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Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaggi gets caught

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Baldev making joke on Jaggi when he fails to do 100 pushups. Baldev goes. Vishesh asks Jaggi what is he doing. Maasi tells everyone her love story. Everyone smiles. Vishesh gives her tea. Maasi asks him to listen to her stories. Vishesh joins them. She gets sad and tells the sad end. Vishesh cheers her up and says I would have expressed my love if I was in your lover’s place. She asks how would you express. She makes a dummy girl and says she is Haseena, now express your love and show. She laughs. Kanch turns away. He sees Kanchan and sits to express love in his poetic ways. Kanchan turns to him. He asks her not to be scared and know his arms are open just for him, he will wait for her till she opens the doors of her heart. Everyone smiles and slaps. Kanchan drops the

nail polish. She goes.

Baldev and Nandan find Jaggi on the terrace. Baldev asks what are you doing here. Jaggi says you told me to stronger body by standing in sunlight. Vishesh comes there and praises Jaggi for having strong will power. Nandan says I have seen such an obedient guy for the first time. Baldev thinks. Chandar comes to Kanchan. She says I will call Baldev. Chandar says I need to talk to you, this is Vishesh’s teacher, he said Vishesh’s engagement didn’t happen, I didn’t understand, just tell the truth, if there is anything, this this alliance will break. Teacher says Vishesh is close to me, I don’t like his name getting used like this, I will call him. He calls Vishesh.

Vishesh says what a pleasant surprise, how are you. Teacher says a girl in Mathura is claiming to be your fiancee, her name is Kanchan, talk to her once. Vishesh talks to Kanchan. He asks Kanchan to show their pics to his teacher. He asks how are marriage arrangements going on. Kanchan gets shocked. He says give my greetings to Himani Maasi, its good you met my fav. teacher, take care of him. Chandar and teacher get ashamed. Vishesh says I didn’t wish to tell everyone, Kanchan doesn’t like much attention, bless her. Teacher apologizes. Vishesh says its your right. Teacher blesses her and goes. Kanchan thinks how did real prince say this to me. Chandar says forgive me, don’t tell this to Vishesh, we won’t get anything, we asked for dowry, but when we learnt about your alliance, we fixed this relation, I felt cheated when teacher said its a lie, I have hopes from royal family to get a job for my son, look after Amit, we will look after Sheetal, stay happy. He goes.

Saurabh asks Ananya to call her mum. Ananya says I will call tomorrow. She gets Rajmata’s call. Rajmata invites them for dinner and says I understand everything, just come home. Ananya tells Saurabh about the invitation. They smile. Kanchan asks Baldev how did he agree for this relation, when they asked for dowry. Baldev says its not wrong. Kanchan opposes it. Baldev asks shall I break marriage and make Sheetal sit at home always. A man asks him to come fast, its a disaster. They rush. Uncle complains about Jaggi and beats him up. He asks Baldev to see what was happening, Jaggi was feeding food to Sheetal, they were romancing. Sheetal cries. Baldev asks what are you saying. Uncle says I haven’t heard of such a shameless thing, I had doubted when Jaggi came as Vishnu that day. Vishesh looks on. Baldev asks who is this guy, is he the one. She cries. Uncle scolds Sheetal. Baldev asks were you going to elope with him. He slaps Jaggi and beats him. Vishesh stops Baldev. Baldev slaps him and says shut up.

Devyaani sends Kanchan and Vishesh’s pic to her. Kanchan gets shocked and goes to Vishesh. She asks why did you do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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