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Bepannaah 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddiqui’s come to Hooda House

Bepannaah 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harsh reads the papers. His assistant tells him that the hearing is due tomorrow. Till now I couldn’t find out what evidences Rajvir has gathered against them as he hasn’t submitted the list till now. I think he will do it at the last minute. Arjun and Harsh get thinking. Arjun suggests extending this date. We can use this as an excuse. Harsh agrees. Rajvir will then get a chance to torture my son all the more! Idiot! Arjun apologizes to him. Harsh says I assured Adi Rajvir wont be able to do anything now but how do I reassure myself. Till the time Aditya is in lock up, Rajvir cannot just control Aditya but me too! Once the case reaches court, the ball will be in my court. Its my arena. Even if I lose, I will find 10 more chances for me. Arjun says we have no details, no ideas of evidences. How will

we prepare for it? Harsh is sure Rajvir will try to show him down on the first day itself. He might show all the proofs on Day 1 itself which might be of use to us. I will then tackle him well. Arjun says I think we are making a very big mistake. We have no clue what he will do to trap Bhai. If he manages to convince the judge, we can lose the case. Anjana comes to talk to Harsh about something important. Harsh tries to postpone it but she insists she cannot keep it for later anymore. Harsh goes with her.

Aditya feels bad thinking how Zoya got hurt while running and in the cell. On the other hand, Zoya too is only thinking about his wounds and the pain that he had to go through. They both look at each other.

Sakshi calls Arjun. How is Adi? What is police saying? Did you meet him? Arjun tells her to calm down. I met him and he is fine. He notices his parents talking and wonders what Mom is saying to Dad. What happened? Sakshi asks Arjun to let her know if he needs any help during the case. He agrees and ends the call.

Anjana breaks down. Harsh assures her he will manage everything. It is good that you told me everything. Arjun overhears it. What did Mom tell Dad?

Aditya sits near the door of his cell. I am sorry. Zoya says you are not at fault. Why are you saying sorry? Actually those women dint trouble me a lot. I will bear this pain. He says it is happening because of me. Don’t know what I was thinking. Police could not arrest you in the evening and Pa would have reached by morning. Don’t know what I was thinking. Nothing would have happened to you. I don’t know why I forced you to run away with me. If only I had thought with a cool mind then you would have been atleast at your home right now. She agrees that she too should have thought of it. I told you that I look dumb but I am not. I took that decision in my senses you dint force me to run. I felt it was the right decision for both of us. Aditya asks her where it is paining. She speaks of the sprain. He reminds her of the cricket match when her finger was twisted. She says you did it then. How will it do it on my own? He encourages her calling her brave. You weren’t afraid of the tiger then this ankle is nothing! You can do it. Close your eyes; focus on it and do it! Rajvir claps. You both are really cute. You do everything together. One gets hurt and the other is in pain. You run a fraud company together, kill people and then help each other. I am thinking to bring out your truth in front of everyone tomorrow! I am sending you on a court date tomorrow! All the best!

Arjun is making notes in his room. His pencil breaks. He stumbles upon Pooja’s diary. Rajvir must have built the case on the fact that Zoya knew about Pooja and Yash’s affair. I might find some clue here. He checks the diary. Pooja has written – I die hundred times whenever I see Aditya’s face. He trusts me so much. He cannot even think there is something between me and Yash. Arjun wonders if he can use this in the court tomorrow or not. Servant comes to inform him that Siddiqui family has come to meet him. Arjun keeps the diary back.

Wasim tells Harsh he came to meet him once before the hearing starts. We are new here and don’t know anyone. Your son Arjun came to meet me and he only told us about you. Arjun joins them. They all sit down. Noor and Arjun keep looking at each other on and off. Wasim says we thought no one will be able to speak in a kid’s favour like you can do it for your kid. I am also a helpless father like you. I request you to fight the case just like you will do it for your son. Harsh says I am a lawyer before a father. Now Zoya is my client. I haven’t lost any case till date. I never fail my clients. Wasim says I am well known in Mussorie if not here. Let me know if you need any info. I also don’t care about money. He takes out his cheque book but Harsh tells him against it. Anjana angrily questions them. How dare you show money to us? First, it was Zoya and then Noor! Why don’t you drag entire Mussorie here? My son is suffering because of your family. First it was because of your SIL and then your daughter! My son was sleeping peacefully at his home but your daughter took him with her. She is using my son! So much has happened yet you are showing us how rich you are! Harsh tells her to stop it. Arjun takes his mother inside.

Harsh apologizes to Siddiqui’s on his wife’s behalf. She is really worried about Aditya. A lot has happened in the past because of which Anjana’s anger is justified. Wasim nods. Harsh tells him not to give him any money. We should only pray that our kids come home safely. He takes their leave.

Noor goes aside to book a cab. Mrs. Siddiqui tells her husband that Anjana is very much against Zoya. Do you still think we should still let Harsh fight Zoya’s case? Wasim reasons that they do not have time to find another lawyer.

Harsh meets Aditya and Zoya. He holds his son’s hand. I will try my best to make sure you aren’t called in the witness box tomorrow. Make sure you wont lose your cool at any cost, even when the questions turn vulgar or cheap. Prosecution lawyer will try to make sure you lose your control. That will leave a lasting impression in Judge’s mind. He will think you can do anything when you are angry. Aditya nods. You dint even ask me once if I actually killed Pooja or not!

Precap: Prosecution Lawyer asks Mahi if she is sure that Zoya and Aditya share an illicit relationship. Mahi says they have spent few nights together. I once saw Aditya getting out of Zoya’s room early morning. Prosecution Lawyer says they planned to get Pooja and Yash to out of their way. After doing so, they took over their lives, their company and started their own Happily Ever after!

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