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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update lovely asks dadi for help.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

kulfi having amras witg hands,amyra says yuk,kulfi dad is calling you, kulfi asks why,amyra says he wants to teach us muiac,kulfi says god,and walks to music room with Amyra.
Sikandar mimics voices,and plays a instrument,and mimics all voices from forest,amyra says dad music, Sikander says me and uncle learnt music this way by mimicking vocies,amyra says you think about music all the time, Sikander says it’s peaceful and when you connevt with music you connect with god,its like addiction.

Sikander teaches them to micmic voices,amyra and kulfi start enjoying it,sikander looks at kulfi and thinks about his love child.lovely in tears walks to dadi and says mom please stop Mohinder he is in chiroli to meet Sikanders love child from nimrat, please stop him,i know you hate me,but

please save my family.if they come here my family will be broken my amyra will be broken for sake of her help me.
nihalo dreaming about money,bholi and tinda wake up,tinda says its time to take a stand against ma and her injustice,look kulfi didi loved us and ma troubled her we have to fight for kulfis rights,when you meet that uncle tell him the truth and kulfi didi is in mumbai.

sikander waiting for mohinders call,sikander asks jagira to get him drinks,sikander makes him a drink and spits it and asks jagira what is this who added jeera water in my bottle,kulfi says i did.dadi thinking about lovely, Gunjan asks what happened,dadi says nothing,and asks where is mohinder, did you talk to him,Gunjan says yes i did.

Sikandar says what did you do,and scolds kulfi,everyone gathers, kulfi says i threw alcohol,gunjan says oh god,sikander asks why did you do so,kulfi says you are my guru,i have learnt music listening to you but today i learnt from you and understood how knowledgeable you are and i dont want goddess to be upset with you,and take your knowledge away,sikander says no one dare do this to me and talk to me this way, kulfi says what your mom never scolded you,jagira stops kulfi and says im sorry sir, Sikander gets angry and leavez, kulfi says why did you do that i won’t stop till he stops drinkimg that, dadi says you are so good and hugs her.

Sikander wakes up,he checks his phone for mohinders message, Sikander says god i woke up early may be because i slept because i was tried and not drunk.

Sikander sees kulfi kitchen and asks what are you doing,kulfi says filling bottles what if water goes,sikander says we have water here 24 hrs, kulfi says okay and how come you are up early, Sikander says just,kulfi says may be because you didnt drink that bad drink.

pre cap: Sikander says you two stay here i will be back,amyra send kulfi playing a prank, Sikander returns,amyra says i tried to stop but he didn’t listen.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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