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Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 15 Episode

   ᏦᎪᎥsᎪ ᎽᎬh Ꭵsq hᎪᎥ💕

Episode – 15

Recap:- After practising a lot Avni recorded a song but While arguing with Neil it falls down in a hollow . Ali meets a stranger 


Neil : where are keys ?

Avni : I threw them away

Neil : Just remain here , I’ll come in a few minutes , Because with those keys , The key for these handcuffs were also there , Fine

Avni : F.I.N.E


AVNI : Stupid , Akroo police wala , He is just sick

( she was tied to back of Bike )


Neil walks down the road murmuring ” Stupid girl , Don’t know where she would have thrown the keys ”

Neil walks back to his original position but couldn’t find neither his bike nor Avni .

Neil looks here and there ” Ahiana , Ahiana where’s you ?”

Neil keeps his hand over forehead and exclaims ” Oh god now where’s she ? How can she escape her hands were  tethered , Does she knows a trick , Or is she a Mr.India ” ” Where’s my bike ”

Suddenly he hears a beep sound , He turns back and saws Avni wearing helmet on his bike . He’s shocked and surprised at same time .

Avni gives him a flying kiss in air and exclaims ” Mr.Police officer , You’re beaten by me again , I won the bet ”

Showing him keys , She ignited the bike and left with a loud vroom .

Neil “No Ahiana ” ” What keys were with her only ” ” Shit man ! ”


Vidyut : What about that email which we had sent to Alia

Ballu : Don’t know sir , We haven’t got any response

Vidyut : Where the hell this alia is , We’re searching like a mad for her

Suddenly something unusual voice comes from outside as if something broke

” Who’s there , Lunatic show up ”

It was Ragu , He comes in ” Sorry boss I came because I’ve something to say ”

Ballu : You know it very well that non one is allowed to come here in this room , Hey take him out

Ragu : Please , For godsake , For once listen to me

Vidyut : Hurry up

Ragu : I want to help you out

Vidyut looks at him strangely ” Help me ! ”

Ragu : Yes , I saw you thinking day and night about Alia , So I just thought to help you

Ballu : And how’ll you help him

Ragu : I’ll go to Mumbai again and search for her

Ballu : Are you mad ! If you went there and police saw you , What’ll you say to them

Ragu : Don’t worry I’ll do the operation very silently

Ballu : Just shut up , We can’t afford to take any kind of risks , Did you got that !

Ragu : I’ve a brilliant idea , I’ll really help you out

Ballu pushed him out of room ” Just get out of here and never ever dare to show up with your nonsense ideas ”

He is thrown out of the room

Vidyut : Eh! I think  he gave an idea

Ballu : what sir

Vidyut : Secrete operation , Send as many as you can , And make them watch over Mumbai in silent, Hidden way

Ballu : Hmm I understood what you wanna say

One of his servants enters in and tells them ” Sir , She’s again doing all that ”

Vidyut : What ballu ! Can’t you just do one thing

Ballu : Sorry boss ! But this time I won’t let you down

Vidyut : Good , Let’s see if you can be how I am

Ballu to that man “Come let’s go ”

Ballu slams the door open and a girl is shown in a pathetic situation , She’s crying badly , Her half of cloths are torn .

Ballu ” Eh girl what’s your problem ”

Girl wheeps ” Please let me go I’m not of that type girl ”

Ballu : Here no one is of that type , We make them so , Got that

He squeezed her chin ” Listen me carefully , Just get ready or else you know I’ll take you to the Gufa ( kind of cage ) You know it very well what happens there

Ballu : See her , Make her set and still if she dosen’t did so then lock her in cage


Avni reaches back at that place , Hurriedly she gets off the bike ” I’ve to find my phone anyhow ”

Avni looks down through the gauge ( hollow , Khai) ” Oh my phone , Where’s you , I’ve to go down and search for it ”

She looks here and there to find a possible way to trek down . ” Oh ya ! I can do down by this way , Though it’s little steep , So what I’m not afraid , I can get down there , Yes ! Avni you can do it ! ”

Avni walks down that flat low way in order to reach her destination .

NEIL arrives , He’s wandering here and there ” Where’s she now ! Oh god , weather could be fatal ”

ALL OF A SUDDEN , He hears sounds as if somebody’s feet are continuously tapping onto the ground , That sticky sounding pitter patter of foot diverted him towards that noise .

Reaching at the last edge of the of the hollow inside earth , His neck lowered down and he points Avni strolling down .

