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My Love My Life My everything twinj ff part 26

My love my life my everything twinj ff part 26

Kunj- ill shoot you

Twinkle- what? No kunj

Kunj- yes Twinkle he pressed trigger

Twinkle- chi kunj stop it

Kunj brought water gun (playing gun for kids)

Twinkle- stop it yar kunj

Kunj- no he was laughing looking at her state he stopped after some time irritating twinkle much

Twinkle- where you get this huh😠

Kunj- in every twinkle store we get this

Twinkle- what?

Kunj- i mean to say toys store

(Yes guys its drama and you all guessed it right and some ofyo were confused and who all thought kunj brought real gun to shoot twinkle)

Twinkle – leave it what’s next?

Kunj-you should tell that siyappa queen its your plan you said you are boss here and i should listen you and now you asking me what is next plan huh

Twinkle- kunj……

Kunj- what kunj … tell me why that aman came here today

Twinkle- oh…oh he wanted to show engagement ring that he brought for me

Kunj- how dare he to get ring for you we have o solve this soon twinkle before it gets too late and I am shocked knowing that he and rashmi in one team and they planned all this first hey planned our seperation mean time he acted like he care for you and support you and he gave you job in his company and he proposed you thinking you will leave me and go to him and when that didn’t happened now this drama they made scene like i and rashmi have illegal relationship and made me villian infront of your parents then…

Twinkle- then brought marriage proposal to home he was knowing it now my parents will agree for marriage so that they can keep me away from you if i say no to marriage then also they will not leave me they force me to do this marriage and blackmail me to do this marriage so i said yes to marriage and acted like i believed those photo and doubed on you if i dont do this they will make other than 100 plans and tricks to seperate us to stop that i did it and informed you to act like that and they believed it.

Kunj- everyone believed it twinkle and one by one every family member came to me to convince me to marry you and not rashmi and yuvi too believed it

Twinkle- what? Haan he told Ananya too she too called me and asked what is matter why we did like this then i told her everything and how did you told to yuvi how he reacted?

Kunj- yuvi he came to my room with some books of love novels and started to explain me about it . I wanted to tell him everything but he shut my mouth and started to tell value of love and everything then i closed his mouth and told everything that we planned first he was shocked but then pretends like he was knowing everything before only and only acted like he believed me infront of me hahaha his face was worth watching

Twinkle- hmm

Kunj- what hmm come close to me siyappa queen i missed you so much

Twinkle- acha i too missed you my cute teddy 😘😘😘 pulling his cheeks kunj pinned her to near by wall and they shared romantic eyelock kunj looked at her lips and above to place his lips on it while twinkle placed her palm in between preventing him to kiss her

Kunj- take it back

Twinkle node in no and push him and ran inside her room being shy

Kunj- why you shy like its first time haan if you get shy also its ok keep it away for sometime ok now i want to romance you yar it has been so many days we are away from each other always some or other people will be around you and we dont get time to meet and when ill make time you get shy huh stop there ill not leave you kunj pulled her to him while twinkle tried to escape and they slipped there and falls on bed kunj on top of twinkle kunj smirks at twinkle and kiss on her cheeks

Kunj-baby mene tho kiss manga tho per thu directly bed per pahuchadiya 😉😉 to do morethan kiss thank you siyappa queen

Twinkle- kunj get up any one may come then our drama will be flop

Kunj- now no one can stop me from kissing you

Kunj…kunj mujhe bhul lagi hey

Kunj- ok let me eat you then

Twinkle- kunj after date only ill give you kiss

Kunj- siyappa queen kahiki now where i should take you for date haan

Twinkle- here only i made pastry for us we will cut it ok then ill feed it to you then you feed me then romantic dance and kiss

Kunj- first we will kiss then other things got it

Twinkle- kunj please na lets make perfect kiss moment

Kunj- huh do it fast Twinkle opened pastry box then they both cut the cake and feed each other

Kunj- ok give me my pastry now

Twinkle- hmm take na its here only

Kunj- but my share is there pointing to her lips i want that only its mine not wasting time he pulled her by waist and they kissed passionately kunj pulled her more and walked forward and twinkle walking backward he placed her on bed not breaking kiss and came all over her kissing everywhere then he nuzzled face in her neck and started to give love bites while twinkle moaned loudly his hand travelled inside her top twinkle shivered feeling his touch there

Knock knock….

