’t see anyone here… Even last night this seat was empty… ( A lone tear escaped from her eye but she didn’t stop there and moved to the next seat)

Anika: aunty jii you had seen my sister naa… did you see her anywhere?? please think….

The lady denied. Anika walked further and questioned the same to each and every passenger. Here shivay was just witnessing her tensed condition.

Lady : she may be on the station…

Anika heard this and without wasting her time she ran out of the train.



On the station

Anika : excuse me! have you seen a girl in yellow suit??

She continued running here and there but couldn’t manage to find gauri anywhere.

Person : This is Mumbai madam! here people disappear in few minutes and never get anyone…

These words squeezed Anika’s leftover hope and at last she broke down on her knees weeping.

Anika : Wheree… arrree…. youu gauri? please come back…. what will i do now?? She looked around with tearful eyes…..

Shivay : You left your bags in train ( shivay came from behind and kept her bags near her but she didn’t even turn to him) listen there is a help desk you can ask there about your sister…

And listening to him anika looked at him.

Shivay ( continued) : you can give them her photo…. they will help you!

Anika opened her purse and took out gauri’s photograph.

Shivay : I can come along with you…. ( but she didn’t wait and left alone)



At help desk

Anika: please help me! my sister is missing. she was with me in the train! but now she is not there…. this is her photograph… please help me!

TC: Ok madam we’ll do the announcement, you can wait until we get any info about her.

Anika : wait?? i can’t wait! she is all alone in this new city… you should find her soon!

TC: we said we’ll do the announcement, what else do you expect from us? ( he spoke rudely to her)

Shivay ( spoke in full tadi) : To not take your responsibilities so lightly.


Anika saw shivay beside her, he looked at her and felt the pain visible in her eyes but anika didn’t keep the eye lock

Shivay : Don’t worry you’ll find her! ( he assured her) and you do your duty as soon as possible!






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