Abruptly , He shouts ” No !!! Wait !!! ”

Her balance stumbled , Slipping from that vertical peak , She rolled down and fell

” Ahiana !!!” He shouts and rushes

NEIL slowly climbs down , On reaching the even ground , He looks here and there , He hears a cry , Someone mewling slowly ” N.E.I.L ”


Avni lifts up her face and looks at him ” I found my phone ”

Neil readily gives a loud laughter ” You’re looking so beautiful, I’ve no words ”

Avni : Hey you , How could you be so mean , You’re laughing at me , You should help me out instead of showing your teeth

Neil : Cooking skills zero , Rappelling skills Zero , You just know how to shout and talk

Avni : Just keep quiet and help me , Give me your hand

Neil : Ooo.. I don’t want to make my hands dirty , You see my skin is very delicate , Don’t know how many insects would be there in water

Avni yells ” Aaaahh !!! ” She frantically tries to get up but as slippery that place was she falls again .

Finally Neil lend her his helping hand and she holds and pulls him into and herself pops out .

Avni giggles : Yes ! oh god I’m so dirty ( she cleansed herself )

Neil cries ” What is this Ahiana ? ”

Avni : Nothing it’s just Eye for an eye , What you did to me , I did with you

Neil : what !!! I helped you to get out of here but you did this to me , Someone has rightly said Bhalayi ki zamana nahi raha ( it’s not the generation of helping others )

Avni :I’m here just because of you , And now I’ve to go , I’m very late , So bye

Neil : How mean are you really !

Avni : Ooo I’m really sorry but not sorry , Okay tell me at what number should I call to help a police man 101, 100 , Or what

Neil : egocentric , Mean , Self- loving , woman

Avni : Okay Okay I’m not like you ( she gives her hand and he stood up )

Avni roars ” Just because of you I’m looking like , Just like a brown chocolate cake

Neil : And what about me ! as if I’m looking like sharuhk khan 

Avni :Come on ! You can never look like him

Avni sighs ” Oh god I want to clean myself , I’m so muddy .

Suddenly , Heavy downpour begins …

Neil : See god must be irritated with your voice , So it’s raining now

Avni : Now if your fatuous talks are over can we please get out of here

Neil : Thank god I really wanna get out as soon as possible

Avni : Me too

Neil putting his hands forward” Lady’s first ”

Avni and Neil walks each uttering to themselves .

Avni :I don’t think  can ever reach there on time , I’m surely late , It’s going to be now

Neil : I’m late , what about mom , She must be crazy , Whole day I couldn’t work , Oh gosh !

Since showers were quiet heavy , Stormy winds all over , The atmosphere was little horrific . Unforseen , giant rock structures slides down from the vertical peak

Avni shouts “Neil get a side ”

They both separated and the rock’s rolled down .After that unexpected incident ,

Neil ” Are you okay ”

Avni : I’m

Neil : A land slide , Exclaims he

Avni : Now what !,the way is blocked

Neil : we can’t go up

Avni : No ways

Neil : This all happened because of you , Just because of your this mere 1000rs phone you’ve put our lives at risk 

Avni :what do you mean ! I never called you up to come here , It was you , With your own will who came here , Tell me why did you came behind , Speak , Why’s you silent now

Neil : You know what I think you’re really foolish , Couldn’t see how dangerous the weather is !

Avni : No no I’m not foolish it’s you’re who’s stupid !what kind of police officer you’re Ha ! Instead of helping you’re putting me in problem .

Neil : Hmm you just know how to give answers you would never say thanks to person who came here just to save you

AVNI : Fine then ! you go your way and I’ll go my way , Let’s see who first can find a path to escape .

She harshly wore her bag over back and started moving forward .

They both are moving in same direction but miles away from each other …


Ragu : what’s this black cage , I’ve heard this name quite many times , What’s there

He saw Vidyut and Ballu going out of the building and sitting in a big car .

Ragu : This is the right chance I can go and find out more about Alia

He rushed towards Vidyuts room , Opens the door and gets in secretly .

He started looking over every possible place , Distorted every corner of the room . Took a glance of each drawers and cupboard there .

Ragu : Oh god ,Here’s nothing I can get some help with , Who is Alia , Who’s behind this mask ( seeing the picture ) 

Momentarily , He hears some footsteps , To his himself he pressed himself against a wall , Being relieved that no one is there , He threw out air from his mouth , On touching the wall he realizes some kind of voice as if the wall is not made of bricks but some hard cardboard like material , He knocks twice and finds something fishy .

Ragu ” Somethin’ is behind this wall ”

Ragu ” But how could I get into it , There must be some way ”

His feet gets tangled with a wire , He pulled that wire in and the wall divided into two sections and a dark , Complete room is visible to him.

He gets in and saw nothing but a black dark room , No fan there , A tiny window , A wooden old chair . On that chair were thick iron chains . He moves towards the chair and picks up that heavy rusty iron Shackles , Behind those he found some blood stains .

Ragu was huffing by now ” What is this place ” he said with extreme astonishment .

He  twisted back and his eyes catch a sight of a television set kept there on a old table .

Ragu ” A TV ” ” Here but why ”

His front finger reached at the red button and as soon as he touched it a creepy scene comes upon ..