Twinkle- kunj…

Kunj- shh shut up

Knock knock….

Leela – Twinkle puttar

Twinkle- kunj maa

Kunj- dont disturb me i promise you ill make you mother of my kids

Rt – twinkle…

Kunj- shhh agey jayiye…

Twinkle- kunj get up

Rt – twinkle are you ok open door who’s voice is that

Kunj above to say aapke honey wala dhamad twinkle closed his mouth kunj came in senses

Twinkle- kunj my parents came now what we have to do?

Kunj- go and hide somewhere ill open door

Twinkle- ok ok …huh wait kunj its my home my room you came here so you have to hide not me

Kunj- yes right where ill hide haan

Twinkle- may be they came here to just to talk so you do one thing hide behind me ok

Kunj- what a great personality to hide behind you haan mey tere piche kada hunga tho adha ka adha kunj dhikega unhe siyappa queen

Twinkle- ok go in washroom ill send them outside quickly

Kunj- ok ok he went to washroom Twinkle corrected her hair and dress and opened door

Rt – puttar what you doing

Mahi- haan why you took so much time?

Twinkle- oh i was in washroom

Leela- you are ok na meri bachi

Twinkle- haan maa

Mahi- kuch ghadbad tho nahi hena

Twinkle- wha ghadbad haan 😢😢😢 maa I am dad first only now she also see how she talk with me

Rt – mahi… 😠😠 shut up dont talk with her like that see she looks so sad this all because of that idiot kunj huh

Kunj – ahem ahem coughs (pov what kind of father in law he is always behind this cute son in law and from which angel twinkle looks sad to them. She is in romantic mood now before few minutes she turned on but this people disturbed us huh)he coughs again listening to there scolding

Mahi- who is coughing

Twinkle- ahem ahem coughing its me only

Leela-meri bachi twinkle puttar eat something see you look so dull i think you didnt even drink water properly

Kunj  (hein she eat pastry and she would have eaten me too if you guys didn’t came and what bachi she is not your baby twinkle now she is capable o give baby kunj or twinkle now i can prove it if you make us get married )

Twinkle- hmm maa not feeling like to eat anything

Mahi- why washroom light is on?

Kunj – saali isko light ki chintha hey off karna hena lo he offed the light

Twinkle- where its off only mahi looks at it and shocked

Mahi- but it was on right now

Twinkle- maa😢😢😢 see her she cares for washroom lights and not on me😢😢😢

Rt – mahi

Twinkle- why you guys came here any work?

Leela- haan puttar ye dekh aman sent dress for you and watch also

Twinkle- why?

Leela- simply gift for you dekho kina acha hena vo leela put watch to her hand kunj fumes in anger

Kunj- your time is not good aman meri gf ko gift bejega huh

Mahi- i heard some voice there i have to check who is in washroom she talked to herself

Mahi moves towards washroom Twinkle stops her

Twinkle- where you going haan?

Mahi- to washroom

Twinkle- go and use yours why mine haan?

Mahi- arey whats big deal move

Twinkle – 😢😢😢 i feel bad all use my things only maa 😢😢😢 its my washroom ill not leave you there go

Rt – we will go from here let her take rest mahi you go from here

Mahi- huh she went from there then rt and leela too twinkle closed room door and signed in relief

Kunj came there

Kunj- how dare he to send you gifts and why youbeven touched it haan

Twinkle- aww jealous baby

Kunj- huh you touched that dress come now ill clean you

Twinkle – kunj leave me kunj lifted her in bridal style and took her to washroom made her to stand below shower they both drenched in water Kunj took out watch from her hand and flushed it

