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“Doctor how is she? Is everything okay? And what about the babies? ” Akash asked the doctor in a panicked state.


“May I know who she is to you? ”


“My sister. Any problem? ”


“No nothing like that, I was just curious to know what type of relationship you share. And congratulations, your sister has given birth to two Lovely baby boys. ”


“Really? Rachna asked excitedly as the doctor nodded with a smile. “Can we go in and see her? ”


“Sure why not? You both can go in and see her? ”


Both Rachna and Akash rushed into the hospital ward, what they saw their brought so much joy to their hearts, for the first time since Pragya tried to commit suicide she was really smiling looking at her babies.


“Pragya they are so beautiful. ” Rachna said admiring the little babies


“So have you thought of any names? ” Akash asked.


“Samrat and Siddhart. ”


“Rachna you give Bulbul a call and tell her to prepare a room for Pragya. ” Akash told his wife.


Rachna started going through her purse searching for her phone. “I can’t accept this Akash. ” Pragya said. “You have already done so much for me, don’t worry about me and my children we will be okay. ” Even though Akash was not convinced with Pragya’s answer, he knew arguing with her will not change anything, he decided to accept her decision and visit her every day to make sure she and her kids were okay, he even made her promise to call him when ever there was any Problem.


Three months had passed and Pragya was looking for a job, even though Akash and Rachna had insisted for her to wait until her babies were older Pragya refused to listen to them saying she was tired of depending on them, this time Pragya wanted to find a Job so that she can run her own household, she was tired of receiving help from Rachna and Akash all the time so she decided to find a job as a nurse in a decent hospital, Rachna was not comfortable with this because Pragya would have to leave Sam and Sid whenever she leaves for work.


Merha Mansion…


“Akash please talk to Pragya about this. ” Rachna pleaded with her husband.


“What can I say, you know how stubborn she is. ”


“Who will take care of her children when she leaves, it would have been better if she was staying here with us. ”


“Calm down Rachna, I’ll think of something. ” As they were talking they heard some people arguing down stairs and they immediately knew who it was.


“Why does grandma have to be so stubborn? ” Akash asked his wife as he heaved a sigh.


“I don’t know Akash let’s go and check on her. ”


When they reached down stairs they both saw Abhi scolding and grandmother

everybody else for not taking care of her health.


“What’s wrong with you can’t you just take good care of yourself, why do you always have to be so careless with your health? ” Abhi asked his grandma Deljeet, she was a stubborn old lady who only did what she wanted.


“Don’t pretend like you care for me when you don’t. ” Deljeet said, waving her hands dramatically.


“Grandma we do care for a you a lot remember you are the only one we have. ” Bulbul said, she looked like she was close to crying.


“What’s wrong why is everyone scolding grandma? ” Akash finally asked.


“Ask your grandmother. ” Abhi replied pointing at Deljeet.


“Grandma what is the problem here? Why is everyone scolding you like this? ”


“I don’t know Akash, they just don’t want me to enjoy me life. ”


Sighing Akash turned to Abhi, he knew that his grandma won’t say anything that makes sense. “What is the problem Abhi?


“Today we went to the hospital for her routine check up. ”


“What did the doctor say? ”


“That her sugar levels are high, and here she is demanding to eat ice cream. ”


“It’s my life, I can eat what I want. ” Deljeet told her grandchildren as she crossed her hands over her chest.


As Abhi and Akash continued arguing with deljeet about her health Rachna was cooking up something in her head.


“I think I have a solution Abhi. ” Rachna said with a raised hand, like Abhi was a teacher and she was the pupil.


“What solution? The only solution to this is if she eats healthy. ”


“Listen to what she has to say. ” Ajay, Akash’s dad told Abhi.


“Yes Abhi, maybe it’s not such a bad idea. ” Pammi agreed with her husband. Abhi heaved a sigh and nodded towards Rachna.


