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Krishna Chali London 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Grah pravesh happens

Krishna Chali London 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Saajan asking Radhe to hold Krishna’s hand on the way. He says I will call you, follow my instructions. Radhe nods. Dubey hugs Krishna and they cry. Sonu says you are leaving…. Krishna says yes, I promise I will always look after you. She hugs everyone in her family. Krishna leaves with Radhe. They are on the way. She thinks of Bua’s words. Krishna says the weather is good right. He gets Saajan’s call.

Saajan is in other car. He says your wife’s anger is nothing in front of you, be a man and grab her hand, you are married to her now. Radhe says she is not looking at me. Saajan says a woman likes when a husband claims his right on her. Radhe says I will do it. Saajan says hold phone in other hand. Radhe tries to hold her hand. She turns. He gets tensed

and goes out of window. Shukla asks what’s the matter. Radhe says I feel nauseous. They reach home. Radhe’s mum does their tilak and aarti. She says this is not your Maayka, its your Sasural, forget what your dad, Bua and her husband taught you, our rules are different, control your heart. Krishna asks what do you mean.

Radhe’s mum says you aren’t punished to stand there, hit this vessel with right foot and get it. She corrects Krishna and says I said the right foot. Krishna hits the vessel and slips. Radhe holds her in arms. Krishna moves and he falls down. Everyone looks on. Radhe forwards hand and holds Krishna. Krishna goes inside. Radhe’s mum asks what was that, have you come for jogging in garden, you are running faster, you will be down, husband and wife should have grahpravesh together, you have no knowledge of customs and traditions, we should have got an educated bahu. Shukla asks what did you say, would we add another illiterate woman like you. He says I want an educated bahu, I have been listening to taunts, I get hurt when people call my family illiterate, I want to change the family, I will give them a tight slap by the degree, so I got an educated bahu, understood or not. He goes.

Radhe’s mum asks Bela to get groom and bride to temple. Radhe signs Bela. He goes to Krishna. He says sorry, dad is like coconut, he is kind hearted, he beats me sometimes, don’t worry. Bela takes Krishna. Dubey sits sad. Bua asks him not to think much. She scolds the man for giving rotten oranges. She says when girl leaves the house, we feel lonely. Dubey says the way she looked at me, that face… those tears in her eyes…. Bua asks will she not cry after kanyadaan. He says as if she was saying that I didn’t do right. Bua says why would she try to run away from marriage if she thought well, stop it, until when will you think, you did the right thing, Krishna won’t get a groom like Radhe. He nods. Radhe and Krishna pray. Bela takes Krishna to bedroom. Krishna sees something covered. Shukla asks what are you looking at, I have brought this toy for you, you are going to use it and make the whole world jealous, we will test your intelligence, go and take some rest now. Krishna goes.

Radhe says don’t tell anyone, you got caught because of me, how could I begin my married life with a lie. Krishna fumes.

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