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Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu waking up in the morning and thinks she got much drunk last night. She looks at herself in the mirror and comes downstairs calling Sunny. She asks Sunny if he did this? Everyone laugh. Mitali says she is looking dangerous. Disha says our Sunny didn’t do anything. Tanu says Mother came to defend her son and tells that you couldn’t handle your son and asks her to teach him something food. Tai ji says she is giving Mrs. Universe gyan. Tanu blames Sunny for spoiling her face with marker. Sunny swears and tells that he didn’t do anything. Disha says yes, he is innocent. Tanu says you have done this, as nobody else use marker here. Abhi comes with Aaliya and asks why are you scolding him? He sees her face and smiles. Dadi and Dasi come there and laugh on her. Dadi says she

will give prize to Sunny. Sunny says I didn’t do anything. Abhi says I am laughing because of you. Tanu asks him not to joke and says this marker ink might be harmful to my innocent. Abhi says Sunny don’t lie and says he is a kid. Purab says Sunny is innocent. Abhi tells that Sunny was afraid of Kiara and says he can’t do this. Tanu thinks if that Kiara have done this and thinks she will not leave her.

Pragya gets Kiara ready for school. King comes. Kiara hugs him. King says they will meet in the afternoon. Kiara says if you are at home. King asks Pragya if she is fine. She says yes and goes to drop Kiara. Purab comes to Disha and tries to romance with her. Disha puts flour on his face. He runs after her and holds her. Le Jaye Mujhe Ye Hawaye….He is about to kiss her. Aaliya comes there and asks Purab to come out if the romance is over, and asks him to clean his face. Disha laughs and cleans his face. She asks him not to take panga. Aaliya gets angry and thinks of Purab and Disha’s intimacy. Mitali asks if romance is happening inside. Aaliya asks what do you mean? Mitali tells that she saw Disha and Purab romancing and says I recalled when Raj romanced with me. She praises Disha and says if they are left alone all day, they will romance all day. Aaliya asks her to shut up and asks her to mind her own business. She asks where is Abhi? Mitali says he went to drop Sunny to school. Mitali thinks she has to see what happens now. Abhi drops Sunny to school and tells him not to do anything wrong to Kiara and says she is his favorite doll. Sunny says I will not do anything and tells that Kiara is his favorite doll too since last night. She is his friend now. Abhi tells Sunny that they have same liking. Principal comes and tells Abhi that she need to talk to him. She reminds him about singing song in her daughter’s wedding.

Abhi gets a call and excuses herself. Pragya comes to drop Kiara and meets teacher. She sees her tiffin in the car and thinks Kiara forgot her tiffin. She takes tiffin inside. Abhi ends the call seeing Kiara. Kiara asks how is he now? He says fine. Kiara says he is looking handsome doll chor. Abhi asks her not to call him doll chor. She says that’s why I add handsome and says doll chor suits you. She says it is not good if I call you arrogant and attitude guy, and says doll chor suits you. Abhi thanks her for pacifying him for yesterday and says he was disturbed. Kiara says your eyes are swollen even now and asks him to rest. He says he will rest in the afternoon. Kiara asks him to bend down and kisses on his forehead. Just then she sees Pragya coming there and asks Abhi to go and hide from her mum. She says if she sees you then she will scold me for kissing a stranger. Abhi says I will not tell her that you kissed me and will tell her that you are sweet. Kiara takes him to Principal’s room and locks him. Kiara comes out and makes an excuse. Pragya keeps tiffin in her bag. Abhi thinks why shall I be afraid of Kiara’s mum and says I will introduced myself as rockstar. He looks outside. Kiara signs him to hide. He sees Pragya’s back and couldn’t identify her. principal comes to her cabin and asks Abhi to come.

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