“Why don’t we hire a personal nurse for her? ” Even though Rachna was smiling on the outside, in the inside she was praying that he will accept as she kept her fingers crossed.


Abhi kept quiet which made Rachna even more nervous, it was like he was in deep thought and he was arguing with himself. “Maybe you are right. ” He said as Rachna heaved a sigh of relief. “But,  will your grandma accept it? ”


“What can I do if you are all ganged up on me like I am some criminal, of course I will say yes as long as she isn’t an old and lazy woman like my daughter in-law Pami and my granddaughter Aliyah. ”


“Don’t worry you will definitely like her. ” Rachna assured deljeet.


“Mother how can you call me lazy? ” ‘Grumpy old lady. ’ Pami thought as she asked Deljeet.


“It’s not like you do anything except eating in this house. ” Deljeet shrugged.


When Mitali heard this she laughed at her mother in law. “Why are you laughing? ” Deljeet asked Mitali. “You are both the same. ” She said making Mitali look down in embarrassment.


“Rachna give her a call I will meet her tomorrow and wish hospital does she work for? ” Abhi asked Rachna.


“Well Abhi she currently does not work for any hospital. ”


“Why so? ”


“You see she just gave birth a few months ago that’s why. ”


“Okay tell her to meet me tomorrow. ”


“Why does she have to meet you when she will be working for me, I will meet her not you. ” Deljeet told her grandson giving him the pointer finger.

Rachna was so excited that Pragya will not have to be separated from her children, she immediately called Pragya to tell her that she had found a job for  her, even though Pragay was hesitant she knew how she badly needed the job so she had no other option but to accept the job.


The next day…

Pragya reached the Mehra Mansion she was a little nervous thinking if they would accept her with her children, once she got in she was welcomed by an excited Rachna.


“Relax Pragya, there is no need to be nervous, stay here let me go and get grandma. ” Rachna left to grandmother’s room leaving Pragya and her two little ones.

Bulbul came down stairs and once she saw the cute little babies she couldn’t help but scream in excitement startling Pragya.


“Omg!!!Omg!!!Omg!!! They are so cute, just look at them they are really so adorable, and who are the most adorable babies in town you right. ” She said this while playfully pulling their cheeks making Samrat and Siddhart giggle, she never even noticed Pragya standing beside her with a soulful smile on her face.


“Rachna is that the girl? ” Deljeet asked pointing at Pragya.


“Yes Grandma. ”


“I have seen her somewhere I think in a hospital a few years back and don’t worry I accept her. ” She told Rachna with a smile, she remembered she once saw Pragya  at the hospital. “Who are those adorable little ones. ” She asked when she saw Bulbul trying to carry them both.


“That’s Samrat and Siddhart her twins. ”


“That means she is married. ” She said sounding a little disappointed, she loved Pragya, even though she never spoke to her at the hospital, she saw the way she treated her patients, she really had a pure heart.


“Actually her husband died a few months before she gave birth. ” Rachna informed Deljeet.


“Is that so? ” She said sounding excited.


“Why is grandmother so excited, isn’t she supposed to sympathise with her? ” Rachna murmured as they both went downstairs to talk with Pragya.


“I like you already so you are hired and don’t worry about the children I am sure Rachna told you that you will have to move in here and don’t worry about anything from now own everyone will treat you like a family member because that is what you are. ”


“Thank you grandma, I promise I won’t disappoint you. ” Pragya said.


“I trust you, and you really have beautiful children. ”


“Thank you. ”


“Rachna prepare her room for her and her children and make sure they are comfortable. ” Deljeet ordered Rachna. “Bulbul aren’t you late for work come on get out. ” she said playfully pushing Bulbul.


“How can I leave these beauties and go for work I will just call my boss and tell her I will be coming late. ” Bulbul said as she held on to Sam and Sid, who kept giggling jumping up and down excitedly, for some reason they found this amusing.


“Stop being lazy just go for work now. ” Rachna told her as she got Sam and Sid from her hands, since they were already familiar with her, they happily accepted jumping into her arms.


