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Kasam 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika thanks Akki, Ranbir gets restless

Kasam 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Akki telling that Chacha and Chachi will scold him for lying. Kritika comes to him and thanks her for saving them. Akki recalls Ranbir telling that she will not thank him. He tells Kritika that his brother couldn’t understand you better. Kritika says that mad guy couldn’t understand himself better and is in his own world. Akki sees Jiana staring him and says it seems she is in her room. Kritika asks Jiana to thank him. Akki offers to drop them home. Kritika agrees and says we will come. Akki asks one of them to sit on the front seat beside him. Kritika sits beside him, while Jiana sits at the back side. Akki thinks Ranbir made him hero. Kritika praises his idea of throwing the coins in air and says what an idea. Akki gets happy and says he thought his idea will fail. Kritika thanks

him again. Akki thinks Jiana didn’t say him thank even once. Ranbir thinks of Kritika and tells himself not to call Akki about her. He then couldn’t resist himself from calling Akki. Akki tells that he is fine and going to drop Kritika and her sister. Ranbir asks if everything is alright. Akki says fine and safe. Kritika asks him to stop the car. Akki says bye to Ranbir.

Ranbir feels his mind calm down and thinks what is this connection. He thinks last time, I saw her crying and that’s why feeling concerned for her being human. Kritika gets down from the car and thanks Akki again. Akki says you are most welcome. Jiana says thank you. Akki says now you remember that after a long time. He says I can understand. Jiana smiles looking at him. Kritika thinks she is gone. Akki says your house is good and says I will leave. Jiana says I wanted to say something and says you are very good. Akki says I like it and says our fights and arguments are over now. He says friends and shakes hands with her. Jiana smiles. He sits in car and leaves.

Akki comes home. Mahima hugs him and says I was scared. She asks Balraj not to send him to the bank again. Akki says he did what bhai asked him to do? Mahima scolds Ranbir. Kritika and Jiana tell Pummy about the bank robbery. Pummy gets worried. Jiana asks her to relax and tells that their money is safe. Pummy gets relaxed and asks them to withdraw money on next day. She asks her to make dinner. Kritika signs Jiana about getting lost in Akki’s thoughts.

Ranbir is sleeping and sees Kritika in his dream. He thinks she is following him in his dreams also. He thinks he has to catch the flight. Jiana comes to Kritika’s room and tells that she is not getting sleep. Kritika teases her and tells that she saw her lost in someone thoughts. Jiana takes Akki’s name. Kritika says it is love and teases her. Jiana says she dislikes Akki and can’t stand with him etc. She tells Kritika that she understands that she loves Ranbir. Kritika says she will never love half firangi, attitude, self obsessed guy. Jiana says you don’t know, this is the love which just happens, whose Jodi is made by God and says you both collide with each other everywhere. Kritika thinks about him. Jiana asks did you think about him. Kritika says yes and then says no. She gets tensed thinking about Ranbir. Ranbir returns home. Malishka and her friend inform Balraj and Mahima that Ranbir is back. Ranbir hugs Mahima. Mahima gets emotional. Balraj says you will understand her emotions when you become dad. Malishka tells Ranbir that she tried to make her father understand, but he didn’t agree. Ranbir tells his dad that in one hearing, they will get Kapoor Mansion back. Malishka thinks he will never get Kapoor Mansion back.

Malishka tells her cousin/friend that tonight everything will change and her father is part of her plan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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