Twinkle- see now we are fully drenched in water i have to change my dress and you also have to cange huh sadu kahike

Kunj- ill change your dress na and its ok if you remove dress and be like that only i wont mind

Twinkle- acha now go out she came out wearing dress kunj sitting outside wrapped in towel twinkle looking at him 😍😍😍 like she eats him now only kunj looked at twinkle who is staring him

Kunj- stop staring at me like that

Twinkle- oh oh i wasn’t staring at you i was staring at that wall its looking good i mean in light effect its looking good

Kunj- oh if you wish that light will come to you saying this he went near to her twinkle touched his bare chest and making imaginary sketches there and kissed there while kunj smiled and pulled her more close to him .water drops from his hair fell on her lips kunj pulled her up matching to his height then captured her lips after some romantic session twinkle took towel and drying kunj wet hairs while he held her by waist.

Kunj- ok ill move now

Twinkle- wait how you can wear wet dress and go haan you will fall ill wait i called yuvi and told him to throw your dress in my balcony

Kunj- siyappa you told yuvi that I am here

Twinkle – haan

Kunj – siyappa queen now he will come and kill me for spoiling his date he was searching for me i escaped from him and came here but you siyappa queen called him haan

Yuvi- oye kunj sarna kaha hey thu kaha chup ker beta hey saale

Kunj- oh god he came here now where ill go ill hide in washroom ok dont tell him

Yuvi  – oyee rukh before he comes kunj shut washroom door

Twinkle- what happened?

Yuvi- 😢😢😢 because of him i got scolding from Ananya and she cancelled our date plan hey bhagwan mey mera dardh kisko bathavu mere bhayi mera date spoil kiya re

Twinkle – what😂😂😂😂 Ananya scold you

Yuvi- twinki

Twinkle- ok sorry sorry but my kunj is very good he can’t do like that i think you only did some mistake so she scold you

Yuvi- oye finger chips chup haan thum boyfriend girlfriend kamaal ho khud rath rath date karthe ho kamre mey aur mujhe karne nahi diya

Kunj- forgotten that time haan when you are single you also did same you were doing drama to cancel my date so today i did same to you hahaha

Twinkle- someone tell me first what happened? Kunj you come outside first and dont talk that loudly anyone may come

Kunj came outside wearing his wet dress only

Yuvi – ask him only what he did

Kunj- then what twinkle our date cancelled so i told him you also dont go today go some other day but he denied

Twinkle- so

Kunj- so


Kunj- i didn’t meet my girl friend from since week and you are enjoying daily with your girl friend haan today one day you come with me na

Yuvi- no baba i am going bye

Kunj- yuvi yar

Yuvi – your drama queen’s drama huh you guys cant meet hahaha maja aa raha hey

Kunj- oye

Yuvi- then what haan that time i also asked you to take me also date with you because i dont how date will be but you denied it now asking me

Kunj- chi i am nit interested to come date with you guys but today come with me outside na yar

Yuvi- no baba …today special date she also getting ready in sarna mansion and me too

Kunj- what is so special in that i n my siyappa queen get ready in one room only sometimes

Yuvi- huh we both will see each other on date location only until then we both dont talk its my idea haha I am going to rock it today dont disturb me now i have to get ready quickly

Kunj goes outside and looks at tara

Kunj- oye tara come here and he give her some chocolate and tells something in her ears

Tara goes to yuvi and tell him something

Tara – Ananya chachi told me to tell you that she likes swami dress so much who wear lungi and all

Yuvi- what? Strange ok ill get ready like that

Tara goes to ananya

Ananya- hey cutiepie

Tara – chachi chachu told you to get ready in modern dress

Ananya- ok Ananya got ready in gown and left from there yuvi in orange color lungi and some attire like swami

Yuvi- Ananya darling

She got shocked to look at him like that

Ananya- what is this haan😠😠

Yuvi- I am looking handsome na

Ananya- what?? I hate orange color and i hate this get up too

Some Ananya friends came and talked to her and looked at yuvi and why he is like swami

Yuvi remembered kunj said him that if boy friend flirt with girl friend’s friends then his girl will be happy

Yuvi- hey baby mey dhiktha hun swami type but hun haraami type and you are beautiful 😍

Lata- oh thank you handsome

Ananya- bye lata you go from here

Ananya- you 😠😠 how dare you to say her as baby haan

Yuvi- i thought you will become happy

Ananya- what?