Avni : Now I’d surely late , And don’t think that I could ever be a singer ( Tapping phone onto her palm ) And this phone it’s not working

Neil is doing the same ” Why’s this phone not working , O man ! I can’t even contact for help ”

Neil’s eyes looks up and he realizes that that old tree in from of him is just going to fall and benath it was standing Avni . She looks up and gets afraid and shouts , Neil rushed towards her , Grasped her hand and rolled her into his arms .

Avni is shocked and thrilled , Neil covers her mouth with his hand ” Shhh !! Nothing has happened , We both are fine , See ! “

She looks with her timid eyes into his .

[ Background music – Tu safar mera

Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Tu mera khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shaamil …]

He removed his hand , Avni ” Don’t stick to me ” 


Neil : I’ve saved your life you can thank me 


Avni : Thank you never , Its happening because of you 


Neil : Don’t start with all that again 


Avni : I’m having a police man with me but he can’t do anything , Someone else needs to come and help him


Neil : Why , Isn’t a police man a human , They can be in problems too


Avni : They can be , But could never put others in that kinda situations


Neil : May  I ask you now where are you going my dear lady !


Avni : Tryna getting out of here 


Neil : You can’t , Every possible way is blocked , We need to wait until we get help or the rains and winds stop


Avni : what it’s totally dim now we can’t stay at jungle


Neil : we’ve to , Or anything serious could happen with us 




Dd : Shinde did you tried calling Sir again 


Shinde : Yes but he’s not answering 


Dd calls Ali : Hello , Noodle bhaiya , Did you called sir 

Ali ” Can’t do that , his phone is being shown out of coverage 


Dd : Okay , Then he thinks ” Oh god where’s sir ” 


Ali : Don’t worry Dd he’s your boss he can do anything he’s super cop , He’ll manage 


Dd : I know he can but who’ll handle super cop’s mother 


Ali : Noone can 

Dd : Bye I’ll call you later 


Dd : Yes we got that email sent to Alia’s account , Play it .




Ragu plays the video < First comes in television , Images of few girls , Badly beaten , The edges of their lips leaking with blood , Then comes a voice from behind ‘ See this Alia , Just see this big full concentration , We’ve here alot of girls but you’re different from them , You were Only 6 when you were brought here but your actions , Your words , Your strength was strongest ‘ >




Video continues < You used to argue we used to beat you , Then again you repeated we also did the same , Till that you would listen to us , But now I think again , Again you’ve forgotten those golden days in this cage , See , See this black room , This chair , These chains . You’ve forgotten everything , So I thought to make you recall all those golden memories . >




video < A girl whose face is not clear , Blur bean beaten with a whip , She’s shouting , Screaming . Then another clip that girl been closed inside a chamber filled with bugs and insects . Pause , So I don’t think you want everything to be repeated right ! we’re waiting for you , Alia >


Ragu : It means I , I was right ! Alia is in danger , She needs help 




Dd : This is very important information , We’ve to give it to sir 

Dd : Sir was right there’s something fishy behind Alia


AVNI and Neil sitting under a shade of a large tree , Rain pouring , It’s pretty cool there.

Both are looking opposite sides .

Suddenly , Avni starts singing “

main kyaa karun raam mujhe buddha mil gayaa,

 haay buddha mil gayaa,

main gudiyaa hasin meri morani si chaal hai,

sar mein safed usake dada ji sa baal hai,

bigadega har kaam mujhe buddha mil gayaa”

Neil looks towards her strangely and touches his hair , He took out his phone and sees his face . Then he started singing ” Mere angne mein

Mere angne mein tumhara kya kam hai…
Joh hai naam wala
Arre joh hai naam wala wahi toh badnaam hai
Mere agne mein tumhara kya kam hai”

Avni : It’s not any Music competition going on here stop singing

Neil : And you too

The night grew , After some time , Neil finds Avni sleeping her back touching the bark of thick tree .

Neil looks at her innocent face and thinks ” While sleeping you look like a sweet , Calm and cute puppy but while you’re awaken you’re like a furious cat ” ( He giggles) and thinks ” Oh god how peaceful it is “

Avni open ups the lid of her eyes a little ” Akkhh Akhhh , I can hear everything “

Neil touches his head with tree and closed his eyes , Avni ” Don’t sleep , Just keep an eye that no one comes here ” 


Neil : Why me ?


Avni : You must have been trained with night watching , Can’t you do this one night 

Avni closed her eyes again .


Neil looks at AVNI , She has lowered her head on his shoulders and is in deep sleep .

Neil clicks a picture of her ” I’ll show her this picture next time She’ll shout and then will tell her difference between Awaken and sleeping Ahiana “

Instantly he saw her lips moving in some constant words . ” He’ll is there , He’s there , It’s dark here , Don’t hit me again , No it’s paining “

Neil ” Ahiana are you okay , what’re you saying “

She murmur again ” Vid … He’s there , Leave me “

He keeps his palm over her face ” Ahiana ate you fine “

All of sudden , Avni hugs Neil . 

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