“You see my angles these women are jealous of us. Okay I will leave now but promise I will be back early now keep smiling like that mwah. ” Bulbul said kissing their chubby cheeks making them giggle even more. “Bye Pragya take good care of my darlings, bye grandma and Rachna. ” Bulbul left for work while Rachna handed Sam and Sid to Pragya and left to go and bring Pragya’s belongings because grandmother insisted on talking to Pragya for sometime.




“Are they asleep now. ” Deljeet asked Pragya who was now settled in her knew room.


“Yes Grandma. ” She replied placing pillows on the sides on the bed.


“OK let’s go to the garden and talk for a while.” They left to the garden leaving Samrat and Siddhart peacefully sleeping in Pragya’s room. Hours had passed, Pragya and grandma bonded well forgetting about the babies, it was time for their dipper change when Sammy and Sid begun to cry.


“Do you hear that Purab? ” Abhi asked Purab who was busy reading some files.


“Yes Abhi, I think Karan(Rachna’s son) is crying. ” Purab said as he continued looking at whatever was in the file.


“It can’t be Karan that sounds like a really small baby and the last time I checked Karan was three and a half years old and it sounds like two babies. ”


“Then what should we do? Let their mothers take care of them. ”

What Purab said didn’t sit well with Abhi as they cried louder. “Let us go and check on them. ” Abhi said getting up.


“Abhi we have so much work to so and you are thinking of babies? Why don’t you get married and have your own babies if you love children so much. ”


“Quiet Purab when I find the right girl I will marry, you know that’s the very reason I asked Tanu to pretend as my girlfriend so that grandmother would stop bothering about marriage. ”


“Okay let us finish our work then. ” Purab said, completely forgetting that Abhi was about to go and check on the mysterious baby or rather babies


“First let us check on the babies then work. ” Abhi said stubbornly, before Purab could talk further Abhi left to check on the babies with Purab chasing after him.


“Oh my God Purab I told you they were two babies aren’t they so adorable? I think they are twins. ” Abhi said, excitement written all over his face. “Wait here I will go take a closer look. ”


“What are you doing Abhi? Let us leave. ” Purab said, pulling Abhi by the shirt.


“Just shut up. ” Abhi said slapping Purab’s hand away he got in the room and was confused about which baby to carry first.


“Now whom should I carry first, okay please stop crying if you continue crying like this your mother will be angry at me. ” He spoke to them hoping they would understand,but they just cried louder. “What should I do?Maybe you need a diaper change OK let me check. ” Abhi said as he remembered Rachna asking Akash to change Karan’s diaper whenever he started crying for no reason.


“Abhi what are you doing? ” Purab whispered to his friend, who was now carrying a diper.


“Can’t you see I am changing their diapers. ” He answered a little annoyed. “Don’t mind him sweethearts he is grumpy uncle. ” He told the twins, who quieted down looking at the strange men like they were some aliens from a different galaxy.


Just as Abhi was changing Samrat’s dipper Bulbul entered the room making Sam and Sid’s eyes lit up when they saw her.


“Abhi, Purab what are you two doing here? ” She asked, clearly shocked.


“Thank God you came your brother won’t listen to me look at him, just look at him. ” Purab told Bulbul.


Bulbul just looked at Abhi and smiled a little. “Do you need any help Abhi? ” She asked him annoying Purab more than he already was.


“Thanks Bulbul but I will handle them please don’t worry. ” He said throwing the smelly diaper in the bin.


“Okay. ”


“You two are so unbelievable. ” Purab said rolling his eyes, he didn’t know what he was still doing there, he wanted to leave, but at the same time he wanted to stay.


As Abhi was changing Siddhart’s diaper, Pragya came rushing in remembering that she left her children unattended to fThso long, but what she saw when she reached the door to her room shocked her so much.


“Rockstar Abhi changing my babies diapers. ” She thought.


The end…

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