Kunj comes there

Kunj- what you telling yuvi haan yiu have beautiful cute girl friend infront of you but you talked with her friends chi man what a shame

Yuvi- shut up

Ananya- you shup up

Kunj- see your girl friend is hot cute but you

Yuvi – kunj nahi

Kunj- what? See Ananya he is telling you are not cute snd beautiful

Yuvi- no

Kunj- see now also he telling no

Ananya- huh😠😠😠 you go i won’t talk to you you are very bad ill complaint about you to bebe ….bebe she sat in car and left to home

Yuvi- kunj😠😠😠 he also ran from there yuvi goes to home where bebe sitting holding stick and anita also scolding him and Ananya sat there with angry face

It took so much time for him to escape from there later he went to ananya room bu she pushed him out of room

End of flashback

Twinkle- aww kunj

Yuvi- what aww kunj haan

Twinkle- tit for tat you also did this many times yuvi its ok leave ill talk with her

Yuvi- hmm

Kunj- you are too innocent yuvi

Yuvi- shut up

Kunj- arey dont be angry na yar come ill give you that kiss which you missed

Yuvi- acha avo

Kunj- i was just joking

Yuvi- no i want it he does pout

Kunj- bandhar

Yuvi- huh leave it guys what’s next plan

Kunj- still thinking

Yuvi- what still thinking bro aman giving invitation everywhere and that rashmi too saying everyone that she is your future wife she calling guru ji tomorrow to fix wedding date

Twinkle- what?

Kunj- we have to do something quickly before it gets too late

To be continued

Precap – haldi ….kiski mehendi kiski hatho per…

(Sorry guys really sorry for late update but  what to do I am hell busy now days and i had informed you guys about this in my previous update …. now made some time in my busy schedule to write this…..)

(Thank you for likes and dislikes and comments and how was episode share your views via comments and i know its not upto expectation may be but I am sorry i couldn’t write in exam tension i wanted to write more time didnt permit me so forgive me if any mistake is there once ill become free ill write it…sorry if it is boring forgive me)

(And wedding rituals i dont know correctly so can someone give suggestion in serial order like first what mehendi or anything in our tradition only haldi then wedding its different so can someone help me) 

(And guys i think mujhe haq hey ff is not good not everyone liking it so got dislikes too and less response too its ok ill not waste your time too ill end it in next epi or last one only last piece of it and sajna ve will end soon…sorry if i bore you guys from my ff and in sajna ve some part left ill end it dont want to drag more so )

(After finishing everything i thought to write horror story


A couple walking on road hand in hand its twinj

Kunj- siyappa queen thank you for saying yes to my love i love you so much

Twinkle- you thought me meaning of love i love you so much kunj i dont know why but i feel like i know you from ages like our parents tell may be janam janam ka prem bandhan

Kunj- hahaha janam janam haha Twinkle come on we are medical student dont believe that all . I just know about this janam and i know this no one can take you away from me he pulled her and they were romancing behind tree

Some old lady looked at them she got angry she looks like mad she looks so scary she came to them and pushed kunj to other side twinkle screamed looking at her she held twinkle hand Twinkle cant look at her face which is covered by hairs she was screaming kunj came to her that lady pressed his neck saying leave my beti ill kill you now ill not give her to you some people came there and saved them twinj goes from there

Twinkle looking at some dead body her friends were also there she comes other dead body side she opens it and look at that’s face and get scared and some one give her voiceshe turn behind to go some one hold her hand she turn and shocked to see dead body held her hand and opened eyes too twinkle screams and faint

(Ok if you like it then only ill coninue it after finishing other stories ok bye guys love you share your views bye bye love you all)










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