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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat promises Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ranvir saying Kartik is an amazing man, he has united us, why are you wearing this ring. She says this is my friendship band, this is my engagement ring, I feel lucky, I got my love and friend also, we will thank Kartik once. He says yes, tell me the truth, are you ready to give me and my family a second chance, do you love me. She says yes. He says Chandan is waiting for me outside. He goes. Nani says its not right, I told everything for your betterment, I asked you not to look behind, see what are you leaving behind.

Sirat asks what shall I do, shall I forget that Ranvir got shot because of me, that we love each other, you don’t understand, Kartik understood and asked me to marry Ranvir, I can’t stay happy, I can’t make Kairav happy, its better Kairav knows the truth at once, spare me now. Nani cries. Kartik assks did you talk to Ranvir. Sirat nods. Kartik asks is everything fine. Suwarna comes and says no, Kairav is scared, you told something to him, he isn’t ill, if this tension changes into illness, then it will be a big problem, I want to get his tests done, Sirat don’t misunderstand me, I m happy for you, what will we tell him, how will we manage him after you go.

Ranvir says Sirat won’t go until Kairav gets fine. Kartik thanks Sirat. Sirat says don’t thank me. Kartik and Suwarna go to see Kairav. Sirat thanks Ranvir. He asks will you say thanks to me. She says sorry. He hugs her. She asks him to leave. He leaves her. She says I didn’t mean that. He says I have to go now, how long can I come here, Chauhan took everyone to Jaisalmer, I also have work, I have to make a house with you, I need to earn money, you will stay here, but think just about me, I will call you, answer my calls in two rings. He goes. She smiles. She says I will go and see Kairav.

Manish says Kairav would have understood. Kartik says Sirat and I will explain him. Manish says you got that girl here and said its for Kairav’s life, when Kairav has got attached with her, you are letting her go, is Kairav’s life not in risk now. Sirat comes. Manish gets angry and says I told you not to play this game with her, see the result. Sirat says no, fate has played a game with me, my relation joined with Kairav first and then you all. Manish says I m not talking to you. She says I m talking to you, I don’t want to hurt Kairav intentionally, I know our relation has no name, but I do care, until Kairav doesn’t let me go from here, I won’t go anywhere, its my promise, no one would tell him anything. Kairav comes and asks what are you all hiding from me, what’s the secret, is there anything sad.

Sirat says Kartik, we have to tell him now, we should tell the truth, don’t worry, I will handle him. Kairav asks her to say it fast. She says promise me, you won’t get upset. Manish and Kartik worry. Sirat says Manish planned a picnic for you at the poolside, it was a surprise, he asked us not to tell you, but you know it now. Kartik and Kairav ask what. Sirat says yes, he got to know it. Kairav says I m so happy. He hugs Sirat. She says we will go and prepare for the picnic. They go. Kartik says Sirat lost a big boxing match because of Kairav, she didn’t like him, but still came to help, she loves him now, she won’t let anyhing wrong happen with him, trust her. Ranvir plays guitar. Nidhi gets happy for him and says congrats. He says you can congratulate Sirat also. She says fine, have sweets. She asks will you tell dad, will he agree. Ranvir says I don’t care. Nidhi says but he cares.

She asks when are you making me meet her. He says soon, she is with Kartik’s family. She says you left her alone, you should have got her along or stayed there, you met her after a long time. Ranvir thinks. Sirat and Kartik dance for Kairav. Tum ho to…plays… Everyone dances. Kairav makes Kartik and Sirat. He smiles and makes their sketch. Sirat comes to her room and says don’t know why did Nani go to the temple. She recalls Ranvir’s words and says thanks Lord for making me meet my Ranvir, Kartik united us, thanks Kartik. Kartik says its not right. Kairav says we will go and meet Sirat, I made this gift for her. Kartik asks him to come. Ranvir comes with red balloons. Sirat says I wish to go to Kairav’s room and love him.

Ranvir knocks at the window and says you were waiting for me, I have come. Sirat pushes him. He gives her the balloons. She pulls his cheeks. Kairav says Sirat will like my gift, right. Kartik says yes. Kairav says I have made paintings of all functions. Sirat asks Ranvir to go now. Ranvir says I just came, have sweets. She says no, I can’t have sweets, I can have poison, go now. She pushes him. Driver sees him and says you broke the car that day, security… Sirat says run away, I care for Kairav and family. Guards catch Ranvir. Sirat goes out of the window and says you are mistaken, he is our guest. Kartik hears her voice and thinks who is with her. Kairav says someone is fighting, is Sirat fighting someone. Kartik says no, stay here, I will go and see. Kairav prays for Sirat. Kartik asks what’s happening. Driver says he broke your car windscreen that day. Kartik says I know, you all go. Sirat says sorry. Ranvir says sorry, its my mistake, its embarrassing. Sirat says we have to be careful. Kartik says sorry if you can’t spend time because of Kairav. She asks is Kairav not related to me. They see someone…

Kartik says Kairav accepted you and Ranvir, he may get stubborn again, you both will feel bad, if you don’t feel bad… Sirat says I will leave today itself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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